July 29, 2014

Mark Driscoll's Pussified Nation (Matthew Paul Turner)

LOL  oh... this is just too rich.  From Matthew Paul Turner:

Mark Driscoll's Pussified Nation

Err... what?  A pastor wrote that stuff?  Now I have to go bleach my eyeballs.

Others talking about this

Mark Driscoll in 2000: “We Live in a Completely Pussified Nation” (Warren Throckmorton, with whom I have substantive disagreements but who I find to be right on track regarding Driscoll and doing a lot of valuable work keeping up with the antics at Mars Hill.)

Mark Driscoll Admitted to Trolling His Own Church’s Online Forums 14 Years Ago & the Thread is Still Online. Whoops! (Patheos' resident atheist, obviously someone I don't recommend for theology)

Inside Mark Driscoll’s disturbed mind (I do not endorse Rachel Held Evans at all either)

140 page google doc of the thread pulled from archive.org

(Added July 30, 2014): Komo news has picked it up, and apparently they did a 90 second video segment as well, though I do not have a link for that at the moment.
 Mars Hill: Dissenters plan protest, release vulgar Driscoll rant

June 4, 2014

Updated post on Phillip/Philip Stephen Stallings (Mr-Paradox) the "Calvinist" false convert (screen shots added)

For anyone still looking for evidence, I updated the post from last October, on Philip/Phillip Stephen Stallings. Stallings  apparently is in a race to the finish line with liar Ergun Caner for who can blaspheme the name of Jesus more effectively using different pet sins.  See, Ergun is just lying to cover up other lies because he thought he could make Jesus look more amazing by doing so.  Stallings is lying to cover up his sexual perversion.

There is also another post calling for his repentance at
Design of Providence: A Warning and a Call for Repentance: Philip Stallings (also UPDATED as of May 28, 2014)

UPDATE May 21, 2014
Stallings has changed his profile after Francis Turretin issued a
warning to all his Facebook friends and Stallings' Facebook friends.  TurretinFan has removed the post since, after Stallings deactivated his account.  I am not sure why.  In any case, it *was* there.

Stallings' new profile is now here:
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000675274712 - note - when I clicked on the link with my phone it takes me to my own profile and I've had others say it takes them to theirs, too. But on my computer it works.  I'm not sure why.

(6-13-2014) he has a third new profile:

Also, Design Of Providence took his post down because Tim Brown told him Stallings was off Facebook and is seeking help.  However, that was before the third profile showed up.  Here is a pdf copy of Design of Providence's post which is the second on the page.

Design Of Providence PDF copy

Stallings blocked me from that third profile preemptively before I even knew about it. Sounds repentant doesn't it?

 (end 6-13-2014 addition)

Here's a pdf copy as of right now. As you can see, Tim Brown, his staunch pro 2nd amendment defender, who my husband and I and a husband of one of Phillip's targets spent far too much time arguing with in gmail, is his only friend as of the creation of the pdf.)

May 23, 2014

Peacemaker Ministries - Tim Butler's experience

I just read through this multi part story about one young seminarian Tim Butler and his experience at his church with "Peacemaker Ministries."

Worth a read, familiarize yourself with how the enemy operates within the camp to cause division and enable corrupt leadership:

Unfolding My Story: The Dangers of Peacemakers

Unfolding My Story: Church Abuse and Trust

Unfolding my story: Twisting Scripture  HUGE RED FLAG - excerpt:
Consider when Peacemaker asks , “Why a Peacemaking Team?” Here is part of their answer:
Because God calls his children to serve their leaders and to advance their vision to build his church. (Emphasis is Peacemaker's.)

Unfolding my story: Propaganda  excerpt:
Once people started to learn what was happening to me and my family at our old church, some people stepped up to try to help. This did not serve to cause the pastor to rethink his actions, but to annoy him — he complained to me, and, in fact, to the councils one night, about how he was having to waste time “explaining” things to people who were concerned about what he was doing to me. By “explaining,” it turned out, he meant convincing people that the things they were doing to me were not happening at all. If someone questioned an action that was harder to conceal, such as why the church would go to my seminary and jeopardize my work there, the questioner was told, for example, that the church was really trying to “help” me by getting “counsel” for me.

