August 24, 2015

Tullian Tchividjian is a quitter... er... Files for Divorce

Tullian Tchividjian Files for Divorce

Well he gave it a good college try for a full 9 weeks after semi-confessing his sin, that ought to be enough to save any marriage right?  Especially from someone who knows about grace!  What is he, like, 13??  Emotionally he's acting like a juvenile.  I can imagine that's very attractive for a wife.  Every time he opens his mouth, every move he makes, he actually makes his wife look more of the sympathetic character.

Totally disgusted.  What a complete quitter.  Hint, Tullian, if this is how you spiritually led your wife, you should probably spend more time looking in the mirror of God's law, which you so studiously avoid taking seriously.

Yes, I realize he found out about his marriage crisis, as he said, "three months prior" to his stepping down, he said -- putting it at the end of March.  But he couldn't even begin to start working on his marriage until he repented, which theoretically may have begun when he stepped down.  I have no confidence that he really repented at that time however, based on his behavior then and since.

So he says that he can't go and hide because he believes this thing about grace that he's been preaching, and that would show he doesn't really believe it.  So how does filing for divorce show that he believes in this radical grace thing?  Does it only apply "One Way"? i.e. In his direction?

As far as I have read, the only accusations made in public were from his mouth, not hers, so I have sadly all these questions as to the accuracy of those now too.  All she ever did was ask for privacy and say that her story is different than his.  And he refuses to respect that because he must continue to somehow demonstrate.  Is that part of a larger pattern?

Contrast that with the FIRST words we have heard from R W Glenn since he was removed a year ago.

And this quote from the initial story on Tullian's divorce:
Ross Peterson, executive director of Midwest Ministry Development, often works with pastors who face church discipline after an affair or other crisis. Some, he said, want to fast-forward through the restoration process.

“There’s a temptation to say, ‘What I did was wrong, I’m sorry, and there’s forgiveness,’” Peterson told CT. But forgiveness is different than restoration, he said.

Restoration is typically a long process of soul-searching and coming to grips with the harm a pastor caused by having an affair. Trying to maintain a public ministry on social media could undermined that process, said Peterson.
So, anyone want to start a pool on when Tullian will publicly get together with his "inappropriate relationship"?  Or maybe someone else...  Because a guy like him really needs someone to adore him. He can't possibly exist in a relationship vacuum.  When he took over at Coral Ridge, he has explained repeatedly, he had to deal with this shocking fact that some people didn't like him.  (The rest of us live with that as a daily experience.  Can you spell N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T?)  He explains something along the lines of how God used that to deal with this particular idol in his heart of needing the affirmation from people. It seems pretty clear now that at some point the idol he thought was ousted came back with seven of its friends.

August 19, 2015

Hiding Tullian's sermons from the public while Tullian trots out in public and continues to tweet and post about grace on Facebook.

In what world do these two messages go together regarding the same exact situation?
"To help protect Tullian, his family, and the integrity of his message, we have moved his sermons into a secure archive for the foreseeable future. Sadly, his messages were being slanderously misused in the media and on the Internet. We are prayerfully considering when and how his sermon archive might be made available again to the general public. We appreciate your patience and prayers during this season."

How does that go with the following? 
"I want to disappear. Nothing seems more appealing to me on most days than to simply vanish. But here’s my struggle: I actually believe the message that I’ve preached with all my might (and which I need now more than ever). If I only let you see me when I’m “good” and “strong” and polished and “at the top”, I undermine the very message that I claim to believe. I am tempted to hide until I am ‘shiny’ again. But if I run away because I don’t want you to see me broken and weak and sad and angry and struggling with fear and guilt and shame, then I fail to practice what I preach—and one of the many things I’ve learned from this is that failing to practice what you preach is destructive."

August 10, 2015

Carl Trueman on the Tullian situation (Tullian still looking for public acclaim)

Karl Marx commented that history repeats itself the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. When it comes to ministerial falls, sadly the tradition today is to go straight to farce. Thus it is with Tullian Tchividjian’s fall and rise. All of the celebrity conventions are there: The use of a well-known counselor brought in specially, the faux intimacy of the twitter feed, and now a slick podcast on coming back after a fall – less than two months since his confession that he betrayed his wife and broke his marriage vows. There are even the predictable fans out there who seem to think that Tchividjian is essential to the gospel, as the message clearly depends upon his return to the pulpit ASAP. I confess, I have no idea why he has this compulsive need to make the whole of his life a public performance or why people fall for it.
read more at Alliance of Confessing of Evangelicals

In the "slick podcast" with William Vanderbloemen he says he had found out all this THREE months prior to June, so when he was at Concordia in St Louis in mid April, giving a lecture, he was already aware of all infidelity going on. He still made tasteless jokes about his son's (and his and his wife's) prior sexual sin there. What in the world??

I feel more and more sympathy for Kim the more this guy opens his mouth.

He says he wants to go away and be anonymous but he just has to keep showing us himself when he's at his worst because it will undermine the message otherwise.  So it's all for us that he's doing this.  What a guy!

Here is a note I wrote up for Facebook recently explaining how I really became convinced Tullian was bad news, after second guessing myself for about 3 years (~2012-2015).
What is wrong with Tullian