February 27, 2014

A Single Cure (Todd Wilken at The Bare Bulb)

Fabulous article by Todd Wilken.  Short and sweet, and oh so right.

A Single Cure

What happens when you suggest a pastor like Gary Lamb preach the gospel

Almost invariably, when a pastor who is negligent in preaching the gospel is admonished to preach the gospel, you get varying levels of this particular emotion:

It's funny how they can sit in the pulpit and tell us what we should do week after week, but if someone dares to suggest they aren't doing THEIR job, they act like a three year old. Is there any wonder why even Christian people don't respect pastors anymore? [It might be notable to remember  Gary Lamb stepped down from his position for an affair in 2009, just five years ago, but apparently back in the saddle at some "Action" (i.e. LAW based) church now.]  

Gary should turn in his pastor card for various reasons, not the least of which is having no idea what to preach in the first place.