October 26, 2015

Pop Culture, Technology & Worship (White Horse Inn, T David Gordon, Michael Horton)

This was a FASCINATING and helpful clarifying discussion about societal trends and using wisdom in choosing what we incorporate into worship.

WHI-1281 | Pop Culture, Technology, & Worship
On this edition of the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton sits down with media ecologist and professor, T. David Gordon. He is the author of Why Johnny Can't Preach and Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns. In this program we ask the question, how does the medium affect the message? This perennial question brings us back to the church and the mediums used on the Lord’s Day. How might altering the Divine Service affect the gospel itself?
read and listen at http://www.whitehorseinn.org/blog/entry/2015-show-archive/2015/10/25/whi-1281-pop-culture-technology-worship

September 15, 2015

On Amy Spreeman's resignation from Stand Up For The Truth - Amy clarifies

Setting It Straight
Posted on August 31, 2015
I have not made any formal statement on my sudden departure from the radio station position I’ve held since 2010, but I need to now. The details of my resignation are different from what has been reported. That is my fault, and I take full and complete responsibility for not explaining myself to our listeners, allowing – even encouraging – the August 24 explanation to go forward without correction. It was spin, and I am sorry I allowed that to happen.
Read more at https://aspreeman.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/setting-it-straight/

How can men get up there and say such things and think we should just shut up and take them seriously? The more I hear from men like Mike touting the need for us to have civil discourse and speak the truth in love, the more I hear “speak the truth in love but stab people in the back and it’s ok.”

September 10, 2015

Mark Driscoll, Tullian Tchividjian, and Reformed Baptist Polity

"The best of systems must be administered by good men in order to get good results ... In the absence of a righteous polity we get Driscoll, but where righteous polity is administered by unfit men we see instead Tchividjian.."

September 4, 2015

Commendation for Rick Warren

No, I am still not a fan of his but I felt something had to be said about this tweet.  I am stunned that he would say this, pleasantly so.  Not happy that it had to be said, but nevertheless...

He is getting a lot of flack for it on twitter so I figured I better grab a screen shot in case it disappears.

I should also mention that not all RW's critics agree on this. In fact lots of disagreement right now.

September 3, 2015

PCA ruling elder accuses Janet Mefferd of "Jihad," after asking for more 'discretion'

Also demanded she give them private contact before making such accusations.  #hypocrite
And then said he doesn't expect Christians "to act just like the world." #irony
in case that vanishes:

Yes, I bet they bathed it in prayer.  Marinated, soaked even!  Just like every Purpose Driven Pastor does about coercing people who won't go along with the program.

No wonder the PCA (at least the southern FL and central FL presbytery) decided the way they did, with thinkers like that in their midst.

Oh excuse me did I ridicule the Southern Florida Presbytery and the Central Florida Presbytery ?

August 24, 2015

Tullian Tchividjian is a quitter... er... Files for Divorce

Tullian Tchividjian Files for Divorce

Well he gave it a good college try for a full 9 weeks after semi-confessing his sin, that ought to be enough to save any marriage right?  Especially from someone who knows about grace!  What is he, like, 13??  Emotionally he's acting like a juvenile.  I can imagine that's very attractive for a wife.  Every time he opens his mouth, every move he makes, he actually makes his wife look more of the sympathetic character.

Totally disgusted.  What a complete quitter.  Hint, Tullian, if this is how you spiritually led your wife, you should probably spend more time looking in the mirror of God's law, which you so studiously avoid taking seriously.

Yes, I realize he found out about his marriage crisis, as he said, "three months prior" to his stepping down, he said -- putting it at the end of March.  But he couldn't even begin to start working on his marriage until he repented, which theoretically may have begun when he stepped down.  I have no confidence that he really repented at that time however, based on his behavior then and since.

So he says that he can't go and hide because he believes this thing about grace that he's been preaching, and that would show he doesn't really believe it.  So how does filing for divorce show that he believes in this radical grace thing?  Does it only apply "One Way"? i.e. In his direction?

As far as I have read, the only accusations made in public were from his mouth, not hers, so I have sadly all these questions as to the accuracy of those now too.  All she ever did was ask for privacy and say that her story is different than his.  And he refuses to respect that because he must continue to somehow demonstrate.  Is that part of a larger pattern?

Contrast that with the FIRST words we have heard from R W Glenn since he was removed a year ago.

And this quote from the initial story on Tullian's divorce:
Ross Peterson, executive director of Midwest Ministry Development, often works with pastors who face church discipline after an affair or other crisis. Some, he said, want to fast-forward through the restoration process.

“There’s a temptation to say, ‘What I did was wrong, I’m sorry, and there’s forgiveness,’” Peterson told CT. But forgiveness is different than restoration, he said.

