May 20, 2014

Article about Tullian Tchividjian blasting TGC for their defense of Mahaney in the SGM scandal mysteriously pulled, (then reposted)

(note 6-22-2015): I have since come to the conviction that even though I don't believe all the critiques of Tullian are fair, they do have some good points. Tullian's message has been going off the rails for a while and his associations and messages are getting more vague. He seems to have gone from assuming the gospel to assuming the law.)

(NOTE 8:37am Central, May 21, 2014: apparently the article is back up as of three hours ago   here is the author's explanation:

so, apparently at this point, false alarm re the Evangelical Industrial Complex, which is good news.  They certainly still could pull a stunt.)

An article posted tonight on the Christian Post in which Tullian Tchividjian was quoted as being critical of The Gospel Coalition handling of C J Mahaney has already been pulled. I wonder why? Is the Evangelical Industrial Complex rearing its ugly head again?

Perhaps the world will never know.

link to google cache:

I also saved a pdf copy because eventually that cache will disappear.
Tchividjian added that he was "pretty disturbed" when Don Carson, Kevin DeYoung, and Justin Taylor published a statement on TGC website in May 2013 which defended Mahaney, saying that it looked "like the good-old boys club covering their own."

"I thought it was premature. I thought it was insensitive. I communicated with the guys who wrote this statement that I was disappointed, that I thought it was unwise and premature and that they needed to clarify that their statement was not a statement from The Gospel Coalition, per se, but was their own personal statement," Tchividjian explained. "There were some of us on the coalition, or who were associated with it, who didn't want to be associated with their defense of C. J.," he continued. "I've just been sort of disgusted by the whole thing."
Regarding the theological issue of his supposed "antinomian" tendencies:

Yet while "no one from The Gospel Coalition formally reached out to me or questioned anything I ever posted or asked me to clarify anything I ever posted," Tchividjian noted that he began to feel a shift in the site's theology and how his doctrine was being received based on what other contributors were posting.

"I was told the other day that conversations about me and about what I had been saying had been going on for a year, which I didn't know about until the other day," said Tchividjian.
"My frustration was, I was never reached out to, called or emailed from any of the powers that be, saying, 'Hey listen, there are a couple of us that have some questions that have been raised, would you care to clarify?' said Tchividjian. "Or ask me questions! Or even invite me to this meeting, if my name was on the docket!"

Billy Graham's grandson said that he was also frustrated that he had never received personal feedback or criticism about the content of his posts from TGC leadership, saying that the thrust of everything he wrote was about God's grace and had never been "harsh" or "divisive." -- source

That's his problem.  He didn't call heretics brothers in Christ, and call anyone who disagreed Nazis and racists.  That's what he should have done if he wanted a warm send-off from The Gospel Coalition.

Interesting that the guy they are all labeling "antinomian" is the one who is actually (at least in this article) blasting people for their sinful handling of this sex abuse and the ensuing cover up scandal, while they sit around making like nothing is wrong with what they're doing and pretending they're all about obeying the law. Right. So who's the antinomian again?

(disclaimer - I myself have some reservations about Tullian, but these people are being ridiculous at this point.  Steve Lawson's blatant twisting of Tullian's words at Shepherd's Conference 2014 was unconscionable, but I guess it's ok for a well respected pastor to misrepresent and essentially lie about people if he disagrees with them.)