August 25, 2014

Mark Driscoll hires Romney Political advisor to help 'fix' his problem, possibly targeting the blogosphere, yet deafening silence from Evangelical talking heads regarding the abused

This analysis is spot-on from The Wartburg Watch
Mark Driscoll: 9 Pessimistic Predictions For Those Under the Bus
These are my predictions. I hope that I am wrong. For those of you who need a quick catch up on the Driscoll dilemma, here is an article written yesterday by the Vox.

1. Mark Driscoll will be back in business in fairly short order. If you don't like it, you will be the new problem.

On Sunday, Mark Driscoll, with wealthy, evangelical Public Relations guru, Mark DeMoss, sitting in the audience, began his comeback. Make no mistake about it. Driscoll is going nowhere except back to the pulpit after 6 weeks of some R&R and image building. Get prepared. It is going to be quite a ride.
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If this prediction especially #3 about the Robert DeMoss PR firm targeting the blogosphere and other critics comes to pass, wouldn't it be ironic to see Christians, who claim they want to stop being silenced by the media, leading the charge against freedom of speech against other Christians?  We've already seen it with Ergun Caner and others large and small.

(NOTE:  The only way to combat this is for everyone to be unafraid to blow the cover off bullies and their behind the scenes threats and scare tactics immediately when you are threatened, and refuse to comply.  En masse.  Please don't let these people intimidate you.)