December 6, 2016

Blast from the past... "Damned for Not Damning" by Chris Rosebrough

OH YES! And this one ties it all together - what he has done with Daniel Price and Tullian and John Philoponus and probably numerous others that I haven't heard about yet. He has fully UNrepented for starting this pattern of being a hypocritical bully which he tested out on a few of us women back in 2010. I had almost forgotten about this article, but he just deleted it off his site after Nov 22 of this year and someone brought a dead link to my attention.

Damned for Not Damning

In it he talks about how private information (which he incorrectly calls "primary source evidence") trumps all other evidence.

It was then that I learned the difference between discernment and witch hunts, between journalism and propaganda. I also learned that primary source evidence trumps all other evidence. But most importantly I learned that lies are the native language of the devil (John 8:44) and they can never be employed in service to Christ, the Gospel or His Kingdom no matter how well meaning the person is who employed them.

Apparently not so much. Let's just forget he ever said that, shall we? *smirk*

And, of course, this means I was right, as I mentioned when this first came out - he has fully faked or at least rescinded the apology he gave to Ingrid Schlueter over the whole Dan Kimball thing. I guess he really does want to be like Brannon Howse after all.

He clearly has learned nothing from Ergun Caner. The Internet never forgets.

Law and Gospel Does Not Make Reformed Evangelical Churches orthodox (Steadfast Lutherans-Tim Wood)

An excellent article by Pr Tim Wood (LCMS) on the whole Tullian Tchividjian bromance with some evangelical and Lutheran pastors. I especially noted the use of the adverb "briefly" and the editor's note, with some sense of sad amusement and agreement.

Law and Gospel Does Not Make Reformed Evangelical Churches orthodox.

December 1, 2016

Rosebrough claims he was deceived then blames those who weren't

Yawn.  Same old same old from Chris.  Blame everyone who arrived at the right conclusion based on the evidence LONG before you did.

The following screenshots were in response to this thread and article by Julie Anne at Spiritual Sounding board.

This boils down to “Calculus and Biochemistry teachers are engaging in gaslighting because *I* don’t know or understand any of that stuff.” — the essential Chris Rosebrough, preschool teacher extraordinaire.

It's not as if anyone with any common sense couldn't see the repentance was fake.  Maybe Chris gets blinded by a person's personal charms but that doesn't mean everyone does. It's also not as if people haven't been trying to warn him for at least three or four years (I have personally, I don't know about anyone else) that there is something wrong with Tullian's teaching.  I have said before that I think some of the critiques were unbalanced (Steve Lawson's in particular) but that doesn't mean they have been baseless.

But hey, he does admit he was deceived by a Christian Celebrity.  Where is this "discerner's" discernment? Why did he promote the guy when he knew so little about him?

Will he now go on to admit his discernment sucked here? Will he actually go back and analyze Tullian's message to see what is missing?

I won't hold my breath.

November 30, 2016

So much predatory behavior... a story of Tullian Tchividjian

...In which he throws his siblings under the bus for not going along with his malignant narcissism, and anyone else who doesn't believe his outlandish tales.

Honestly, reading these, I have to wonder if this guy ever was saved.  No wonder he can't become a Lutheran.  Then he would have to admit he can lose his salvation.

Nate Sparks' collection of testimonies of women who were exploited by Tullian Tchividjian, along with articles explaining the problems with Tullian's public unChristian behavior regarding the exposure of his marital infidelities.

Julie Anne's collection of testimonies of women exploited by Tullian, and a chronology/timeline of events regarding Tullian's fall, and his continued smug wallowing in the pit.

In particular this one (well actually there will be four by the time they are done, and I will add them as they appear) is important because it is the testimony of the woman "Rachel" (her real name) in the first affair that was publicly confessed, but which actually makes her "woman #2" (that we know of anyway).

Note - I am linking to these sites as source material - I do not always agree with the theological viewpoint of Julie Anne or Nate Sparks.  But that should not matter in the evaluation of the facts of these stories of Tchividjian's abusive behavior.  We should all be on the same page on that.

November 8, 2016

The political confusion of John Macarthur

So the other day John Macarthur advocated we vote for "the other guy/coalition" (i.e. not Hillary but Trump).

As usual whenever anyone tries to explain why we should vote for Trump who is the same kind of evil that Hillary is, it made no sense at all.

Here are his remarks:

John MacArthur Comments on the Election - November 6, 2016 from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

he also had this to say at his Master's University Summit:

He says this is a massive worldview issue, makes a big deal out of it here, then a little later on Sunday morning said that we should've overestimate the importance of this election. He makes NO sense at all. But then, no one voting for Trump makes any moral sense. A coalition? Does he suggest that if we are faced with an election where there is a Democrat who is staunchly pro life and fighting the democrat platform on it, vs a republican who is pro choice, we should vote for the 'coalition' i.e. the Republican? This is entirely illogical and unethical.