Restoration is typically a long process of soul-searching and coming to grips with the harm a pastor caused by having an affair. Trying to maintain a public ministry on social media could undermined that process, said Peterson.
So, anyone want to start a pool on when Tullian will publicly get together with his "inappropriate relationship"?  Or maybe someone else...  Because a guy like him really needs someone to adore him. He can't possibly exist in a relationship vacuum.  When he took over at Coral Ridge, he has explained repeatedly, he had to deal with this shocking fact that some people didn't like him.  (The rest of us live with that as a daily experience.  Can you spell N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T?)  He explains something along the lines of how God used that to deal with this particular idol in his heart of needing the affirmation from people. It seems pretty clear now that at some point the idol he thought was ousted came back with seven of its friends.

August 19, 2015

Hiding Tullian's sermons from the public while Tullian trots out in public and continues to tweet and post about grace on Facebook.

In what world do these two messages go together regarding the same exact situation?
"To help protect Tullian, his family, and the integrity of his message, we have moved his sermons into a secure archive for the foreseeable future. Sadly, his messages were being slanderously misused in the media and on the Internet. We are prayerfully considering when and how his sermon archive might be made available again to the general public. We appreciate your patience and prayers during this season."

How does that go with the following? 
"I want to disappear. Nothing seems more appealing to me on most days than to simply vanish. But here’s my struggle: I actually believe the message that I’ve preached with all my might (and which I need now more than ever). If I only let you see me when I’m “good” and “strong” and polished and “at the top”, I undermine the very message that I claim to believe. I am tempted to hide until I am ‘shiny’ again. But if I run away because I don’t want you to see me broken and weak and sad and angry and struggling with fear and guilt and shame, then I fail to practice what I preach—and one of the many things I’ve learned from this is that failing to practice what you preach is destructive."

August 10, 2015

Carl Trueman on the Tullian situation (Tullian still looking for public acclaim)

Karl Marx commented that history repeats itself the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. When it comes to ministerial falls, sadly the tradition today is to go straight to farce. Thus it is with Tullian Tchividjian’s fall and rise. All of the celebrity conventions are there: The use of a well-known counselor brought in specially, the faux intimacy of the twitter feed, and now a slick podcast on coming back after a fall – less than two months since his confession that he betrayed his wife and broke his marriage vows. There are even the predictable fans out there who seem to think that Tchividjian is essential to the gospel, as the message clearly depends upon his return to the pulpit ASAP. I confess, I have no idea why he has this compulsive need to make the whole of his life a public performance or why people fall for it.
read more at Alliance of Confessing of Evangelicals

In the "slick podcast" with William Vanderbloemen he says he had found out all this THREE months prior to June, so when he was at Concordia in St Louis in mid April, giving a lecture, he was already aware of all infidelity going on. He still made tasteless jokes about his son's (and his and his wife's) prior sexual sin there. What in the world??

I feel more and more sympathy for Kim the more this guy opens his mouth.

He says he wants to go away and be anonymous but he just has to keep showing us himself when he's at his worst because it will undermine the message otherwise.  So it's all for us that he's doing this.  What a guy!

Here is a note I wrote up for Facebook recently explaining how I really became convinced Tullian was bad news, after second guessing myself for about 3 years (~2012-2015).
What is wrong with Tullian

June 22, 2015

An Open Letter to Tullian (The Reformed Arsenal)

An excellent response to the news of yesterday.

An Open Letter to Tullian
I recently read about the difficulties that you and your wife have brought upon your family, church, and by extension the Church catholic. I’m deeply sorry, and cannot imagine the hurt that you must have felt when you discovered your wife’s affair. The purpose of this letter is not to rehearse your sins, or to pummel you for them. There will be lots of that coming your way, and honestly I think it is justified. However, that is not the purpose of this letter. Instead I want to share with you some thoughts that I think you need to hear.
read more

May 11, 2015

If you are using or struggling with pornography and lust -

A good poem by a woman whose husband, unbeknownst to her, was using before they married:

I looked For Love In Your Eyes (Challies' website)

as a friend of mine said, men, God can forgive and heal even this. Repent and trust Christ.

more from Philip Stallings...

No explanation necessary.    Just recently happened (note the date - 5-7).  Joel McDurmon issued a second warning.  His first one (below) was removed by Facebook.

(bigger screen shots below)

So as I said previously on this blog, Facebook community standards are kinda dubious.  You can't get porno pages and pedophile pages removed, but you can get booted for warning anyone about predators.  Whatever.

