September 16, 2013

James Macdonald and his elder board's version of Sacerdotalism

Harvest Bible Chapel's "elder update" for September  (note 10-1-2013:  they have since pulled the video because they 1. don't have any idea what they're doing and as such 2. don't have the kohones to stand behind it)

The hubris there is just jaw dropping.

"When the elders speak collectively they speak FOR GOD to our church."

(Apparently what that really means is if they can't get unanimity, they just boot the dissenters, discipline them, and call it unanimous.)

This is no surprise to anyone who's watched anything of the James Macdonald conflict over his money handling and decisions regarding the Elephant Room conferences. It's becoming sadly typical of Evangelicalism. They are returning to embracing Popery in everything but the most blatant ways.

The spiritual brothers of James Macdonald who did not rebuke him in the strongest of terms (HELLO Gospel Coalition) when he started straying showed him no Christian love. The ones showing him love are the very ones he is disciplining now for doing so. May God have mercy on James Macdonald and his yes-men.


NOTE: Someone (not me) uploaded the original video which they are trying to hide to