May 11, 2015

If you are using or struggling with pornography and lust -

A good poem by a woman whose husband, unbeknownst to her, was using before they married:

I looked For Love In Your Eyes (Challies' website)

as a friend of mine said, men, God can forgive and heal even this. Repent and trust Christ.

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No explanation necessary.    Just recently happened (note the date - 5-7).  Joel McDurmon issued a second warning.  His first one (below) was removed by Facebook.

(bigger screen shots below)

So as I said previously on this blog, Facebook community standards are kinda dubious.  You can't get porno pages and pedophile pages removed, but you can get booted for warning anyone about predators.  Whatever.

Yes, as Philip says, he is a mess (though it still remains to be seen whether he actually means it).  He needs to get professional help and quit pretending to be a Christian apologist. Philip (or anyone else who struggles with this) if you read this, please look up the Sex Addicts Anonymous group in your area.  There are plenty of them.  They can't help you unless you go to them.  They will not chase you down.  You have to take the initiative and seek help, and be honest about what you are doing.  You claim to want the truth.  Hiding and lying will not set you free.

May 6, 2015

What is a pastor? And American Spirituality (an excellent article and audio)

Your Pastor: The under-shepherd of the Good Shepherd
What makes a pastor a pastor? Going to school for eight years, learning Greek and Hebrew, and having fancy diplomas written in Latin does not make someone a pastor. There is no extraordinary DNA or astonishing superpowers that makes someone a pastor. A pastor is no closer to God than you are. In fact, he is just as much a sinner as you are … if not more.

If we could summarize the office of pastor into a simple theme and job description, what would it look like?

Simply put, the pastor is to be the shepherd of the sheep. He shepherds, protects, and feed them with the Word of God. He is to be a servant in the Lord’s house. He is the under-shepherd of the Chief Shepherd. When you hear your pastor speaking in worship that is the voice of Jesus you hear through His called servant. Your pastor may be a great speaker or a stutterer; he may be charismatic or an introvert; he may be dynamic or dry – but it doesn’t matter. You are not following the under-shepherd, but the Good Shepherd.
read more at Bread For Beggars

Also, Mike Horton gave a lecture on American Spirituality which was featured in March on the White Horse Inn.
What is the nature of American spirituality, and how does it differ from classical Christian conceptions of God, redemption, and spiritual renewal? On this special edition of the program, Michael Horton walks through various popular approaches to spirituality in our time and contrasts them with the message of free grace in Jesus Christ.
listen at the White Horse Inn blog