November 30, 2013

Heh, heh.... someone really needs to do something like this as a running update....

The Best Dumbest Excuses Made by Plagiarists (please excuse the crass language - it's a secular article.)

How many of those excuses were used on Janet's Nov 21 show by Mark Driscoll?

Posted by Chris Rosebrough

November 25, 2013

Carl Trueman Weighs In Briefly And Brilliantly Re Janet Mefferd and Mark Driscoll

I've been following the Mefferd interview of Driscoll and in some respects I can see why SOME people who haven't known the context might think Janet was badgering him.  However, keep in mind that Driscoll came right out of the starting gate in the interview lying and obfuscating about what actually happened at Strange Fire.  That doesn't score him any points with Janet or anyone who has bothered to analyze the facts from both sides.

Then throughout the rest of the interview he is rather dismissive about his own culpability in the plagiarism issue, playing Barak Obama "oh maybe it was changed during the editing process" and throwing maybe someone else under the bus for his own misdeeds. (Seems to be standard operating procedure for Driscoll.)

Carl Trueman has weighed in with this short article:

If the Top Men take over, who will ask the hard questions? 
The Mefferd-Driscoll controversy points to another aspect of celebrity culture: celebrities are routinely allowed to behave in ways which would not be tolerated in ordinary mortals. For example, being drunk on the job and hurling abuse at an employer would make one unemployable in the real world. Not for Charlie Sheen. A conviction for rape would be enough to have you characterized as a monster in the real world who had forfeited the right to sympathetic media exposure. Not for Mike Tyson or Roman Polanski (just ask that champion of women's rights, Whoopi Goldberg). In short, normal rules do not apply to celebrities in the same way as they do to others.

The same is true in the celebritydrome of the evangelical subculture. Driscoll is a classic case in point. For example, he has claimed that God gives him explicit images of the sexual sins of other people. He has embraced prosperity teacher and denier of the Trinity, T. D. Jakes, as a brother. He has written an explicit book on sex. Most recently, he engaged in a cringe-inducing publicity stunt unworthy of a spoiled teenager. For most of us, any one of these things would have ended in church discipline and (in the Jakes' case) removal from office. Yet in all of this, the fan base and those with a vested interest in capitalizing on his success grant him free pass after free pass.
Read more at Carl Trueman's blog post

I also noticed someone reminded Janet on twitter about a contentious interview and similar "they were MEAN to me" spin/fallout from 2012 with Justin Brierly on Unbelievable radio.

Here is the podcast

and here is a decent summary