December 6, 2016

Blast from the past... "Damned for Not Damning" by Chris Rosebrough

OH YES! And this one ties it all together - what he has done with Daniel Price and Tullian and John Philoponus and probably numerous others that I haven't heard about yet. He has fully UNrepented for starting this pattern of being a hypocritical bully which he tested out on a few of us women back in 2010. I had almost forgotten about this article, but he just deleted it off his site after Nov 22 of this year and someone brought a dead link to my attention.

Damned for Not Damning

In it he talks about how private information (which he incorrectly calls "primary source evidence") trumps all other evidence.

It was then that I learned the difference between discernment and witch hunts, between journalism and propaganda. I also learned that primary source evidence trumps all other evidence. But most importantly I learned that lies are the native language of the devil (John 8:44) and they can never be employed in service to Christ, the Gospel or His Kingdom no matter how well meaning the person is who employed them.

Apparently not so much. Let's just forget he ever said that, shall we? *smirk*

And, of course, this means I was right, as I mentioned when this first came out - he has fully faked or at least rescinded the apology he gave to Ingrid Schlueter over the whole Dan Kimball thing. I guess he really does want to be like Brannon Howse after all.

He clearly has learned nothing from Ergun Caner. The Internet never forgets.