 Besides, when have Republicans ever coherently stood for life against Democrats? They don't care about the issue, it's just a political football to most of them that they use to get votes. Christians are so unbelievably gullible, as a whole. Even these mature old preachers can't seem to get it into their heads that they're being conned.


Here is what he said back in March.  WHAT CHANGED? If you can't beat em join em.  Yes, so Biblical Dr Macarthur.

Interesting that today Phil Johnson pulled down his articles against Trump from this page:
Now it just has the above video.

Here is what used to be there just yesterday.
On the 2016 Presidential Election by Phil Johnson

Today it is gone, and even the copy is gone. That's thorough and IMO pretty cowardly.  Today he is saying that JM wasn't saying voting for Trump is standing for righteousness/God etc.  But JM's own words carry that implication quite clearly.

He also still has his Facebook post up about the Evangelical Chant for Barabbas in which he argues that at least publicly advocating publicly voting for Trump indeed is sinful. And that voting for Trump even quietly and privately is at the very least very unwise.

A few have commented there in the last 24 hours, so it makes me wonder if it is going to be pulled soon too.

But never fear, it has been saved for posterity just in case.  Sigh.  I really wish these guys would just learn to live with your words like the rest of us do, even if they have to apologize for them/recant.

The sad thing is, I really appreciate the strong stance these guys take for truth normally.  That's why this kind of flinching under fire doesn't make any sense.

It would be so refreshing if the church actually spoke with one voice on such matters.  But clearly Satan is targeting even well respected, solid men of God to sow confusion among his flock.

Maranatha, Lord come save us now... from ourselves.

November 6, 2016

My brother-in-law Dana's Election Sermon

My brother-in-law Dana's Election Sermon.

Just started listening to it and it's awesome so far.

I am also struck when listening our own pastor Rob preach, how anyone can listen to exhortations on humility, patience, righteousness, kindness, etc and therefore go home and reason that we need to vote for a misogynistic hateful lawless abusive angry bully cuz it's the 'Christian' thing to do.

October 16, 2016


I have been so disturbed that some in my church, sweet caring people, are excusing Trump and posting defenses of him on their Facebook pages. I told one ~60 yr old lady off who has spent her ENTIRE ADULT LIFE working with troubled young men. She should KNOW better! I unfriended quite a few from my small church this past week. I told my pastor a few days ago as a result of all this Trumpodolatry I don't want to go anymore.  He definitely sympathizes and can't understand the support for Trump.

We got up and skipped Sunday School but drove to church (and it takes 35 minutes to drive there).  Then we sat for ten minutes in the church parking lot. I couldn't  make myself go in.

Just want to cry. someone, at least one, had a trump sticker on their car and I just wanted to leave.  (I don't know how many actually were advertising for Trump - after that I couldn't look anymore  but I know I've heard at least a handful of people arguing for trump during fellowship over the last few weeks. And yes, we have had #neverTrump and #NeverHIllary on our cars for about 6 months, I think, give or take, but no stickers endorsing anyone.  And now I'm glad I never put a Cruz sticker on there since he STILL hasn't retracted his foolish endorsement.)

It's one thing to vote for him because you feel trapped and don't know what else to do, quite another to "evangelize" for him.  Those who feel trapped are not attacking their brothers and sisters and telling them they're "voting for Hillary" because they don't vote for Trump.

But a vote for Trump I see as equivalent to a vote for Hillary.  He's done all the same things as Bill and Hillary when they were in the run up to getting elected, and their sycophants were saying ALL the same things in his defense!  It's unbelievable!

Service started at 1030. We went back to our home town and got some food and sat in the car because we couldn't figure out what else to do.

Church is supposed to be a sanctuary and I feel like ppl are walking around w Nazi armbands and others are just tolerating it as a minor political disagreement.

Maybe I should try wearing one myself and see if anyone says anything.

October 13, 2016


Happened upon this today. I am having a hard time not being very very angry when I see Christian men defending and excusing Trump. Forgive me, I guess. I'm just a sinner like everyone else. I know too many people who have been sexually abused, and I have had my own experiences with dirty old men trying to grope me, teenage boys talking dirty to me in school when i was in 3rd or 4th grade, etc, and bullying. CONSTANT bullying, harassing, mocking for every reason under the sun. IT IS NOT OK. But for some reason men think it's great to advocate voting for such people to take on the presidency of the United States. Clinton is just as bad. Her husband is just as bad. TRUMP HAS DEFENDED BOTH OF THEM in the recent past for their evil behavior. No one seems to remember. He's literally a narcissistic, power hungry, sex addict/abuser and nut case, but I guess that's OK, we can overlook that as long as he's not a Democrat.

What bothered me the most was the excuses given by those who claimed the name of Christ. I don’t know why, really. I learned the hard way back in high school when a pastor excused the abuse my best friend suffered by a church member as a case of “a man being overly-friendly.” And I think that’s why I couldn’t say anything when I, too, was assaulted by my own cousin. This side of my family is nothing but church people and I’m terrified still I’ll somehow end up being the bad guy in all this.

