October 30, 2010

James Sundquist rebuke to Desiring God participants regarding Rick Warren

James Sundquist has published his rebuke to John Piper and his Desiring God participants for at best remaining silent while Rick Warren preached false doctrine from Bethlehem Baptist's pulpit.

A Public Rebuke of Rick Warren, John Piper, Burk Parsons, and Kevin DeYoung

I have to say he is right on on this, I especially appreciated his noting the manipulative way that Warren starts off the speech:

Rick Warren opens his speech by telling us that his having to take care of the sick and his family medical emergencies was a major attack of Satan against him personally. Certainly all Christians have compassion for anyone who goes through difficult circumstances in life, and we know that some of these circumstances are attributable to attacks from Satan. But Rick Warren seems to talk about this in a way that is emotionally manipulative to the audience. How he describes what he is experiencing is rather startling because visiting the sick is something every pastor would be doing in the normal course of being a pastor, as should every Christian. What Rick Warren described would have been typical for a physician who attends patients for any week out of the year. For him to come up and tell the listeners that even administering medical attention to accident victims or someone who came in to the emergency room of the hospital…often in the middle of the night, was another “attack from the enemy…or Satan” would be unthinkable if not bizarre. This should be standard fare for physicians and pastors and the normal response of good Samaritans and conforms to Christ’s command.
I had this in the back of my mind, but had not said it quite as specifically as James did there. I seem to recall Chris Rosebrough also mentioned something about this (note: I am not sure where I heard it...I just remember hearing it from somewhere and the only others who have publicly said anything are James White on No Compromise Radio, Chris Rosebrough on Fighting for the Faith, and Todd Friel on Wretched Radio. No word from the observers of the monkey cage, Doug Wilson, nor Phil Johnson (Part 1) (part 2) yet as far as I know, who had plenty to say in April about how everyone was too upset about this and "let's wait and see" sort of attitude.)

Well we waited and we saw and it was absolutely as horrific as we thought. I guess especially these two don't see this sort of man centered works-righteousness trash as too bothersome then. Nor do they worry if their respected colleagues see it that way. But don't you lay people make snide comments about these colleagues of theirs or you will be referred to as mean spirited, disrespectful, irrational females, or just plain old monkey doo.

I also note especially James's good observations in the final paragraphs. He refers to two pastors who have 'fallen' this past month. I had said something similar when I said I would rather see a good pastor stumble in sin and be corrected by his loving church, than apostasize. No one seems to want to draw any attention to apostasy these days, lest they be labeled divisive. Now we hear Piper, Mohler, Sproul, Macarthur, Phil Johnson, etc give lip service to the idea that we should stand up for truth even if we are labeled divisive. At the moment they are needed these men are silent, and us stay at home moms and such are the ones taking the darts for them. I say, is this what our Christian male leaders have become? Men who hide behind skirts and lay people who are disgusted with this sort of friendship making and networking?

I am reminded of some lines from one of my favorite movies:
Le Bret: Why go about making enemies?
Cyrano: Watching other people making friends, everywhere, as a dog makes friends... I mark the manner of these canine courtesies, and think, Here comes, thank heaven, another enemy!
And the wonderful but oft-misattributed battle quote that many have said is from Martin Luther (but isn't)
“If I profess, with the loudest voice and the clearest exposition, every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christianity. Where the battle rages the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battle-field besides is mere flight and disgrace to him if he flinches at that one point.”
Never mind flinching, how about the squad leaders sitting home in the barracks or the mess hall having coffee together and discussing their next conference while their men and women are out there getting shelled? Meh, whatever. No biggie I guess. Enough people will still look up to them as honorable upstanding courageous men to keep the money flowing in.

There are also links at the end of James's articles on the problems with Lausanne, where Piper is headed next. I keep meaning to write up something on Lausanne, and Acts 29, but haven't gotten around to it. And this week I've been fighting off the dominionist Rushdoonyite legalists on facebook, which I find very tedious.

I gotta get out and kill a deer, take my mind off the craziness. If only the deer would cooperate.

"Cursed be any love or unity for whose sake the Word of God must be put at stake." -- Martin Luther