March 11, 2016

UPDATED Daniel Emery Price: A Wolf In Christ's Pasture and Chris Rosebrough: A Pirate Firing Blanks (articles by T. David) UPDATED

Todd Wilken is right on. Seems The Pirate is pretty frosted on twitter about T David's article which touches on both Tullian Tchividjian and Daniel Emery Price's indiscretions while pastoring.  To be fair I don't know the author very well.  I have heard much of this story corroborated by others I do trust, who don't trust the author.


He's also been going after Julie Anne of Spiritual Sounding Board (with whom I would have some strong disagreements on other issues) for her piece on Tullian getting mostly back in the saddle.

It was nice to see a couple pastors going after Rosebrough for a change.
Pr Mark Surburg and Pr Karl Hess have also taken Chris to task on twitter.

I'd better make sure I'm stocked up on popcorn.

UPDATE more here

seems Rosebrough on his wall is making the accusation that Trent (T David) was trying to take over from Price at the church after the affair. As if that is an accusation. The other story has been that the AALC asked Trent to go down and do that to try and help.

CR does admit that Price's response was over the top and sinful.  But let's just say for a second that implication by Rosebrough is right, that Trent was selfishly trying to take over the congregation for his own self aggrandizement.  At worst that would make Trent a little bit better than Daniel Price because he lacks the sexual victimization of a parishioner and ensuing blackmail issues. It is irrelevant to the case regarding Price himself.   Even though I am less familiar with Chris, I am unconvinced that Rosebrough is telling the truth however regarding Trent.  He has been known to twist facts and then try to convince people that he is doing it for pious reasons, including his own ex daughter in law and her family.

(previous confusing fact twisting conversation with Chris on the Tullian/Nadia/Price photo scam from last year regarding this article)

Lest you think I ended that conversation convinced or unconcerned, I did not. I gave up on him because I was tired of having to lead him through the process of telling the truth or giving him more opportunities to spin things plausibly.  This is not friendship.  Friends speak truth one with another. They don't spend time figuring out how to manipulate each other into buying the version of the story that makes them look better. His answer made absolutely no sense because it actually was the opposite of the truth, it was the opposite also of the stated desired effect of his 'changing the narrative.'  It actually looked more like he was trying to justify himself. A "pastor" should be well versed with the idea of speaking truthfully.  You would think.

I waited for days for a response after I saw that he had read it.  Receiving no further explanation I quietly disconnected from him wherever I could, and recanted my previous promotion of him.

Well, I'm glad someone is finally saying something.