In my experiences, too often sexual abuse and assault is excused in the church. Forgiveness is supposed to be automatically given because “we are all sinners.” If there is one thing narcissistic deviants are good at, it’s feigning repentance in order to regain trust and access to future victims. They charm their way back into good graces, play the penitent soul, and the victims of their abuse are, in a cruel twist, the bad guy if they can’t find it in their heart to forgive and move on.

And to that, I cry “bullshit.” Sexual abuse, sexual assault is an act that not only violates a body for a moment, but scars a mind forever. From the moment the assault occurs, a life is forever changed, be it just a kiss, an illicit touch, or heaven forbid, rape. A body is violated, and mentally, it’s close to impossible to erase the fear and the physical memory of the touch. Ask survivors… how many have frozen up during a moment of intimacy with their spouse as a fleeting memory crawls out from the scar in their mind? The simplest triggers bring the moment back because innocence and security was stolen by a deviant soul.

But yet, we’re told to just forgive. We’re told to move on. We’re told it’s just “locker room talk” or “boys will be boys.” I’m sorry, but that’s asinine. Excusing the behavior, turning a blind eye to it… it’s how we end up with Brock Turner and his dad claiming rape was “just 20 minutes of action.” We have a problem, folks , dealing with the structure of the rape culture these creeps take advantage of. Rape culture will never be dismantled as long as trite excuses are given.
Jerry Falwell Jr appeared on CNN and told us he would vote for Trump even if he were guilty of rape/sexual assault.

Honest to God I swear this guy is on drugs the more I look at and listen to him.

Jerry Falwell Jr needs to be out of Liberty U, he should be run out on a rail.  The students should put on a tuition revolt until he's gone.  He and his cronies have been shilling for liars and charlatans even on their own staff, and attacking whistleblowers, for far too long.  It's unbelievable and blasphemes Christ.  Romans 2:24

“I feel a strong desire to tell you – and I expect you feel a strong desire to tell me – which of these two errors is the worse. That is the devil getting at us. He always sends errors into the world in pairs – pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies upon your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one. But do not let us be fooled. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between both errors (p. 186).” Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

If you want godly Christian options, look at Darrell Castle. (btw, The Libertarian party its just liberal democrats with guns.)  If you want even just a better moral sensible option and aren't opposed to voting for a nice Mormon guy, look at Evan Mcmullin.  Of the two it seems for now that Mcmullin has the better chance of making an impact at the electoral college level, and throwing the race to the House.  Not a giant comfort measure by any means but maybe enough sense could be knocked into the House before November and they would rid us of the evil duo that currently heads the polls.  I won't hold my breath.  But I also won't hold my nose and vote for the very real evil of either major party.  This loss is all on Trump and his Trumpons.  God help us.

October 12, 2016

Third party can't win?

It's been so disgusting to me to see Christian men blowing off the recently exposed  comments of Donald Trump toward women and how he feels entitled to grope their bodies regardless of whether they give consent, because he is a star.

Christians who defend this man tell every sexual abuse victim they don't care about them and therefore Jesus doesn't care about them.

I'm also pretty sick of people who buy the lie that a third party can't win. (Remember the Republicans were the third party at one time).  Well, here's a poll now showing Evan Mcmullen, who has spent very little and only announced in August, and who is eminently qualified for the job in character and temperament and experience, pulling close to both Hillary and Trump in Utah.  Yes, it's Mormon territory, but it just shows how ripe an opportunity this is to break the two (one?) party monopoly that exists.

Third-Party Candidate Evan McMullin in Statistical Tie with Clinton, Trump in Utah
The poll conducted by Salt Lake City-based Y2 Analytics finds that Trump’s double-digit lead in the state has evaporated after his “grab ’em by the pussy” remarks. Trump is tied with Clinton with both receiving 26% of the vote. McMullin is not far behind with 22%, while Libertarian Gary Johnson is polling at 14%. The poll has a margin-of-error of ±4.4.
(read more at link)

Here is a 92 video playlist of interviews/speeches by Evan Mcmullin

I'm sure this one is in the list but this was also an excellent interview, from the days after Cruz foolishly endorsed Trump.

(It's interesting to note that the very people who have been pressuring Cruz to endorse him are now backing off their support for Trump.  It's all on Cruz for not realizing this was going to happen.  It was painfully obvious to the rest of us all along.)

October 10, 2016

If Donald Trump has done anything, he has snuffed out the Religious Right (Russell Moore)

Can't argue with this.
And yet here stands the old-guard Religious Right establishment. Some are defending or waving this away, with the same old tropes they’ve used throughout this campaign. Trump’s not a Sunday school teacher, they tell us. Trump’s a new King David or pagan deliverer Cyrus. Trump is either a “baby Christian” or the kind of tough strongman conservative Christians need since the Sermon on the Mount isn’t realistic enough for the 21st century.
And, of course, they tell us, he will appoint judges and justices who stand up for unborn human life and religious liberty. After all, he promised us he would. Why Trump would be more faithful to vows to religious political activists than he has been to people named “Mrs. Trump,” they do not tell us.

