April 16, 2015

I'll take "False repentance" for 800 Alex (NOTE - Joel McDurmon of American Vision and Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost have SEEN THE LIGHT!) :-)

Who is Philip Stallings?

NOTE - I am SO THANKFUL that both Joel McDurmon and Tim Brown have seen the light!! (link to Facebook post)  Praise the Lord!

For whatever reason, Joel has removed the post.  Screen cap here (NOTE as you can see, it had been public for all to see on or off of Facebook):

 Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost also weighed in on Stalling's non-repentant, non-apology blog post.

February 25, 2015

Breaking Bread with the Bad Guys (and gals)

JUSTIN PETERS: One of the things that makes…that makes it so hard to warn people about false teachers is when the good guys start associating with the bad guys. (Applause) And they give these people…now what we’ve seen in these clips is extreme, to be sure, but the same movement, this word of faith, Charismatic Movement, certainly the more as you drift toward the word of faith, one of the things that so confuses people, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard from people and they ask me, “Well what about So-and-So, I saw him with Paul Crouch, I saw him with Marcus Lamb, you know, on Daystar and on TBN, it makes it very hard for us to warn people about the wolves when the leaders of the sheep are associating with the wolves. And they give them…let me…Paul Crouch loves to have the good guys on his set, loves it because the good guys give him a level of credibility that he does not have on his own. And Paul Crouch, TBN, Daystar, Marcus Lamb, these guys are the tips of the spears that are exporting this theological poison to the rest of the world. And that is an offense to the gospel. And these guys should know better. It is a shame that prominent people, some of the supposed good guys are breaking metaphorical bread with the bad guys. It’s hard enough (Applause)

I guess that only applies to Charismatic heresy then.


(yes, I realize this isn't the first time Tullian has gone on with heretical disobedient leaders who call themselves Christians)

Tullian and Nadia birds of a feather?

Interesting twitter war:

Some of the exchange between @piratechristian and @p5eudepigrapha

So wait a minute...isn't Tullian Tchividjian (@PastorTullian) the one who is guilty of (essentially) saying his message isn't much different from Nadia Bolz Weber's (@SarcasticLuther) by publicly considering her his sister in Christ and she considering him her brother in Christ?

Since when is disagreeing with Chris = bearing false witness? Is Chris the arbiter of truth? Isn't he always asking for people to question him? I guess it's just a ruse to make him look interested in correction.

(Yes, Trent had a show on PCR until this exchange.  Now he has been kicked off . Isn't that what Brannon did to Chris over him questioning Chris Pinto?)(CLARIFICATION- this is what I was told, however the show did announce a hiatus shortly before that. I guess it remains to be seen then whether pseudopodcast resumes broadcasting on PCR later.)

It's 2011 all over again.  Then this came out:

Well, no one said Horton's theology was changed or going off the rails or anything like that.  I asked Chris why he made it sound like that was what it was about.  His reply was that he had to change the narrative to make it look like he wasn't trying to justify himself.  HUH?

I responded "I'm not sure why that would be necessary, but ok."

That was the last I talked to him.  My question is, why the truth needs to be 'rearranged' in order to do what the truth does (set people free)?  The truth is not powerful enough without our tinkering?

People seem to think that by being friends they have a better chance of influencing people.  Um... it actually gets HARDER to speak the truth when you get emotionally connected to someone.  You don't want to jeopardize the relationship.  Even worse when that someone has the potential to affect your income if your income is based on popularity.  And that's what a web these guys are entangled in.  And they don't even see it.  They act just like the Seeker Sensitive Evangelical Industrial Complex they rail against, when their comfort is threatened.  Impressive.

cue:  cries of "you're breaking the 8th commandment!  REPENT"  

No thanks. You first.  My conscience is clear.

I'm so done with this hypocritical bunch.  Never again.

January 30, 2015

Updated post on Phillip/Philip Stephen Stallings (Mr-Paradox) the "Calvinist" false convert (screen shots added)

(4-16 as of today Joel McDurmon and Tim Brown have both come to realize that Stallings is an unrepentant sinner who deserves to remain excommunicated from the body of Christ.)

(3-1-2015 Philip Stallings seems to have vanished off of Freedom Outpost.  The article above is still on archive.org here .)

Originally posted 6-14-14, reposting since there have been so many updates and additions.

For anyone still looking for evidence, I updated the post from last October, on Philip/Phillip Stephen Stallings, but Google - the defender of free speech, seems to have pulled it possibly in response to frivolous complaints by Stallings and/or his enablers, with no warning and no explanation to me.  So, it is now here on the Wayback machine.  Stallings is learning about repentance from Ergun Caner quite well I think.)