Yes, as Philip says, he is a mess (though it still remains to be seen whether he actually means it).  He needs to get professional help and quit pretending to be a Christian apologist. Philip (or anyone else who struggles with this) if you read this, please look up the Sex Addicts Anonymous group in your area.  There are plenty of them.  They can't help you unless you go to them.  They will not chase you down.  You have to take the initiative and seek help, and be honest about what you are doing.  You claim to want the truth.  Hiding and lying will not set you free.

May 6, 2015

What is a pastor? And American Spirituality (an excellent article and audio)

Your Pastor: The under-shepherd of the Good Shepherd
What makes a pastor a pastor? Going to school for eight years, learning Greek and Hebrew, and having fancy diplomas written in Latin does not make someone a pastor. There is no extraordinary DNA or astonishing superpowers that makes someone a pastor. A pastor is no closer to God than you are. In fact, he is just as much a sinner as you are … if not more.

If we could summarize the office of pastor into a simple theme and job description, what would it look like?

Simply put, the pastor is to be the shepherd of the sheep. He shepherds, protects, and feed them with the Word of God. He is to be a servant in the Lord’s house. He is the under-shepherd of the Chief Shepherd. When you hear your pastor speaking in worship that is the voice of Jesus you hear through His called servant. Your pastor may be a great speaker or a stutterer; he may be charismatic or an introvert; he may be dynamic or dry – but it doesn’t matter. You are not following the under-shepherd, but the Good Shepherd.
read more at Bread For Beggars

Also, Mike Horton gave a lecture on American Spirituality which was featured in March on the White Horse Inn.
What is the nature of American spirituality, and how does it differ from classical Christian conceptions of God, redemption, and spiritual renewal? On this special edition of the program, Michael Horton walks through various popular approaches to spirituality in our time and contrasts them with the message of free grace in Jesus Christ.
listen at the White Horse Inn blog


April 16, 2015

I'll take "False repentance" for 800 Alex (NOTE - Joel McDurmon of American Vision and Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost have SEEN THE LIGHT!) :-)

Who is Philip Stallings?

NOTE - I am SO THANKFUL that both Joel McDurmon and Tim Brown have seen the light!! (link to Facebook post)  Praise the Lord!

For whatever reason, Joel has removed the post. (CORRECTION - Joel says Facebook says it violated their TOS so they removed it. I guess they're fine with people going around sexually harassing people on Facebook then.).  Screen cap here (NOTE as you can see, it had been public for all to see on or off of Facebook):

 Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost also weighed in on Stalling's non-repentant, non-apology blog post.

February 25, 2015

Breaking Bread with the Bad Guys (and gals)

JUSTIN PETERS: One of the things that makes…that makes it so hard to warn people about false teachers is when the good guys start associating with the bad guys. (Applause) And they give these people…now what we’ve seen in these clips is extreme, to be sure, but the same movement, this word of faith, Charismatic Movement, certainly the more as you drift toward the word of faith, one of the things that so confuses people, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard from people and they ask me, “Well what about So-and-So, I saw him with Paul Crouch, I saw him with Marcus Lamb, you know, on Daystar and on TBN, it makes it very hard for us to warn people about the wolves when the leaders of the sheep are associating with the wolves. And they give them…let me…Paul Crouch loves to have the good guys on his set, loves it because the good guys give him a level of credibility that he does not have on his own. And Paul Crouch, TBN, Daystar, Marcus Lamb, these guys are the tips of the spears that are exporting this theological poison to the rest of the world. And that is an offense to the gospel. And these guys should know better. It is a shame that prominent people, some of the supposed good guys are breaking metaphorical bread with the bad guys. It’s hard enough (Applause)

I guess that only applies to Charismatic heresy then.


(yes, I realize this isn't the first time Tullian has gone on with heretical disobedient leaders who call themselves Christians)

Tullian and Nadia birds of a feather?

Interesting twitter war:

Some of the exchange between @piratechristian and @p5eudepigrapha

So wait a minute...isn't Tullian Tchividjian (former twitter handle @PastorTullian - now changed to @TullianT) the one who is guilty of (essentially) saying his message isn't much different from Nadia Bolz Weber's (@SarcasticLuther) by publicly considering her his sister in Christ and she considering him her brother in Christ?

Since when is disagreeing with Chris = bearing false witness? Is Chris the arbiter of truth? Isn't he always asking for people to question him? I guess it's just a ruse to make him look interested in correction.

(Yes, Trent had a show on PCR until this exchange.  Now he has been kicked off . Isn't that what Brannon did to Chris over him questioning Chris Pinto?)

It's 2011 all over again.  Then this came out:

Well, no one said Horton's theology was changed or going off the rails or anything like that.  I asked Chris why he made it sound like that was what it was about.  His reply was that he had to change the narrative to make it look like he wasn't trying to justify himself.  HUH?

I responded "I'm not sure why that would be necessary, but ok."

