May 23, 2014

Peacemaker Ministries - Tim Butler's experience

I just read through this multi part story about one young seminarian Tim Butler and his experience at his church with "Peacemaker Ministries."

Worth a read, familiarize yourself with how the enemy operates within the camp to cause division and enable corrupt leadership:

Unfolding My Story: The Dangers of Peacemakers

Unfolding My Story: Church Abuse and Trust

Unfolding my story: Twisting Scripture  HUGE RED FLAG - excerpt:
Consider when Peacemaker asks , “Why a Peacemaking Team?” Here is part of their answer:
Because God calls his children to serve their leaders and to advance their vision to build his church. (Emphasis is Peacemaker's.)

Unfolding my story: Propaganda  excerpt:
Once people started to learn what was happening to me and my family at our old church, some people stepped up to try to help. This did not serve to cause the pastor to rethink his actions, but to annoy him — he complained to me, and, in fact, to the councils one night, about how he was having to waste time “explaining” things to people who were concerned about what he was doing to me. By “explaining,” it turned out, he meant convincing people that the things they were doing to me were not happening at all. If someone questioned an action that was harder to conceal, such as why the church would go to my seminary and jeopardize my work there, the questioner was told, for example, that the church was really trying to “help” me by getting “counsel” for me.

Like the word abuse I discussed earlier, at first I hesitated to call what the pastor was doing “propaganda.” But to call it something else, I have realized, is to help conceal really ugly actions that are continuing to be deployed to abuse more people at that church and churches like it.

After reading those, it seems like it would be better known as "the Enforcer Ministry for Purpose Driven Pastors" or something along those lines.