August 31, 2013

There is Only One HERO in the story -- Steve Green

A blogger friend of mine posted this excellent reminder today, from Steve Green.

Only One Hero in the Story   (her observations on Steve's comments were right on as well, feel free to check them out at the link there.)

Steve Green comments, before his song:
God did a real …something in me early on, and it was a genuine work of God, but my only way of understanding how to deal with it was just to promise God I was going to do better. And so a lot of my life has been spent, even my public life, wanting to make an impressive record for myself. Wanting to be just the best Christian artist there ever was. And be, you know, prove to God and to the world "I'm really good!" And I'm not. And the trouble is that 'impressiveness' works in the church. It just does. People are impressed. If they find out that I memorized the book of Romans, they go "Wow!" Which I did, and I got a lot of wows. Now, granted, I would tell people that my real motivation for doing it was I wanted to hide God's word in my heart and that's partly true. But it's also true that I wanted to build an impressive record for myself.

Well, a bunch of years later now, 30 years later, my only story is, I just don't have a good record. And that's why I have to have the record of another. And that's Jesus. And I've discovered there's only one hero to any story. And in all of our stories. You know, I'm getting ready to sing a song on faithfulness. But if there is any shred of faithfulness in my life, it is only The Faithful One, not me! How many, we talk about, 'help thou my unbelief!' How many times I have just doubted God, and operated in unbelief! And he remains faithful. We sang about 'All he needs is a few good men' while I sit there thinking "Oh God, I'm not that!" But he is good FOR us and good IN us. And is changing us and causing us to be good for his glory.

So the hero of our story is Jesus. And I love singing the songs you wrote John, but I can't let myself be painted in any better light than I am, or any bigger picture than I am, cuz I just … ain't.

August 30, 2013

Chris Pinto’s Libel Against Alan Kurschner and Brannon Howse’s Promotion of it EXPOSED

Chris Pinto’s Libel Against Me and Brannon Howse’s Promotion of it EXPOSED
Alan Kurschner takes another good swipe at Brannon and Chris P.

I say great!  Go get him guys!  What was said in those two programs was actually very good and necessary. I'm sure Brannon will be kicking Chris Rosebrough off the team ASAP.

But I do find it odd what was overlooked... that neither mentioned the ongoing behind the scenes onslaught against Christine Pack.  Pack was equally slandered repeatedly and blatantly by Pinto at Brannon's request.   Neither Alan K or James White have anything to fear from these out-of-control, paranoid narcissists, but Brannon is actually talking about getting Pack's  pastor to discipline her. (Originally I said he was demanding church discipline but I don't know that for sure so I changed it to reflect this statement he made:)

So Christine Pack is actually under the threat of having real life effects from Brannon's bullying at the local church level.  He is actually considering attempting to separate her from her church family (speaking of unbiblical divisiveness). In effect he is carrying out a Purpose Driven Ousting from the neighboring state.

So when these guys defend us lower life forms cursed with two X chromosomes maybe I'll be a little more impressed.

Oh, and Bill "my-dracula-fangs-used-to-grow-like-the-male-sexual-response,-no-really!" Schnoebelen has now decided to add his august and very credible voice to the ongoing gang banging being carried out on Christine Pack.

Could We Be Scriptural Please – Just Once?? Unfounded, Unscriptural Personal Attacks on Ministers of the Gospel By William Schnoebelen ©2013
First, she attacks my testimony. It is – admittedly – hard to believe unless you have been steeped in the occult or have knowledge of its dark world. These types of attacks have happened repeatedly since 1987, coming from those who are unfamiliar with our ministry and the fact that all of my past has been documented and witnessed by numerous people. YET no one has been able to provide serious proof that I have EVER lied or deceived the Body of Messiah about ANYTHING. Just to say something is “unbelievable” does not make it a lie! Our Abba can do anything! Save ANYONE! Miracles still happen every day. I count myself doubly blessed to be not only saved, but also called to minister!
Nope  no one at all has been able to provide 'serious proof.'  Just the Tanners:
COVERING UP SYNEx-Satanist Brings Confusion to Mormons and Their Critics

(note as of 2-24-2015: I am no longer a Pirate Christian supporter.  On 9-2013 there was an update on the Ingrid/ChrisR situation - please go here:  Ingrid and Chris had reconciled.  This was a good thing.  We were all friends again.)

