March 26, 2013

Former Muslim critiques the Bible Miniseries

I was shown this excellent article this morning which points out exactly why the foreshadowing/prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament, which were conspicuously left out of the Vatican Bible miniseries, are so essential:
March 7, 2013
The 'Holly' Bible
By Hassan Nurullah
As a Muslim, I was taught to believe that Jesus was a prophet – But when confronted with the reality of the vast number of Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ that were 100% fulfilled in the person of Jesus in the New Testament, I had to ask myself a very important question.

If the Holy Bible (in the Old Testament) was prophetically 100% correct in foretelling the first coming of Christ and as no historian, (that is not on the fringe at least) secular or otherwise disputes the historicity of the person of Jesus, wouldn't it be logical to assume the Holy Bible likewise correct regarding His return?

This compelled me to seek after Christ for no other reason beyond self-preservation. When I found Him and understood how much God loved me through Christ Jesus, I loved Him! This is what is meant by: "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Christ is the Word! Christ is the Message in both Old and New Testaments!

Which is why I am so sorely disappointed in the History Channel's mini series titled "The Bible." In removing all of the foreshadows and types of Christ from the Old testament narrative, as this mini series did in what I saw of it, it does exactly what a Facebook friend, Bolo Fifth Column Cheung said:

"God can use anything, yes. But so can the enemy. The enemy is a roaring lion seeking for someone to devour. Or rather, how about the parable of the sower – the enemy is the bird – quickly devouring the seed. The problem with such programming is that it is WITHOUT the Word. It is not evangelical. It is academic. It fills the head with knowledge but not with the conviction for salvation."

Conviction starts in the heart, it is the heart that must change. Without the head making the proper connections, you never get to the heart. This is why Scripture says:"But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Hebrews 11:6
Read more at RenewAmerica

March 18, 2013

The Bible Mini Series - Something HUGE Is Missing From The Last Supper!

This is jaw dropping. I added it to my compilation of links, but this is worth its own post.

Something HUGE Is Missing From The Last Supper

the direct link to's post on the subject is here

One does not even have to comment to see the blasphemy in what is MISSING here.

Btw, Jim Wallis thinks this series is great.  After all he was also consulted.  Great. Just great. I don't remember that being mentioned in the list of consultants on their website:

Compilation of links - Good Bible Mini-series Critiques (UPDATED LINKS)

(I will keep adding links as I find them. I just added three Wretched  audio links from March 4, 5 and 18) and a link about a former Muslim who came to Christ because he saw the prophecies about Christ in the Old Testament.

In the Bible miniseries' portrayal of the sparing of Rahab in the conquest of Jericho, Scott Diekmann observes (emphasis added):"The closest we come to Jesus is the mysterious angel of the Lord, and Joshua shouting after the conquest “He truly is the Savior of the world.” Joshua says “God has kept His promise. If we obey the Lord, anything is possible.” Thus a familiar theme is restated, a quid quo pro relationship with a God where the magic word is obedience. "

This false teaching is epidemic in what is called the Christian church today.  It's not just in this one part of the Bible miniseries but it is littered throughout the series so far.  Paul had strong things to say, particularly in the book of Galatians, about those who would add one work of obedience to salvation.  So don't complain about us being too harsh.

Read more of Diekmann's article here

and....Here's a long list of good reviews:

Former Sovereign Grace founder calls for separation from C J Mahaney

Sola Sisters had posted this a while ago but I missed it:

Former Sovereign Grace Ministries Founder Calls For Christian Leaders To Separate From CJ Mahaney Due To Class Action Sex Abuse Case

Brent Detwiler, one of the Sovereign Grace Ministries founders, has called for prominent Christian leaders to separate from Sovereign Grace Ministries pastor C.J. Mahaney due to an ongoing sex abuse class action lawsuit that has been brought against Sovereign Grace Ministries. Mahaney, who is currently a member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and The Gospel Coalition, is a well-known speaker at Christian conferences, and is scheduled to speak at the upcoming Gospel Coalition National Conference, scheduled for April 8-10 in Orlando, Fl.

