December 1, 2016

Rosebrough claims he was deceived then blames those who weren't

Yawn.  Same old same old from Chris.  Blame everyone who arrived at the right conclusion based on the evidence LONG before you did.

The following screenshots were in response to this thread and article by Julie Anne at Spiritual Sounding board.

This boils down to “Calculus and Biochemistry teachers are engaging in gaslighting because *I* don’t know or understand any of that stuff.” — the essential Chris Rosebrough, preschool teacher extraordinaire.

It's not as if anyone with any common sense couldn't see the repentance was fake.  Maybe Chris gets blinded by a person's personal charms but that doesn't mean everyone does. It's also not as if people haven't been trying to warn him for at least three or four years (I have personally, I don't know about anyone else) that there is something wrong with Tullian's teaching.  I have said before that I think some of the critiques were unbalanced (Steve Lawson's in particular) but that doesn't mean they have been baseless.

But hey, he does admit he was deceived by a Christian Celebrity.  Where is this "discerner's" discernment? Why did he promote the guy when he knew so little about him?

Will he now go on to admit his discernment sucked here? Will he actually go back and analyze Tullian's message to see what is missing?

I won't hold my breath.