August 14, 2016

The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Hear (Pastor Eric Anderson, LCMS)

What you hear matters. Jesus warns that you can’t assume what you’re hearing is true, even in church. And so He warns about wolves who come in sheep’s clothing. Satan will distract you with friendly pastors and catchy songs so you don’t notice as he’s stealing God’s Word from you. The devil disguises himself as an angel of light. The minute you lower your guard and something becomes more important than hearing the voice of your Shepherd, Satan will devour you. What you hear matters.
Read more here

August 7, 2016

Pr Mark Surburg - several posts on Antinomianism in Lutheran circles

Pr Mark Surburg has collected a few articles which deal with antinomianism and law/sanctification preaching in Lutheran churches.

Several of them have additional further reading.  Worth going through especially in light of the previous post about Higher Things, Rosebrough, and "John Philoponus"

Read pastor Mark's posts here (be sure to click "older posts" at the bottom to get through all the pages of posts).

August 5, 2016

Yet another friendly fire attack from the Piratey one against someone trying to express concerns about antinomianism

A Dinatarian Higher Things Conference

  by "John Philoponus" (apparently a pseudonym)

He makes the case that they are leaving out any discussion of sanctification.  After reading a few paragraphs I realized that "Dinatarian" is being used in contrast to "trinitarian" because the writer makes the case that the conference left out the third  article of the creed, the work of the Holy Spirit, and his work of sanctification in our lives.

This gels with some of the attitudes I've observed in some of the younger voices in the LCMS as well.  Especially those who have been enamored of LIBERATE and Mockingbird and Christ Hold Fast.  It is discouraging to see that this is not being put down more decisively. Sandra Ostapowich and Ellie Corrow, along with Donavon Riley all seem to have a huge attachment to Nadia Bolz Weber.  Any time she's mentioned, they tend to mock everyone who thinks there's that much of a problem with the woman.  I have experienced especially Sandra O's constant deconstructing interrogation every time a discussion is begun in Lutheran Facebook groups regarding Nadia especially, but it happened more times than I can count, and I'm sure we didn't discuss Nadia that much.  It became insufferable for quite a few of us and yet the moderators let her run around all over the place slipping in her shivs. No amount of asking the moderators to notice it could get them to see it.  They also made sure to trash women who promoted godliness in the comments section at the Sisters of Katie Luther. I should be clear to mention that not all the SKL contributors are like that.  But when you let catty women like those, who seem only interested in undermining any admonitions to godly behavior because they are still in their cage stage overreacting to  perceived moralism or pietism, women don't always stick around enduring the needling, to find out about the others.

But then, the LCMS couldn't even figure out what to do about Matt Becker, whose errors were so much more blatant.  Instead they tried to attack those who were concerned about the do-nothing result of the discipline proceedings.'s not surprising.

So of course, Chris Rosebrough has responded. He just cannot resist trashing someone who sees a problem before he does.  Either he doesn't actually see it or he wants to discredit them so later he can take credit for exposing it, as the LCMS and AALC's anointed watchman. He makes a point to hammer home the fact that the author of the above article used "dinitarian" rather than "binitarian."  Maybe because Rosebrough subconsciously has an idea that that's the biggest error worth attacking.  So might as well draw attention to it.  Also, because someone  They are automatically guilty of bearing false witness and have to repent.  Thus spake Pope Rosebrough:

A Call for John Philoponus to Repent

When Chris outright lied to me in the beginning of 2015 when I asked him why he changed the story about what happened regarding our big huge fight in 2010-2011, I gave up.  I mildly tried to request an explanation.  He saw my response, and I waited a few days to see if he would offer me anything worth considering.  Changing the narrative is changing the narrative. It's lying.  He claimed he had to do it to avoid looking like he was self justifying.  But his changing the narrative actually had the exact opposite effect.   It made his former apology null and void because we (those of us who had concerns back then) were once again the bad guys.

Nothing came, so he was written off.  It wasn't worth the fight anymore.  That was such a bullying manipulative roller coaster, I haven't dealt with anything like that since high school. Well I shouldn't say that.  There was one job I had where a couple coworkers were having an affair and he broke up with her (she was married/separated, with two children) and she tried to pit us all against the guy to punish him for his unfaithfulness to her, (yes, seriously!) when she was actually much more the problem. Not to mention that he was 18 and she was in her 30s. Yeah it was pretty sick.  I kinda felt sorry for the kid by the end of it.

Rosebrough proves once more that has learned nothing.  He is still the same.  Once again I'm reminded it's not worth bothering with him anymore.  Lying is ok I guess if you're the captain of your own Pirate Ship.  But at least we know there's one rule they live by - do not question the leadership.