 Further update here:
I am no longer a Pirate Christian supporter.  Too much hypocrisy, too many double standards, too many false accusations. I apologize for all the confusion.  I pray it won't happen again.)

Do ya wanna go to the moon?

Brannon demonstrates how to Biblically put the "Discernment Divas" in their place

August 29, 2013

Chris Pinto Edits His Broadcast, Removes Comments About James White and Alan Kurschner

The original airing of Noise of Thunder seems to have been different than what is currently available.

It would seem, since this item also is uploaded to Worldview Weekend, that Brannon approved of hiding these comments.

Here is the current version of the show on Pinto's site: The Faith of Andrew Jackson

At about 19:39 into the podcast you'll hear this:

But then if you listen to the original as it was aired, this is what you hear at 19:39

So why delete this stuff?  Are Howse and Pinto that afraid of people finding Alan Kurschner's name?

Better is open rebuke than hidden love, guys.  If you're going to rebuke someone, stand by your comments and quit trying to weasel out of it.  When you act so hypocritical and then pontificate about how women should be submissive to such weasely erratic and cowardly leadership, exactly how credible do you think that is?  We are called to submit to our husbands, not you, and we are never called to remain silent in the face of evil.  And lying/obfuscation/deception is the very face of evil.

A Call for Chris Pinto to Publicly Repent and Apologize for His Slander, Talebearing and Gossip Regarding Alan Kurschner and Dr. James White

Berean Call responds re Willam Schnoebelen

Brannon invoked Dave Hunt's ministry in support of William Schnoebelen.  I had done a search for schnoebelen on their site the other day and gotten nothing.  So I sent them a note.

Unlike what Brannon seems to be saying, it sounds like they aren't too excited about him, I'm sure much to Brannon's dismay, since they link to the Jared and Sandra Tanner research (please click the images to make them larger):

 Had to break it into two screen shots because my screen is too small:

The Jared and Sandra Tanner articles from NOVEMBER 1987 and APRIL 1988

I guess Bill (B. S.) Schnoebelen must figure, like Ergun Caner, that embellishing the truth makes God look more powerful and therefore more people will be convinced.

August 28, 2013

Vic Eliason the gossiper

This morning I was listening to Brannon and Vic on Brannon's show from August 20.   He opens by reading his sanctimonous piece about Slander, Satan, and Counting it all Joy. 

I think the first paragraph that contains the complaint about William Schnoebelen is talking about Christine and maybe Jackie Alnor as well.  The second is talking about Jackie Alnor (see screen shots farther down in the middle of this post here).  I don't know that I personally would have used the gang rape metaphor, though I do think it fits and as you can see it made me LOL.

I would DEFINITELY use this metaphor however:

India: Women beaten in marketplace for sharing faith
The women, all leaders in the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-sponsored Women's Fellowship ministry, had been sharing with store owners and shoppers when one man demanded to know what they were doing. The assault began with a powerful slap to the face of one woman and continued to the others, one of whom was isolated and surrounded by five men.
And actually when this (India) story came out, quite a while before I was made aware of this particular situation, I immediately thought of this tendency of these male bloggers to gang up on a woman and beat on her in a figurative sense, sometimes using violent metaphors themselves, and commented to that effect on the Facebook page of the one who posted it. I had no idea this whole Brannon story was going on at the time.  But I also know these things seem to come at semi-regular intervals.

As you may have read in my previous post (which I actually started AFTER I started this one), Brannon takes issue with a certain blogger who uses his same reasoning about pagan symbolism in national symbols to make the case that Brannon is a Jesuit and/or a Mason.  Brannon seems to think this is horrible reasoning but yet justifies his friend Chris Pinto who seems to be making the case that Christine Pack is still a pagan idolater after all because she didn't agree 110 percent with the way he was making his case.  He made this case in his "Uproar at Ephesus" program that she and these other Christian ladies are only angry that the "pagan gods are being exposed" just like the Diana worshippers in Ephesus.

Brannon Howse's show 8-20-2013

I was forcing myself to listen to several shows by Brannon Howse lately simply because the train wreck is too irresistible.  Brannon Howse, Aug 20, 2013, on his radio show before he talked to "veteran broadcaster" Vic Eliason, read his article "Slander, Satan, and Counting it all Joy"

The article complains about a blogger who Brannon asserts is an anti-semite because they believe the star of David is a pagan symbol (kind of a stretch there, Brannon - just because someone believes the Star of David came from a pagan source does not make them an anti semite, but maybe that little bit of logic is too much for Brannon.  That would be EXACTLY like saying Brannon and Chris P are Anti-American because they keep making the case that there are pagan symbols used in the flag, the US Seal, the currency, and founding documents and architecture of this country.)

