March 13, 2016

Coming full circle -- and Rosebrough is back to square one

Or maybe that should three steps forward, five steps back. Because at least when he defended his bromance with Dan Kimball, Kimball wasn't guilty of grievous sexual sin, threats of violence, and blackmail.

Damned for not Damning
(deleted recently, now here on the WayBackMachine and here in pdf) screen shot showing it was deleted after Nov 22, 2016)

Rosebrough has holed up in his pirate cave and isn't budging.

Ah well. All he has aboard is grog these days anyway.

But how does the above article go with this one from his new blogging partner Amy?
Let's Stop Snuggling The Wolves

Sure don't seem to be on the same page with regard to how to treat wolves. A pity, since Amy just left a job because of the same issue.