March 24, 2016

Rosebrough commending Sacramental Entrepreneurs / Five Two?

I thought The Pirate was a Confessional Lutheran?

So apparently Chris has taken to commending people who are 'sacramental entrepreneurs.' Hmmmm.
Who is R J Grunewald you ask?

I'm being told that RJ Grunewald is no longer with Five Two. (Well now he's with ChristHoldFast and retweeting LIBERATE  and Mockingbird junk so not sure if that's really much of an improvement.)

Last article Grunewald contributed to Five Two was Oct 1, 2014 "What Does Missional Mean?"

He is apparently not concerned enough about the direction of Five Two to get his name removed from their site or his articles taken down.

And his church is one of these that says this about themselves:
"What a privilege we have to fulfill our vision of Bringing Christ to People. It’s our hope that through these pages, God would show you the many and various ways our church is striving to serve Jesus and make our vision a reality! It’s also our prayer that you will see how these opportunities have an impact in the Tribes of people to whom God has called you. That God would use you to reach out to people whom Jesus Christ died for and loved is a privilege!"

Wow talk about using all the same language as the thing people claim he isn't a part of.  Bore me with something else, please.