Like the word abuse I discussed earlier, at first I hesitated to call what the pastor was doing “propaganda.” But to call it something else, I have realized, is to help conceal really ugly actions that are continuing to be deployed to abuse more people at that church and churches like it.

After reading those, it seems like it would be better known as "the Enforcer Ministry for Purpose Driven Pastors" or something along those lines.

May 20, 2014

Article about Tullian Tchividjian blasting TGC for their defense of Mahaney in the SGM scandal mysteriously pulled, (then reposted)

(NOTE 8:37am Central, May 21, 2014: apparently the article is back up as of three hours ago
 http://www.christianpost.com/news/tullian-tchividjian-blasts-sovereign-grace-ministries-handling-of-sex-abuse-scandal-prematurely-departs-the-gospel-coalition-120062/   here is the author's explanation:

so, apparently at this point, false alarm re the Evangelical Industrial Complex, which is good news.  They certainly still could pull a stunt.)

An article posted tonight on the Christian Post in which Tullian Tchividjian was quoted as being critical of The Gospel Coalition handling of C J Mahaney has already been pulled. I wonder why? Is the Evangelical Industrial Complex rearing its ugly head again?

Perhaps the world will never know.

link to google cache:

I also saved a pdf copy because eventually that cache will disappear.
Tchividjian added that he was "pretty disturbed" when Don Carson, Kevin DeYoung, and Justin Taylor published a statement on TGC website in May 2013 which defended Mahaney, saying that it looked "like the good-old boys club covering their own."

"I thought it was premature. I thought it was insensitive. I communicated with the guys who wrote this statement that I was disappointed, that I thought it was unwise and premature and that they needed to clarify that their statement was not a statement from The Gospel Coalition, per se, but was their own personal statement," Tchividjian explained. "There were some of us on the coalition, or who were associated with it, who didn't want to be associated with their defense of C. J.," he continued. "I've just been sort of disgusted by the whole thing."
Regarding the theological issue of his supposed "antinomian" tendencies:

Yet while "no one from The Gospel Coalition formally reached out to me or questioned anything I ever posted or asked me to clarify anything I ever posted," Tchividjian noted that he began to feel a shift in the site's theology and how his doctrine was being received based on what other contributors were posting.

"I was told the other day that conversations about me and about what I had been saying had been going on for a year, which I didn't know about until the other day," said Tchividjian.
"My frustration was, I was never reached out to, called or emailed from any of the powers that be, saying, 'Hey listen, there are a couple of us that have some questions that have been raised, would you care to clarify?' said Tchividjian. "Or ask me questions! Or even invite me to this meeting, if my name was on the docket!"

Billy Graham's grandson said that he was also frustrated that he had never received personal feedback or criticism about the content of his posts from TGC leadership, saying that the thrust of everything he wrote was about God's grace and had never been "harsh" or "divisive." -- source

That's his problem.  He didn't call heretics brothers in Christ, and call anyone who disagreed Nazis and racists.  That's what he should have done if he wanted a warm send-off from The Gospel Coalition.

Interesting that the guy they are all labeling "antinomian" is the one who is actually (at least in this article) blasting people for their sinful handling of this sex abuse and the ensuing cover up scandal, while they sit around making like nothing is wrong with what they're doing and pretending they're all about obeying the law. Right. So who's the antinomian again?

(disclaimer - I myself have some reservations about Tullian, but these people are being ridiculous at this point.  Steve Lawson's blatant twisting of Tullian's words at Shepherd's Conference 2014 was unconscionable, but I guess it's ok for a well respected pastor to misrepresent and essentially lie about people if he disagrees with them.)

April 19, 2014

Ergun Caner loses his frivolous lawsuit - videos reposted

Ergun Caner has lost his sinfully frivolous and lying lawsuit and so the videos he worked so hard to suppress have been reposted.  Get em while they're hot at Witnesses Unto Me:

The Videos Ergun Caner Sued to Suppress