October 16, 2016


I have been so disturbed that some in my church, sweet caring people, are excusing Trump and posting defenses of him on their Facebook pages. I told one ~60 yr old lady off who has spent her ENTIRE ADULT LIFE working with troubled young men. She should KNOW better! I unfriended quite a few from my small church this past week. I told my pastor a few days ago as a result of all this Trumpodolatry I don't want to go anymore.  He definitely sympathizes and can't understand the support for Trump.

We got up and skipped Sunday School but drove to church (and it takes 35 minutes to drive there).  Then we sat for ten minutes in the church parking lot. I couldn't  make myself go in.

Just want to cry. someone, at least one, had a trump sticker on their car and I just wanted to leave.  (I don't know how many actually were advertising for Trump - after that I couldn't look anymore  but I know I've heard at least a handful of people arguing for trump during fellowship over the last few weeks. And yes, we have had #neverTrump and #NeverHIllary on our cars for about 6 months, I think, give or take, but no stickers endorsing anyone.  And now I'm glad I never put a Cruz sticker on there since he STILL hasn't retracted his foolish endorsement.)

It's one thing to vote for him because you feel trapped and don't know what else to do, quite another to "evangelize" for him.  Those who feel trapped are not attacking their brothers and sisters and telling them they're "voting for Hillary" because they don't vote for Trump.

But a vote for Trump I see as equivalent to a vote for Hillary.  He's done all the same things as Bill and Hillary when they were in the run up to getting elected, and their sycophants were saying ALL the same things in his defense!  It's unbelievable!

Service started at 1030. We went back to our home town and got some food and sat in the car because we couldn't figure out what else to do.

Church is supposed to be a sanctuary and I feel like ppl are walking around w Nazi armbands and others are just tolerating it as a minor political disagreement.

Maybe I should try wearing one myself and see if anyone says anything.