Btw if you wonder why I'm bothering again, let's just blame someone in my house that alerted me to the story. :-)  I'll tell this nameless person to quit giving me news regarding Rosebrough unless it changes substantially in behavior pattern.

UPDATE: John PHiloponus has given us an episode 2 which is truly a hoot:
Episode 2: Higher Things—TOYOTA

July 21, 2016

Some of the most disappointing Christian responses to something they should be thrilled about (edited)

(edited -  -added examples and info)

I honestly was all set up to be disappointed by Cruz last night, because the loyalty pledge he took was a foolhardy idea in the first place. Just like his misplaced trust in Boehner.    I honestly did not expect him to do what he did.   I expected him to buckle to the ridiculous legalism of the RNC, like every other politician eventually has done.  That was a line I would not want to have to walk.  But those are minor disappointments with Cruz, and he has publicly realized his misjudgments.  On the other hand, Trump and Hillary never admit their wrongs and go ahead and make such gaffes and misjudgments and tell outright lies with impunity daily.

The very thing that caused me to rejoice is the thing that everyone is flipping out about and condemning him for that one speck in Ted's eye, that speck he finally had removed. The fact that he refused to fulfill an evil oath.

When Christians cannot discern something so BLATANTLY obvious, it makes me really wonder whether they actually have faith at all.  I know I probably shouldn't feel that way, because everyone has blind spots. But hey we're all about honesty here aren't we?

There have been some real doozy Christian pharisees out there condemning this 'broken pledge.'
Yeah the Graham family wouldn't know ANYTHING about broken vows, would they...

Another guy here who regularly gets flak for not doing things the 'right way.'

Andrew Klavan, saying Ted made a "moral error" (in which case, then Jesus made moral errors too because he broke the sabbath, insulted the spiritual leaders, etc)  and comparing Ted Cruz's comments to Obama insulting the police and insinuating the police really are racists:

Here is one of the most disappointing and frankly ridiculous responses I saw last night from a Christian broadcaster who really ought to know better.

You can see that I responded to her a number of times if you're interested. She finally blocked me this morning. *yawn* well ok.  She apparently doesn't quite understand the fig leaf style block feature that twitter gives a person.

Seems to me she's still smarting from when she was unfairly attacked for the technicality of not following Matt 18 exposing Driscoll's plagiarism, while demonstrating that she is not above the same ability to attack people on such specious technicalities.  The hypocrisy  among the Christian broadcasting and 'discernment' set is indeed rampant. Too much time spent among the Evangelical Industrial Complex has the same effect as spending too much time in Washington DC. I wonder if she would be OK with a public and forced apology for having signed the pledge?

So here are an assortment of pretty priceless responses I saw though:

Walsh had some great ones last night.

Steve Berman at The Resurgent paints a pretty decent picture of Martin Luther and compares it pretty well to the political scene today. (Remember that church and state politics were not separate in the time of Luther, so there is every reason in the world to make this comparison, as well as the fact that people operate the same sinful way in church a lot of time as they do in the left hand kingdom.)

Source:Ted Cruz is a Heretic
Campaign manager Paul Manafort let Cruz know that if he didn’t change his speech and endorse Trump (which was not a requirement to speak), then Cruz would suffer consequences.

Erick reported that these consequences included: Being booed on the stage, being criticized by specific media and talk radio personalities, and having cover stories planted by the RNC to indicate that Cruz altered his speech. Cruz did not endorse Trump from the stage, and all of Manafort’s threats have come to pass.

Trump had the power to require an endorsement from Cruz as a condition of speaking. Instead of holding to that, Trump tried to trap Cruz into an endorsement against his own conscience, placing him in the same situation as Martin Luther: Recant or be cast as a heretic. Why would Trump do this? Why does he need Cruz’s endorsement in the first place?

He needs it because Cruz represents to Trump and the GOP what Martin Luther represented to the Catholic Church. Cruz said “don’t stay home in November.” He said “If you love our country, and love our children as much as you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom, and to be faithful to the constitution.”

What Trump and his supporters wanted from Cruz was an indulgence. His supporters wanted absolution for their candidate. They wanted to hear Cruz recant. They wanted their consciences assuaged for their support of Trump. Cruz did not offer that. He offered a defense of conservative principles, and the mores of the Republican Party. He attacked Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. He urged people to vote. And Trump supporters booed him for it.

They were given instructions to boo if it appeared Cruz would not offer a by-name endorsement to Trump, which, again, was not a requirement for Cruz to speak. Cruz did his best to support his party, and stand on conscience. But he would not offer an indulgence.
Seems like some protestant Christians would rather go back to 1500s Rome.

I find only one reason to vote for Trump. To ensure that the mindless trumpons and fake Cruz supporters who cant wait to turn around and backstab him can find out what he really is. Like the whole Walton's scene about making kids smoke a whole package of cigarettes to teach them not to smoke.

But that's not really enough for me.

