March 22, 2016

The Theology of Donald Trump (Michael Horton writing at Christianity Today)

Michael Horton has weighed in on Trump as well:
Vague on doctrine, infiltrated by consumerism and a sentimental moralism intent on helping us all “become a better you,” and sort of interested in “family values” as long as they don’t interfere with our own family breakdowns, many cultural evangelicals are tired of losing the culture wars. They want a winner—“a strong leader.” I’m hardly the first to point out that it’s the stuff of which demagogues are made.

It is not that Trump has caused this transformation in portions of the so-called “evangelical electorate.” Rather, his candidacy has revealed the inner secularization of significant portions of the movement, which surveys have documented for some time now. Four theological words highlight the problem.

He goes on to explain that those four words are Creation, Sin, Christ, and Leadership, and why Trump gets all four of them wrong. So does the evangelical church, by and large, which explains why so many are falling for him.

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God help us if Trump wins, or if he doesn't win, because he has so many violent people stirred up that no matter what happens a large portion of them will be very very unhappy. And if he does win, he has shown he has autocratic tendencies (anyone who doesn't see that is being willfully blind). He has the potential and personal will to do irreparable harm to the Constitution, which he seems to see as just a tool for promoting his own personal agenda, as much as any Obama or Hillary. The backlash against that abuse of the worst excesses of crony capitalist populism could be a sudden and complete revolution over to Communism.