The same blogger makes the case that Brannon is a Jesuit because he often wears "Masonic" blue ties and because he has a Fleur de Lis decorated lamp. Well who knows.  Everyone important is a Mason these days.  Chris Pinto said everyone important was a mason in those days.  What's the difference?  I doubt Brannon is one, but stranger things have happened.  He's certainly not a very good one.  Masons are much more charitable and friendly (at least outwardly) than Brannon, on the whole.  My godparents were Masons. In fact my godfather was a Shriner.  His wife was a daughter of the Eastern Star.  None of us knew anything was wrong with that until later.  They were very nice upstanding people who didn't turn and publicly savage their friends. It's part of their code, putting forth a good image for the world.   Brannon doesn't fit the upstanding, well-disposed and benevolent image. But I digress.

As far as the fleur de lis lamp, Brannon wastes no time in the article in blaming his wife for that lamp, (just in case...?) and then goes on to explain away the fact that many pagan organizations have used that symbol.  It has also been associated with the Virgin Mary (Says so somewhere on that page).  So I guess that makes Brannon a Jesuit / Roman Catholic / Marian idolater for sure now!  I wonder if he decorates for Christmas... hmmmm.....

(NOTE: That is what is known as 'tongue in cheek,' or maybe 'satire' - just to be clear.  I don't want another humorous statement to go right over Brannon's and/or his supporters' heads.)

August 26, 2013

Not only Christine Pack, but Chris White

Brannon Howse Threatens To Sue Me Over Debunking Video

disclaimer: I do not know Chris White and since I'm amillenial, I probably disagree with him on eschatology too. However, this fight Brannon picked seems really extremely petty (speaking of "pettiness" which he claims motivated those who consider Chris Pinto a dubious source at best). He calls exposing a fraud Bill Schnoebelen secondary or a 'side' issue, but apparently the number of minutes Chris White ended up using in his video, all in accord with fair use, is of PRIMARY importance here. This kind of fraudulent claim is what people like Benny Hinn do to silence their critics.

I heard that Brannon had Vic Eliason on the other day talking about the Biblical justification for Christians suing each other over such things, and I'm trying to verify this.  From what I was told, Brannon and Vic Eliason are trying to make the case that if in their opinion the person isn't acting like a Christian, their profession should be disregarded and you can go ahead and sue them.  I will try and find the pertinent information but for now consider that tentative. -- addition 8-28-2013 I cannot locate this audio, I was told now that it was last spring possibly, and I have no access to the situation room nor am I going to give Brannon one red cent for access. If someone has this audio and can pass on this information to me that would be great. [added 830-2013 - I  have heard from a few people now that they heard this reasoning by Brannon and Vic also when it occurred, possibly sometime in the spring of 2013, which might coincide with Brannon's opening a lawsuit in February against one Jeremy Locke of Christian Media Limited Co, for Breach of Contract.

(addition 9-11-2013 - a friend took a look at the docket details on the court site.  It appears that the motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction was struck on the 6th of September and the next motion is the 13th.  It also appears that the total amount paid to Mr Jeremy Locke was $288. 50.  One would think attorney fees and court fees would be substantially more than that and so $288.50 would be hardly worth suing anyone over.)  [Yes, this source page says "not an official document," but if you go and plug in the information to the Shelby County TN Circuit court site  and click "display case information and activities" for case CT-000588-13, you'll find the case info on the official site.](end addition 9-11-2013)

(added 10-2-2013 - the $288.50 was probably the fee to open the case, sorry, my bad. Also, here is a notice in the local paper for the court proceedings. If you are a subscriber to the memphis online paper you can view the details

However, I do find an odd similarity between Brannon's behavior and this guy's behavior:
Ergun Caner has sued WitnessesUntoMe

(And yes I am aware that Brannon insists he didn't threaten Chris White, but then why did he say "so you must have a lot of money stashed away to to be able to avoid the legal challenge I guess uh"? To what legal challenge was he referring?)