April 14, 2016

Thank you Todd Pruitt for taking on the SGM / CJ Mahaney / T4G scandal

Todd Pruitt has weighed in on the continuing coverup by Mahaney's friends of Mahaney's misdeeds.

An Appeal to the Organizers of Together for the Gospel
I understand and value loyalty to friends. I understand that false accusations are made. But I also understand that loyalty has its limits. The details that have been revealed about the various SGM scandals show that there is indeed at least some fire behind the smoke.  

The Evangelical Industrial Complex just keeps rolling along, squashing children and biblical dissenters with impunity.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

March 25, 2016

I see a pattern here (Donald Trump Attacking Families)

It is amazing how Trump supporters blindly repeat the mantras tweeted out by their Messiah, not even bothering to verify the facts.  Still claiming Ted Cruz was affiliated with the ad showing the GQ cover, when it stated plainly on the ad that it was not endorsed by any candidate or candidate's committee.  And then another question comes to mind.  Why are Trump and his supporters upset about a publicly available GQ cover (which happens to have been photographed in Trump's plane) being put in a political ad in the first place? Is there something wrong with the cover?  Enquiring minds want to know!

Btw - this from 10-2015, a pattern of attacking families, false accusations using his friends from the Nat'l Enquirer.

Donald Trump’s Alliance With the National Enquirer
Now, as Carson overtakes Trump as the GOP front-runner, it appears Trump is getting help from a media outlet known for ending presidential candidacies: the National Enquirer. Earlier this month, the Enquirer published a cover story on Carson headlined “Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge in Patient’s Brain!” The article called Carson a “White House wannabe” and claimed he “brandished a scalpel like a meat cleaver!” It went on to quote angry former patients saying he botched surgeries that left them disfigured and in pain; one patient who sued Carson said he forgot to remove a surgical sponge from her brain after a procedure. “His presidential campaign should be dead on arrival!” Enquirer reporter Sharon Churcher wrote.
So yeah.  People like the Satanic Trump resort to very desperate measures to stay on top of the heap.  He is the epitome of anti constitutionalist, and would be better suited to running a drug cartel.

Any Christian that makes excuses for voting for this evil person FOR ANY REASON (even "anybody but Hillary) is pretty much demonstrating that their faith means very little to their thought processes regarding politics.

And no, I don't and won't apologize for that statement.  Ever.

March 24, 2016

Rosebrough commending Sacramental Entrepreneurs / Five Two?

I thought The Pirate was a Confessional Lutheran?

So apparently Chris has taken to commending people who are 'sacramental entrepreneurs.' Hmmmm.
Who is R J Grunewald you ask?

I'm being told that RJ Grunewald is no longer with Five Two. (Well now he's with ChristHoldFast and retweeting LIBERATE  and Mockingbird junk so not sure if that's really much of an improvement.)

Last article Grunewald contributed to Five Two was Oct 1, 2014 "What Does Missional Mean?"

He is apparently not concerned enough about the direction of Five Two to get his name removed from their site or his articles taken down.

And his church is one of these that says this about themselves:
"What a privilege we have to fulfill our vision of Bringing Christ to People. It’s our hope that through these pages, God would show you the many and various ways our church is striving to serve Jesus and make our vision a reality! It’s also our prayer that you will see how these opportunities have an impact in the Tribes of people to whom God has called you. That God would use you to reach out to people whom Jesus Christ died for and loved is a privilege!"

Wow talk about using all the same language as the thing people claim he isn't a part of.  Bore me with something else, please.

March 23, 2016

In Love With Donald Trump (Tates Creek Presbyterian Church)

Excellent short article from Tates Creek Presbyterian Church:
"It is clear that evangelical support for Donald Trump serves as a humbling rebuke that we cannot ignore, but what is less clear is what needs rebuking. The easy answer is our doctrine and conviction, but the better answer is our loves. Indeed, Donald Trump is a clear indication that the evangelical Church is ignoring the Apostle John’s simple command, 'Do not love the world or anything in the world.' Evangelicals in our day are in love with the world and things of this world, and that is why evangelicals in our day are in love with Donald Trump."

March 22, 2016

The Theology of Donald Trump (Michael Horton writing at Christianity Today)

Michael Horton has weighed in on Trump as well:
Vague on doctrine, infiltrated by consumerism and a sentimental moralism intent on helping us all “become a better you,” and sort of interested in “family values” as long as they don’t interfere with our own family breakdowns, many cultural evangelicals are tired of losing the culture wars. They want a winner—“a strong leader.” I’m hardly the first to point out that it’s the stuff of which demagogues are made.

It is not that Trump has caused this transformation in portions of the so-called “evangelical electorate.” Rather, his candidacy has revealed the inner secularization of significant portions of the movement, which surveys have documented for some time now. Four theological words highlight the problem.

