November 2, 2014

VCY America abuse at the hands of Vic Eliason and Randy Melchert (correction)

Vic Eliason and Randy Melchert of VCY America have decided to threaten to sue Vic's kids because they aren't keeping silent about his abuse and coercion anymore. Great use of donor funds. DONORS please register your complaints about this. Melchert also attends Brookfield Baptist church. One would think Brookside Baptist (in Brookfield, WI) members might want to think twice about having their name attached to such an abusive frivolous suit.

Vic Eliason Threatens to Sue Daughters and Families (note - in the original version I said "decided to sue" which was incorrect - I knew this, but mis-"spoke." Also, I had mixed up the name of the town with the name of the church, though I had read it right initially. Brookside Baptist in Brookfield, WI, not Brookfield Baptist." Thank you to the person who corrected me!)

October 31, 2014

A New Purpose Driven Innovative church growth program in the LCMS called Five Two and their Wiki conferences

A great post by Vanessa Rasanen at Bible Beer and Babies blog:
The first time I heard the title “sacramental entrepreneur” I’m pretty sure my brow furrowed with confusion. I know what a Sacrament is. I know what an entrepreneur is. Most of us can get that far on our own, but putting them together makes little sense. Do some googling and you’ll see it comes from the FiveTwo ministry.

Why Is Everyone Talking About FiveTwo?

Now, a lot has been written on them lately, after their Wiki14 conference – the first time they decided to grace social media with a deluge of their material – brought them and their mission to people’s attention.
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October 17, 2014

Mars Hill “Global Fund” Contributors With Concerns Invited to Contact Washington State Attorney General’s Office (Sola Sisters)

Sola Sisters writes:
Mars Hill “Global Fund” Contributors With Concerns Invited to Contact Washington State Attorney General’s Office

According to former Mars Hill member Dean Watkins:
I just got off the phone with an employee in the Washington State Attorney General's office. They have spent some time trying to figure out how to have accountability for the Global Fund issue. As a church, Mars Hill is exempt from filing with the Secretary of State. But under RCW 19.09 "Charitable Solicitations," whether or not an organization is exempt from filing with the Secretary of State, they must still comply with the law.
If there are enough complaints, the Attorney General's will likely investigate. But the complaints need to be from people who gave to the Global Fund. Thank you each for filing your complaint, or sharing this information with someone that may have a complaint to file.

The stories of Driscoll's resignation keep insisting he has not done anything wrong other than being too harsh to people.  Nothing illegal or immoral.  (Apparently they think immorality only involves blatant sexual sin.  I'm left wondering just what a pastor would have to devolve to in order to be removed from his church these days...)

You can also file a complaint about 501c3 violations with the IRS online here.
related: On Driscoll, it’s called inurement, and it’s probably illegal (Pajama Pages)

October 8, 2014

FABULOUS (*long*) Three part analysis by Herescope on The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll

Honestly, this is every bit worth your time so that if you flee one of these dysfunctional churches, you don't jump right into ANOTHER (albeit slightly more subtle version of) Mars Hill. It makes the connection to Leadership Network/Peter Drucker and Jim Collins' teachings that were also adopted by people like Rick Warren and Bill Hybels (who are much less 'controversial' than Mark Driscoll and therefore easier to hide their unbiblical leadership model). It really does get to the root of the problem.

The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll
Part 1: What "blessed subtraction" and "anonymous" mean

"Under the Bus" and "Off the Map"
The Out-of-Control Bus That Runs Over Sheep
Part 2: The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll

The MegaChurch Transit Authority...
...and How it Operates
The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll, Part 3

Resistance Is Futile: You Will Be Assimilated Into The Community  (audio lecture and power point)

September 2, 2014

Brilliant post by Janet Mefferd on the never ending Driscoll saga

The Driscoll Case: Now In the Jury’s Hands
Mars Hill members also released horrendous online testimonies, describing the kind of abuse they claimed to have suffered at the hands of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. Except those tales were often undermined by the very writers themselves, who often ended their terrible accounts of spiritual abuse with strained accounts of “love” for Pastor Mark and his soul, along with some very unnecessary self-flagellation. Things like: “The bottom line is that I love Mark, and I wish the very best for him, and after all, I’m a terrible sinner — a really bad, bad sinner — too!” And I thought, “Why are these testimonies ending like this? I don’t get it. There’s no moral equivalence here.”

Sure, there were a few more pseudo-apologies from Driscoll, which were never real instances of godly sorrow and thorough repentance, but the Internet would be awash in cries for mercy: “Seeee? It’s time to heeeal and restoooore Mark Driscoll!” Then another scandal would break, and we’d go through the same cycle, AGAIN, ad nauseam.
read more at Janet's blog

August 30, 2014

My email conversation with Philip Stallings

(Update: I've restored Tim Brown's name to the thread, and struck through the paragraph explaining why I'd redacted it. Briefly, I didn't want to hold him responsible for something he hadn't read. I've since found out that he has read it and is badly mischaracterizing what I've written.  I'm comfortable that what I've said is accurate and clear; Tim is free to prove otherwise, and I'll clarify as needed.)

I don't often post on this blog, but I was recently contacted by Mr. Philip Stallings about some of what's been written here, so it seems like the right place to post the conversation. I'm not planning on writing him any more, but if there are more messages from Mr. Stallings, I'll update the post accordingly. Please note that in my first response to him, I reserved the right to give the emails to anyone I thought should see them; I've taken his continued responses as assent.

I'm making this available because, as I told him more than once in the thread, I think his emails demonstrate he is still not dealing honestly and fully with his own past behavior. Also, I'm aware of recent actions by him that continue in the same pattern: escalation of conversations with women in inappropriate ways, with extremely crass, abusive language once the woman grows uncomfortable with what he's saying. At a minimum, such behavior is disqualifying for a Christian teacher/leader, but if he's continuing other types of behavior that I've seen from him in the past, it's goes far beyond not meeting standards for leadership.

This is an attempt to warn the flock, especially women, about this man, so that he isn't given authority and credibility by those ignorant of his ongoing behavior, and to let anyone who has been victimized by him know that they are not alone, that people are trying to keep it from happening again. I'm keeping this post focused on the email thread; if you do some searching online, I'm sure you could find more specific details about how Philip has been acting.