August 5, 2016

Yet another friendly fire attack from the Piratey one against someone trying to express concerns about antinomianism

A Dinatarian Higher Things Conference

  by "John Philoponus" (apparently a pseudonym)

He makes the case that they are leaving out any discussion of sanctification.  After reading a few paragraphs I realized that "Dinatarian" is being used in contrast to "trinitarian" because the writer makes the case that the conference left out the third  article of the creed, the work of the Holy Spirit, and his work of sanctification in our lives.

This gels with some of the attitudes I've observed in some of the younger voices in the LCMS as well.  Especially those who have been enamored of LIBERATE and Mockingbird and Christ Hold Fast.  It is discouraging to see that this is not being put down more decisively. Sandra Ostapowich and Ellie Corrow, along with Donavon Riley all seem to have a huge attachment to Nadia Bolz Weber.  Any time she's mentioned, they tend to mock everyone who thinks there's that much of a problem with the woman.  I have experienced especially Sandra O's constant deconstructing interrogation every time a discussion is begun in Lutheran Facebook groups regarding Nadia especially, but it happened more times than I can count, and I'm sure we didn't discuss Nadia that much.  It became insufferable for quite a few of us and yet the moderators let her run around all over the place slipping in her shivs. No amount of asking the moderators to notice it could get them to see it.  They also made sure to trash women who promoted godliness in the comments section at the Sisters of Katie Luther. I should be clear to mention that not all the SKL contributors are like that.  But when you let catty women like those, who seem only interested in undermining any admonitions to godly behavior because they are still in their cage stage overreacting to  perceived moralism or pietism, women don't always stick around enduring the needling, to find out about the others.

But then, the LCMS couldn't even figure out what to do about Matt Becker, whose errors were so much more blatant.  Instead they tried to attack those who were concerned about the do-nothing result of the discipline proceedings.'s not surprising.

So of course, Chris Rosebrough has responded. He just cannot resist trashing someone who sees a problem before he does.  Either he doesn't actually see it or he wants to discredit them so later he can take credit for exposing it, as the LCMS and AALC's anointed watchman. He makes a point to hammer home the fact that the author of the above article used "dinitarian" rather than "binitarian."  Maybe because Rosebrough subconsciously has an idea that that's the biggest error worth attacking.  So might as well draw attention to it.  Also, because someone  They are automatically guilty of bearing false witness and have to repent.  Thus spake Pope Rosebrough:

A Call for John Philoponus to Repent

When Chris outright lied to me in the beginning of 2015 when I asked him why he changed the story about what happened regarding our big huge fight in 2010-2011, I gave up.  I mildly tried to request an explanation.  He saw my response, and I waited a few days to see if he would offer me anything worth considering.  Changing the narrative is changing the narrative. It's lying.  He claimed he had to do it to avoid looking like he was self justifying.  But his changing the narrative actually had the exact opposite effect.   It made his former apology null and void because we (those of us who had concerns back then) were once again the bad guys.

Nothing came, so he was written off.  It wasn't worth the fight anymore.  That was such a bullying manipulative roller coaster, I haven't dealt with anything like that since high school. Well I shouldn't say that.  There was one job I had where a couple coworkers were having an affair and he broke up with her (she was married/separated, with two children) and she tried to pit us all against the guy to punish him for his unfaithfulness to her, (yes, seriously!) when she was actually much more the problem. Not to mention that he was 18 and she was in her 30s. Yeah it was pretty sick.  I kinda felt sorry for the kid by the end of it.

Rosebrough proves once more that has learned nothing.  He is still the same.  Once again I'm reminded it's not worth bothering with him anymore.  Lying is ok I guess if you're the captain of your own Pirate Ship.  But at least we know there's one rule they live by - do not question the leadership.

Btw if you wonder why I'm bothering again, let's just blame someone in my house that alerted me to the story. :-)  I'll tell this nameless person to quit giving me news regarding Rosebrough unless it changes substantially in behavior pattern.

UPDATE: John PHiloponus has given us an episode 2 which is truly a hoot:
Episode 2: Higher Things—TOYOTA