Full text of emails between Brannon and Chris White so that you can see Brannon actually did make the threat, so he is lying again:

Brannon claiming that Chris was "blowing" and "arrogant" in the email exchange

August 23, 2013

Brannon Howse turns rabid on Christine Pack (added more links and audio links 8-26-2013)

It's unreal how systematic this is, Brannon is alienating everyone who has any credibility by turning his pirate cannons... er... I mean his World View Weekend Warship on anyone who would dare disagree with him... but only if they're women.
There were actually compliments paid to Pinto, though there were some criticisms that there are pitfalls to an over-emphasis on certain conspiracy theories and symbols. I found it to be a healthy discussion that actually deserves a wider hearing and further conversation. How do we accurately represent real history in a way that does not lead to fear mongering and/or spin off into speculative theories? Is it possible that Christians can obsess to the point they are better versed in supposed global networks (Bildebergs, Rothchilds, Illuminati, etc.) than they are in Scripture?

It's a shame that Chris Pinto did not join in the discussion (he indicates now that he was aware of it going on) for I'm sure that Christine Pack would have welcomed his input. I would have liked to have seen such a dialog take place, particularly in regard to our Christian witness. That seemed to be of particular concern to both Pack and Montenegro.
As I have heard Pinto encourage that we should always place our trust in Christ and should not be fearful, I think he would have enhanced the discussion. Incidentally, the commenters were comprised of both men and women. Hardly the gaggle of gossipy tale-bearing women as Brannon has tried to frame it.

Brannon is not interested in honest discourse on his program, website, or FB page. He is interested in a fan club. If you merely question a particular statement or teaching of one from his inner circle, you are 'attacking a Christian brother' and must be vanquished, either by deletion/blocking or ridicule on-air or online. Yet I have heard him rail in the most incoherent manner toward others and he calls it, 'calling out false teachers'. That is why his first reaction to Christine's thread is that she is 'attacking his ministry'.
In contrast, we have the childish response of Brannon Howse, who resorted to name calling and ad hominem attacks. To claim that Christine is a bad wife, bad mother, and runs an ungodly household was quite beyond the pale and won him few points among his readers/listeners, both male and female. He impugned a homeschooling mom 'where she lived' and he did so viciously. But as Chris Pinto stated in his 8/19/13 podcast at NOTR, it is wrong to make accusations without proof. Does Brannon Howse have demonstrable evidence for his claims? Did he install a spy cam in the Pack family home? Did he hire a private investigator to follow the Pack children around? Are there photos that depict her kids running around with scissors, emaciated, shoeless, and playing in traffic? The person who could provide reliable testimony on such matters is Christine's own husband, who came to his wife's defense on Brannon's FB page. His comments which sought reconciliation with Howse were summarily deleted and blocked. At this point, Brannon has deleted so many comments (anyone who disagrees, even Scripture quotations) that his threads are now incomprehensible.
Read more at Tale Bearing "from house to Howse" - Observations of a 'Perfect Storm' of Accusation

It gets even weirder after that....

August 8, 2013

Warren and Mohler: BFF?

Here we go again:

I seem to remember there are some guidelines about protecting reputation for pastors that circulate around, about not being seen alone with women and not embracing women because a single photograph can start all kinds of rumors. So how about hugging and posing like best buds with popular heretics and wolves in sheep's clothing? I guess that's OK.

I guess Al must have apologized for his remarks about megachurches. (note, in that article it also mentioned that Al criticized Andy Stanley.  So, sometime soon I figure we'll see Andy and Al in a pose like that.

Don't any of these guys ever learn?  We're sick of their good old boys' network.  It's so transparent how they use each other. When they do a little token criticism of someone, when they do it rightly and a little wolf aroma or wolf fur is exposed, those guys who have been criticized always increase the efforts to stroke the ego of the one criticizing, so that they will feel friendly toward the wolf and help them to cover up the wolf fur with fleece again.  It's all for show.  Mohler criticizes megachurches weakly, Warren demands an apology, they get together and show us they've reconciled.  What a cheap shallow counterfeit of real Biblical reconciliation.

Remember this?
Michael Horton and Rick Warren: BFF?
(disclaimer: I do still like and listen to White Horse Inn. He hasn't often done this sort of silly stuff and his message, as far as I can tell, is still solid.)

“Let us flee, for the enemy of the truth is inside!!”