November 2, 2014

VCY America abuse at the hands of Vic Eliason and Randy Melchert (correction)

Vic Eliason and Randy Melchert of VCY America have decided to threaten to sue Vic's kids because they aren't keeping silent about his abuse and coercion anymore. Great use of donor funds. DONORS please register your complaints about this. Melchert also attends Brookfield Baptist church. One would think Brookside Baptist (in Brookfield, WI) members might want to think twice about having their name attached to such an abusive frivolous suit.

Vic Eliason Threatens to Sue Daughters and Families (note - in the original version I said "decided to sue" which was incorrect - I knew this, but mis-"spoke." Also, I had mixed up the name of the town with the name of the church, though I had read it right initially. Brookside Baptist in Brookfield, WI, not Brookfield Baptist." Thank you to the person who corrected me!)