March 8, 2016

Tullian Tchividjian Back On The Speaking Circuit

True to form for the Evangelical Industrial Complex, popular pastors are a bit like Donald Trump.  Nothing sticks to them so they can do almost as they please and people will continue to lap it up.  After all, God can't build his kingdom without these golden boys.

Tullian is apparently back on the circuit lecturing people about cheap law and cheap grace.  (source "Tullian Tchividjian is Back, Fully Endorsed by His Pastor, Kevin Labby" - and please also view her sources to see how she arrived at the conclusion she did)

While I don't agree with Julie at Spiritual Sounding board on some issues, I appreciate her thoroughness at holding the feet of these boors to the fire and I start to understand why she has such a dim view of biblical headship.  After all if these guys have no accountability, anyone who is supposed to be in Biblical submission to them is going to suffer far more than they would in a normal relationship of sinful people.

 And as usual, Rosebrough is still defending him. Someone shared Julie Anne's link to Rosebrough's wall, this was Chris's response:

Hogwash.  Typical of him and so many in the very Evangelical Industrial Complex they criticize.  This is nothing much different than Driscoll restoring himself, but Driscoll rightly gets the barbs while Rosebrough's friends get a pass, he expects everyone to understand "pastor" and "pulpit fellowship" the way Confessional Lutherans do (never mind that TT was also a speaker at the Concordia seminary chapel last spring right before all this blew up.)

 As I recall from Galatians, Paul rebuked Peter to his face before everyone because his conduct was not in line with the truth. How gentle was that?

I am chuckling rather ruefully though because in the article it links to a comment I hadn't seen before, from my friend Christine from Sola Sisters... remarking last August that “My summer pedicure lasted longer than his so-called repentance/restoration season.“ (Source)

What a mess.   The body of Christ is in total disarray.

The more Tullian says and does, showing that he has not the first clue about what repentance and reconciliation really is, the more sympathy I feel for his wife who had to live for so many years with such vapid narcissistic shallowness in the spiritual leader of the home.