That was the last I talked to him.  My question is, why the truth needs to be 'rearranged' in order to do what the truth does (set people free)?  The truth is not powerful enough without our tinkering?

Perhaps Chris needs to be reminded that "changing the narrative" away from what actually happened is just another way to tell a lie.

People seem to think that by being friends they have a better chance of influencing people.  Um... it actually gets HARDER to speak the truth when you get emotionally connected to someone.  You don't want to jeopardize the relationship.  Even worse when that someone has the potential to affect your income if your income is based on popularity.  And that's what a web these guys are entangled in.  And they don't even see it.  They act just like the Seeker Sensitive Evangelical Industrial Complex they rail against, when their comfort is threatened.  Impressive.

cue:  cries of "you're breaking the 8th commandment!  REPENT"  

No thanks. You first.  My conscience is clear.

I'm so done with this hypocritical bunch.  Never again.

January 30, 2015

Updated post on Phillip/Philip Stephen Stallings (Mr-Paradox) the "Calvinist" false convert (screen shots added)

(4-16-15 as of today Joel McDurmon and Tim Brown have both come to realize that Stallings is an unrepentant sinner who deserves to remain excommunicated from the body of Christ. - Facebook removed the post for some stupid reason, but here is the screen shot:)

(3-1-2015 Philip Stallings seems to have vanished off of Freedom Outpost.  The article above is still on archive.org here .)

Originally posted 6-14-14, reposting since there have been so many updates and additions.

For anyone still looking for evidence, I updated the post from last October, on Philip/Phillip Stephen Stallings, but Google - the defender of free speech, seems to have pulled it possibly in response to frivolous complaints by Stallings and/or his enablers, with no warning and no explanation to me.  So, it is now here on the Wayback machine.  Stallings is learning about repentance from Ergun Caner quite well I think.)

Stallings  apparently also is in a race to the finish line with liar Ergun Caner for who can blaspheme the name of Jesus more effectively using different pet sins.  See, Ergun is just lying to cover up other lies because he thought he could make Jesus look more amazing by doing so.  Stallings is lying to cover up his sexual perversion.

There is also another post calling for his repentance at
Design of Providence: A Warning and a Call for Repentance: Philip Stallings (also UPDATED as of May 28, 2014)

Later, Design Of Providence took his post down because Tim Brown of Freedom Outpost told him Stallings was off Facebook and is seeking help.  However, that was before the 2nd and third Facebook profile showed up.  Here is a pdf copy of Design of Providence's post which is the second post on the page.

Design Of Providence PDF copy

UPDATE May 21, 2014
Stallings has changed his profile after Francis Turretin issued a warning to all his Facebook friends and Stallings' Facebook friends.  TurretinFan has removed the post since then, after Stallings deactivated his account.  I am not sure why.  In any case, it was there.  Screen shot here:

Stallings' new profile is now here:
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000675274712 - note - when I clicked on the link with my phone it takes me to my own profile and I've had others say it takes them to theirs, too. But on my computer it works.  I'm not sure why.

Here's a pdf copy as of right now. As you can see, Tim Brown, his staunch pro 2nd amendment defender, who my husband and I and a husband of one of Phillip's targets spent far too much time arguing with in gmail, is his only friend as of the creation of the pdf.)

(6-13-2014) he has a third new profile:

Stallings blocked me from that third profile preemptively before I even knew about it. Sounds repentant doesn't it?
(end 6-13-2014 addition)

this is his FOURTH profile now.

Now Joel McDurmon of American Vision is defending him:

"A note to all facebook friends re: Philip Stallings:There is too much rumor and assumption here. I have friends working with Mr. Stallings toward restoration and recovery. He has indeed had a terribly rough past, and has indeed committed grievous sins against some. However, he has repented and is working from the very bottom of society to start over. He is currently homeless, unemployed, without transportation, and not close to a good church. He does do odd jobs for money when and where he is able, and is staying with a host family on a temporary basis (thus the internet connection). Complicating his restoration is the fact that, I am told, some of his direct accusers refuse to engage in Matthew 18 process for/against him, but rather continue to allow their testimony to public forums not regulated or approved by church authorities. Those concerned with Stallings' lack of church authority ought also, therefore, to treat his accusers with the same standard. My friend Tim Brown (not a Pub member, but on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/C.Timothy.Brown?fref=ts) is working more directly with Stallings and can confirm all of this. We are working to find a good church that will counsel Stallings and help him, including rides to church, etc., until not needed. (If, however, he engages in any abuse on FB again, I will personally rebuke him, and if needed, abandon him to the world.)"

It boggles my mind how these men can be so naive.  Both TurretinFan and Larry Bray did show up on the thread to attempt to reason with Joel, in vain, but their attempts are something for which I am extremely grateful.