November 30, 2016

So much predatory behavior... a story of Tullian Tchividjian

...In which he throws his siblings under the bus for not going along with his malignant narcissism, and anyone else who doesn't believe his outlandish tales.

Honestly, reading these, I have to wonder if this guy ever was saved.  No wonder he can't become a Lutheran.  Then he would have to admit he can lose his salvation.

Nate Sparks' collection of testimonies of women who were exploited by Tullian Tchividjian, along with articles explaining the problems with Tullian's public unChristian behavior regarding the exposure of his marital infidelities.

Julie Anne's collection of testimonies of women exploited by Tullian, and a chronology/timeline of events regarding Tullian's fall, and his continued smug wallowing in the pit.

In particular this one (well actually there will be four by the time they are done, and I will add them as they appear) is important because it is the testimony of the woman "Rachel" (her real name) in the first affair that was publicly confessed, but which actually makes her "woman #2" (that we know of anyway).

Note - I am linking to these sites as source material - I do not always agree with the theological viewpoint of Julie Anne or Nate Sparks.  But that should not matter in the evaluation of the facts of these stories of Tchividjian's abusive behavior.  We should all be on the same page on that.

November 8, 2016

The political confusion of John Macarthur

So the other day John Macarthur advocated we vote for "the other guy/coalition" (i.e. not Hillary but Trump).

As usual whenever anyone tries to explain why we should vote for Trump who is the same kind of evil that Hillary is, it made no sense at all.

Here are his remarks:

John MacArthur Comments on the Election - November 6, 2016 from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

he also had this to say at his Master's University Summit:

He says this is a massive worldview issue, makes a big deal out of it here, then a little later on Sunday morning said that we should've overestimate the importance of this election. He makes NO sense at all. But then, no one voting for Trump makes any moral sense. A coalition? Does he suggest that if we are faced with an election where there is a Democrat who is staunchly pro life and fighting the democrat platform on it, vs a republican who is pro choice, we should vote for the 'coalition' i.e. the Republican? This is entirely illogical and unethical.

 Besides, when have Republicans ever coherently stood for life against Democrats? They don't care about the issue, it's just a political football to most of them that they use to get votes. Christians are so unbelievably gullible, as a whole. Even these mature old preachers can't seem to get it into their heads that they're being conned.


Here is what he said back in March.  WHAT CHANGED? If you can't beat em join em.  Yes, so Biblical Dr Macarthur.

Interesting that today Phil Johnson pulled down his articles against Trump from this page:
Now it just has the above video.

Here is what used to be there just yesterday.
On the 2016 Presidential Election by Phil Johnson

Today it is gone, and even the copy is gone. That's thorough and IMO pretty cowardly.  Today he is saying that JM wasn't saying voting for Trump is standing for righteousness/God etc.  But JM's own words carry that implication quite clearly.

He also still has his Facebook post up about the Evangelical Chant for Barabbas in which he argues that at least publicly advocating publicly voting for Trump indeed is sinful. And that voting for Trump even quietly and privately is at the very least very unwise.

A few have commented there in the last 24 hours, so it makes me wonder if it is going to be pulled soon too.

But never fear, it has been saved for posterity just in case.  Sigh.  I really wish these guys would just learn to live with your words like the rest of us do, even if they have to apologize for them/recant.

The sad thing is, I really appreciate the strong stance these guys take for truth normally.  That's why this kind of flinching under fire doesn't make any sense.

It would be so refreshing if the church actually spoke with one voice on such matters.  But clearly Satan is targeting even well respected, solid men of God to sow confusion among his flock.

Maranatha, Lord come save us now... from ourselves.

November 6, 2016

My brother-in-law Dana's Election Sermon

My brother-in-law Dana's Election Sermon.

Just started listening to it and it's awesome so far.

I am also struck when listening our own pastor Rob preach, how anyone can listen to exhortations on humility, patience, righteousness, kindness, etc and therefore go home and reason that we need to vote for a misogynistic hateful lawless abusive angry bully cuz it's the 'Christian' thing to do.