October 12, 2016

Third party can't win?

It's been so disgusting to me to see Christian men blowing off the recently exposed  comments of Donald Trump toward women and how he feels entitled to grope their bodies regardless of whether they give consent, because he is a star.

Christians who defend this man tell every sexual abuse victim they don't care about them and therefore Jesus doesn't care about them.

I'm also pretty sick of people who buy the lie that a third party can't win. (Remember the Republicans were the third party at one time).  Well, here's a poll now showing Evan Mcmullen, who has spent very little and only announced in August, and who is eminently qualified for the job in character and temperament and experience, pulling close to both Hillary and Trump in Utah.  Yes, it's Mormon territory, but it just shows how ripe an opportunity this is to break the two (one?) party monopoly that exists.

Third-Party Candidate Evan McMullin in Statistical Tie with Clinton, Trump in Utah
The poll conducted by Salt Lake City-based Y2 Analytics finds that Trump’s double-digit lead in the state has evaporated after his “grab ’em by the pussy” remarks. Trump is tied with Clinton with both receiving 26% of the vote. McMullin is not far behind with 22%, while Libertarian Gary Johnson is polling at 14%. The poll has a margin-of-error of ±4.4.
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Here is a 92 video playlist of interviews/speeches by Evan Mcmullin

I'm sure this one is in the list but this was also an excellent interview, from the days after Cruz foolishly endorsed Trump.

(It's interesting to note that the very people who have been pressuring Cruz to endorse him are now backing off their support for Trump.  It's all on Cruz for not realizing this was going to happen.  It was painfully obvious to the rest of us all along.)