He goes on to explain that those four words are Creation, Sin, Christ, and Leadership, and why Trump gets all four of them wrong. So does the evangelical church, by and large, which explains why so many are falling for him.

read more at The Theology of Donald Trump

God help us if Trump wins, or if he doesn't win, because he has so many violent people stirred up that no matter what happens a large portion of them will be very very unhappy. And if he does win, he has shown he has autocratic tendencies (anyone who doesn't see that is being willfully blind). He has the potential and personal will to do irreparable harm to the Constitution, which he seems to see as just a tool for promoting his own personal agenda, as much as any Obama or Hillary. The backlash against that abuse of the worst excesses of crony capitalist populism could be a sudden and complete revolution over to Communism.

March 14, 2016

Lutheranism's problem with soft antinomianism - Four good articles by pastor Mark Surburg

Mark's thoughts: What is soft antinomianism?

Mark's thoughts: The elephant in the room - Presuppositions of soft antinomianism

Mark's thoughts: An example of soft antinomianism

Mark's thoughts: David Scaer describes the problem of soft antinomianism

also these related tweets and a link from Jordan Cooper.
Jordan Cooper: "Why I have decided to leave Pirate Christian Radio"

March 13, 2016

Coming full circle -- and Rosebrough is back to square one

Or maybe that should three steps forward, five steps back. Because at least when he defended his bromance with Dan Kimball, Kimball wasn't guilty of grievous sexual sin, threats of violence, and blackmail.

Damned for not Damning
(deleted recently, now here on the WayBackMachine and here in pdf) screen shot showing it was deleted after Nov 22, 2016)

Rosebrough has holed up in his pirate cave and isn't budging.

Ah well. All he has aboard is grog these days anyway.

But how does the above article go with this one from his new blogging partner Amy?
Let's Stop Snuggling The Wolves

Sure don't seem to be on the same page with regard to how to treat wolves. A pity, since Amy just left a job because of the same issue.

March 11, 2016

UPDATED Daniel Emery Price: A Wolf In Christ's Pasture and Chris Rosebrough: A Pirate Firing Blanks (articles by T. David) UPDATED

Todd Wilken is right on. Seems The Pirate is pretty frosted on twitter about T David's article which touches on both Tullian Tchividjian and Daniel Emery Price's indiscretions while pastoring.  To be fair I don't know the author very well.  I have heard much of this story corroborated by others I do trust, who don't trust the author.


He's also been going after Julie Anne of Spiritual Sounding Board (with whom I would have some strong disagreements on other issues) for her piece on Tullian getting mostly back in the saddle.

It was nice to see a couple pastors going after Rosebrough for a change.
Pr Mark Surburg and Pr Karl Hess have also taken Chris to task on twitter.

I'd better make sure I'm stocked up on popcorn.

UPDATE more here

seems Rosebrough on his wall is making the accusation that Trent (T David) was trying to take over from Price at the church after the affair. As if that is an accusation. The other story has been that the AALC asked Trent to go down and do that to try and help.

CR does admit that Price's response was over the top and sinful.  But let's just say for a second that implication by Rosebrough is right, that Trent was selfishly trying to take over the congregation for his own self aggrandizement.  At worst that would make Trent a little bit better than Daniel Price because he lacks the sexual victimization of a parishioner and ensuing blackmail issues. It is irrelevant to the case regarding Price himself.   Even though I am less familiar with Chris, I am unconvinced that Rosebrough is telling the truth however regarding Trent.  He has been known to twist facts and then try to convince people that he is doing it for pious reasons, including his own ex daughter in law and her family.

(previous confusing fact twisting conversation with Chris on the Tullian/Nadia/Price photo scam from last year regarding this article)

Lest you think I ended that conversation convinced or unconcerned, I did not. I gave up on him because I was tired of having to lead him through the process of telling the truth or giving him more opportunities to spin things plausibly.  This is not friendship.  Friends speak truth one with another. They don't spend time figuring out how to manipulate each other into buying the version of the story that makes them look better. His answer made absolutely no sense because it actually was the opposite of the truth, it was the opposite also of the stated desired effect of his 'changing the narrative.'  It actually looked more like he was trying to justify himself. A "pastor" should be well versed with the idea of speaking truthfully.  You would think.

I waited for days for a response after I saw that he had read it.  Receiving no further explanation I quietly disconnected from him wherever I could, and recanted my previous promotion of him.

Well, I'm glad someone is finally saying something.

March 8, 2016

Tullian Tchividjian Back On The Speaking Circuit

True to form for the Evangelical Industrial Complex, popular pastors are a bit like Donald Trump.  Nothing sticks to them so they can do almost as they please and people will continue to lap it up.  After all, God can't build his kingdom without these golden boys.

Tullian is apparently back on the circuit lecturing people about cheap law and cheap grace.  (source "Tullian Tchividjian is Back, Fully Endorsed by His Pastor, Kevin Labby" - and please also view her sources to see how she arrived at the conclusion she did)

While I don't agree with Julie at Spiritual Sounding board on some issues, I appreciate her thoroughness at holding the feet of these boors to the fire and I start to understand why she has such a dim view of biblical headship.  After all if these guys have no accountability, anyone who is supposed to be in Biblical submission to them is going to suffer far more than they would in a normal relationship of sinful people.

