October 1, 2010

Rick Warren at Desiring God by video (UPDATED)

He wasn't able to be there due to family emergency.

LaneChaplin posted on twitter:
Lane Chaplin
You can't satirize this stuff anymore:http://bit.ly/bKpwIY #dgnc
here's what the bit.ly link takes you to, the thing to which Lane was referring as impossible to satirize:

DG Bookstore

Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods on sale now in conference bookstore -- save 30%. Get it before it sells out! #DGNC

Wow. That is truly truly sad. I am hoping they are selling it at that rock bottom price for DNR certified pest-free fire starter. It might actually be cheaper than the certified firewood bundles you can get at the gas station.

My brother in law (a pastor in the AFLC) got it for me as a gag gift for Christmas one year. No, seriously, he did!

Someone reported to me that the #dgnc twitter feed consensus seems to be that Rick Warren "won the day" with what he SAID but the problem is what he DOES. I simply don't see how he can have won anything or anyone who has a Biblical, orthodox, deeply theological, and SOUND mindset with what he SAID here at the Desiring God National Conference 2010 today.

It's completely psychobabble and more "ten steps to fixing your mind." Why does John Piper think this guy is a strong communicator? I feel like he is talking to a bunch of people whose maximum level of maturity doesn't exceed 5th grade. What is up with John Piper?

Something JP said (reported to me by someone who was there) after this video:

John Piper: "Rick Warren is an unbelievable communicator..." (well I won't argue there! Tongue firmly planted in cheek) "there is a certain approach there that isn't me"

Well surprise John it isn't about you, it's about Jesus, and Scripture. Why do we care if it's not "you"? Come ON John.

John Piper apparently took Rick Warren to task about "putting application over teaching.... the roots of scripture teaching need to go deep so the fruit continues thirty years. And when you just "do the application" that's just not there."

I sure hope they post this part of the conference for us to hear and verify. This is a very VERY important response that should not be left out of the public view.

UPDATE Saturday 10-2-10, 9:50 AM.
I am now listening to the Friday Panel discussion that took place after the Rick Warren video. At first it sounded awkward, as if they were all in shock and uncomfortable at how BAD the message was.

But then, Burk Parsons, in almost hushed tones, praises Rick up and down right off the bat. My jaw almost hit the floor. I simply cannot believe these men's inability to refrain from stroking and praising the wolf. John Piper does, in fact, say what my friend reported (and I quoted above). "Rick Warren is an UNBELIEVABLE communicator." Yes John, emphasis on UNBELIEVABLE. I most certainly cannot believe Rick.

They mention Rick positively and make minor points of disagreement here and there throughout the rest of the discussion. John in particular praises the SHAPE program and how crucial it (among other things) is to the way you go about "dreaming" (i.e. dreaming dreams for God, referring to Rick talking about dreaming) and "seeing what's not there." I'm thinking Piper's self-imposed "sabbatical" has completely backfired. But that's what happens when you come up with a strategy for sanctifying yourself.

But what is most UNBELIEVABLE to me this morning is that these men have emphasized the brilliance of the emperor's new clothes while taking pains to describe how they don't think his belt quite coordinates with the shoes.