Stallings  apparently also is in a race to the finish line with liar Ergun Caner for who can blaspheme the name of Jesus more effectively using different pet sins.  See, Ergun is just lying to cover up other lies because he thought he could make Jesus look more amazing by doing so.  Stallings is lying to cover up his sexual perversion.

There is also another post calling for his repentance at
Design of Providence: A Warning and a Call for Repentance: Philip Stallings (also UPDATED as of May 28, 2014)

Later, Design Of Providence took his post down because Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost told him Stallings was off Facebook and is seeking help.  However, that was before the 2nd and third Facebook profile showed up.  Here is a pdf copy of Design of Providence's post which is the second post on the page.

Design Of Providence PDF copy

UPDATE May 21, 2014
Stallings has changed his profile after Francis Turretin issued a warning to all his Facebook friends and Stallings' Facebook friends.  TurretinFan has removed the post since then, after Stallings deactivated his account.  I am not sure why.  In any case, it was there.  Screen shot here:

Stallings' new profile is now here:
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000675274712 - note - when I clicked on the link with my phone it takes me to my own profile and I've had others say it takes them to theirs, too. But on my computer it works.  I'm not sure why.

Here's a pdf copy as of right now. As you can see, Tim Brown, his staunch pro 2nd amendment defender, who my husband and I and a husband of one of Phillip's targets spent far too much time arguing with in gmail, is his only friend as of the creation of the pdf.)

(6-13-2014) he has a third new profile:

Stallings blocked me from that third profile preemptively before I even knew about it. Sounds repentant doesn't it?
(end 6-13-2014 addition)

this is his FOURTH profile now.

Now Joel McDurmon of American Vision is defending him:

"A note to all facebook friends re: Philip Stallings:There is too much rumor and assumption here. I have friends working with Mr. Stallings toward restoration and recovery. He has indeed had a terribly rough past, and has indeed committed grievous sins against some. However, he has repented and is working from the very bottom of society to start over. He is currently homeless, unemployed, without transportation, and not close to a good church. He does do odd jobs for money when and where he is able, and is staying with a host family on a temporary basis (thus the internet connection). Complicating his restoration is the fact that, I am told, some of his direct accusers refuse to engage in Matthew 18 process for/against him, but rather continue to allow their testimony to public forums not regulated or approved by church authorities. Those concerned with Stallings' lack of church authority ought also, therefore, to treat his accusers with the same standard. My friend Tim Brown (not a Pub member, but on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/C.Timothy.Brown?fref=ts) is working more directly with Stallings and can confirm all of this. We are working to find a good church that will counsel Stallings and help him, including rides to church, etc., until not needed. (If, however, he engages in any abuse on FB again, I will personally rebuke him, and if needed, abandon him to the world.)"

It boggles my mind how these men can be so naive.  Both TurretinFan and Larry Bray did show up on the thread to attempt to reason with Joel, in vain, but their attempts are something for which I am extremely grateful.

December 23, 2014

More ChristMyth nonsense from Atheists and Christians

It's amazing to watch Atheists and fearful legalistic Christians all saying the same kinds of things about Christmas.  One would think that would give the legalistic Christians just a little bit of pause, but...

Anyway I recently happened across a decent article on exposing the pagan lies about Christmas that come around every year about this time.

Christmas and its Christian Origins from "Fair Minded Notions" blog.

Some of the many good links at the end don't work so well so I had to do some investigation and googling to find the articles they linked to.

November 2, 2014

VCY America abuse at the hands of Vic Eliason and Randy Melchert (correction)

Vic Eliason and Randy Melchert of VCY America have decided to threaten to sue Vic's kids because they aren't keeping silent about his abuse and coercion anymore. Great use of donor funds. DONORS please register your complaints about this. Melchert also attends Brookfield Baptist church. One would think Brookside Baptist (in Brookfield, WI) members might want to think twice about having their name attached to such an abusive frivolous suit.

Vic Eliason Threatens to Sue Daughters and Families (note - in the original version I said "decided to sue" which was incorrect - I knew this, but mis-"spoke." Also, I had mixed up the name of the town with the name of the church, though I had read it right initially. Brookside Baptist in Brookfield, WI, not Brookfield Baptist." Thank you to the person who corrected me!)

October 31, 2014

A New Purpose Driven Innovative church growth program in the LCMS called Five Two and their Wiki conferences

A great post by Vanessa Rasanen at Bible Beer and Babies blog:
The first time I heard the title “sacramental entrepreneur” I’m pretty sure my brow furrowed with confusion. I know what a Sacrament is. I know what an entrepreneur is. Most of us can get that far on our own, but putting them together makes little sense. Do some googling and you’ll see it comes from the FiveTwo ministry.

Why Is Everyone Talking About FiveTwo?

Now, a lot has been written on them lately, after their Wiki14 conference – the first time they decided to grace social media with a deluge of their material – brought them and their mission to people’s attention.
Read More at Bible Beer and Babies