 And as usual, Rosebrough is still defending him. Someone shared Julie Anne's link to Rosebrough's wall, this was Chris's response:

Hogwash.  Typical of him and so many in the very Evangelical Industrial Complex they criticize.  This is nothing much different than Driscoll restoring himself, but Driscoll rightly gets the barbs while Rosebrough's friends get a pass, he expects everyone to understand "pastor" and "pulpit fellowship" the way Confessional Lutherans do (never mind that TT was also a speaker at the Concordia seminary chapel last spring right before all this blew up.)

 As I recall from Galatians, Paul rebuked Peter to his face before everyone because his conduct was not in line with the truth. How gentle was that?

I am chuckling rather ruefully though because in the article it links to a comment I hadn't seen before, from my friend Christine from Sola Sisters... remarking last August that “My summer pedicure lasted longer than his so-called repentance/restoration season.“ (Source)

What a mess.   The body of Christ is in total disarray.

The more Tullian says and does, showing that he has not the first clue about what repentance and reconciliation really is, the more sympathy I feel for his wife who had to live for so many years with such vapid narcissistic shallowness in the spiritual leader of the home.

February 15, 2016

Stallings Still At It

Need I say more?

Just click the stallings tags on this post  for the whole long sordid story.  This guy claims to be a Christian but seriously is a candidate for demonstrating the reality of demon possession.  He's currently caught up in the flat earth conspiracy stuff (runs a Facebook discussion group), and admiring Hitler,  Well color me shocked (no, not really).  Warning for language:

January 23, 2016

The election shenanigans "Two Corinthians" was not a gaffe. Trump inanity 24/7

I am no Trump supporter.  Seriously, how can people support this intellectually revolting freak show?

And don't even get me started on the embarrassment that is Sarah Palin.  She's shameless and deluded. I thought she had been attacked unfairly for a while but really -- now seeing her shill for this charlatan they are all starting to make sense.  But that's a separate subject.  Back to The Mafia Don.

The whole GOP fight over who should get the nomination has been totally ridiculous. It is amazing to me how many people are falling for a fake "Christian" and a fake "Republican" like Donald Trump.  There is being deceived by a smooth liar, and then there is being deceived by a cardboard cutout.  Trump seems to be the latter.

Trump's recent appearance at Liberty should have at least opened a few eyes as to the complete lack of understanding he has of his own claimed faith.

The whole flap over "Two Corinthians" was not even worth it.   Alistair Begg always says it that way.  I have heard it many times, (Even by Americans) so many times that I don't even make note of it anymore. It's as common as people who say "Psalms 34" or "the book of Revelations." Revelation is never plural. Psalms is only plural when you are not talking about a specific Psalm, as in "the book of Psalms."  Those are incorrect grammatically but no one bothers to correct them.  So it is a part of the Christian landscape.  Sarah Pulliam Bailey, (also here),  Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, Bobby Ross Jr (Why Donald Trump didn't REALLY mess up when he said 'Two Corinthians' instead of 'Second Corinthians'), and Terry Mattingly have noted it, but I haven't seen any others.

The media makes a big deal of it, which was an ignorant move in itself.  But Trump, not to be outdone in ignorance,  cannot see that the gaffe was not really a gaffe at all. It only serves to doubly highlight his complete unfamiliarity with Christianity, and he doubles down and blames Tony Perkins for writing it down that way.... which is one of the two CORRECT ways to write it.

Will someone not address this?  In any case I would hope this opened at least some Christians' eyes to the charade. Then again Liberty U has a history of being unwilling to admit they're promoting fakes, so... I won't hold my breath.

Basically, folks, if you want more Hillary and Bill and Obama in one package, with less class, FAR less moral restraint and worse hair,  then vote for Trump.

You may say the other candidates can't win but that is a self fulfilling prophecy, and sorry but that doesn't fly.  The RINOs didn't win either in the general the last two times.   As far as Christianity this time around, you may say the other candidates are faking too.  Well that may be I suppose.  But there is also a difference between being deceived by a smooth careful liar (as the others seem to be, if they are lying) and being deceived by a cardboard cutout  (like Trump)made by a kindergartener.

Sorry, there will be no holding my nose and voting for Trump here either.  I will write in my candidate yet again.  As of right now it is going to be Ted Cruz.

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...and for laughs because this is about the level of discourse that passes for support of Trump.  Double standards galore, no wonder she likes him.
‘I Am Livid at the GOP’: Woman Loses It Over Pundits Suggesting Trump and His Supporters Aren’t ‘Conservative Enough’

"If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness, he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions,  and constant friction among people who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain. But godliness with contentment is great gain,  for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.  But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.  But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.  For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. Fight the Good Fight of Faith  But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses."  1 Tim 6:3-12