Some of the leaders Detwiler has called upon to separate from Mahaney are John Piper, Voddie Baucham, Mark Driscoll, Al Mohler, Mark Dever, Paige Patterson and Ed Stetzer.
Please see the additional resources and source links they have posted at their blog

March 8, 2013

Brent Detwiler and the Sovereign Grace Lawsuit on Janet Mefferd's show

Janet Mefferd featured Detwiler on her show here

I notice a few more people are catching on such as Sola Sisters who have written well (as usual) on the subject.

The Sola Sisters lament that no one is speaking publicly, but perhaps they are speaking to Mahaney privately.  I would just say privately isn't good enough.  Pastors need to speak out publicly.  It is not an option.  Mahaney has sinned against a LARGE NUMBER of the Lord's flock.   This is not a private issue.

And "kindly" and charitably isn't good enough either.  This is an issue for strong, certain rebuke.  But we have seen the need for strong and certain rebuke come and go before, with none forthcoming.  So I won't hold my breath. 
(they have a lot of good informational links there as well, please check it out)

That’s the best I personally can hope for, I don’t expect any who stuck their necks out and rebuked the complacent will get any apology from those who made accusations of being discernment divas, complaint blogs, etc... let alone any thanks from anyone but perhaps the victims for fighting to wake up the slumbering hirelings. I guess thanks from the movers and shakers was never my motivation though, so unfounded criticism from them isn't really a big deal for me either.

Still, the silence regarding Mahaney and SGM's refusal to bring criminal charges against sex criminals (making themselves criminally negligent with their misuse of 1 Cor 6) is deafening. WHERE ARE THE MEN?

They ought to be ashamed.  But no, they've actually circled the wagons AROUND Mahaney and heaped insult upon injury to those who have been abused under their leadership. God help us. Useless hirelings, these men.

John Piper, who fawns equally over Rick Warren, is a stellar case of dubious discernment, if ever there was one:
John Piper's unqualified endorsement of CJ Mahaney Breaks Hearts

Will anyone rebuke John Piper THIS time,  in no uncertain terms,  for his (what is this... fourth, fifth?  I've lost count) endorsement of a sinning/errant brother?  Anybody?  Anybody?

March 6, 2013

UPDATE Google, Chrome, Firefox and censoring access to Stand Up for the Truth?

Stand up for the Truth's website seems to be back online and off the blacklist. (3-8-2013 10:25 am central time) Even with 'enable Phishing and Malware protection" enabled, Chrome doesn't give any warnings. Thank you google for fixing that. (end update)

Stand up for the Truth radio program has a website which I tried to visit this morning to read the story about Bill O'Reilly comparing Bible believing Christians to Jihadis.

This is what I got:

Safari search results:

After clicking on the google search result:

It doesn't allow you any way to ignore this frivolous warning.  You have to go into your preferences in FireFox and disable "block reported attack sites."  Then it allows it through.

March 4, 2013

Steadfast Lutherans has a SUPER Episode #1 Bible Miniseries review

Pastor Scheer had issued a caution before the Book of Abraham  er... Bible mini series aired:
The Bible – new TV series on History Channel.
Waiting to see, but consider a warning…
February 28th, 2013Post by Pastor Joshua Scheer

And now he has a most excellent review out for the first installment.

Read it here:
The Bible – Night One review…
March 4th, 2013Post by Pastor Joshua Scheer

One of the opening descriptions of this series really captures the problem of the series – it is centered on man. The opening said these things about the Bible: it “helps define who we are, the choices we make, how we live, how we love, how we struggle and overcome.” In other words, the Bible is not about Jesus (Gospel), it is about us and how we are to be (LAW). That is a very dangerous and erring view of the purpose of Sacred Scripture.
Read more at Steadfast Lutherans

(UPDATE) More links from Steadfast Lutherans

The History Channel’s The Bible, Parts 3 & 4: Fire the Narrator -- by Scott Diekmann

Great Stuff found on the Web — A Thought on The Bible series -- Norm Fisher

Keep Watch For The Theological Underpinnings Of Word-Faith Tenets In The History Channel’s “The Bible” - Matt Richard

The 10 Plagues in THE BIBLE Mini-Series

March 3, 2013

The Bible? Oh I didn't read the book I just saw the movie!

Pretty much everyone's heard of the new miniseries about the Bible being shown this week on the History Channel.  We spent some time watching the previews there and the interviews with the actors.  The lady playing Rahab was raised Catholic and had no idea who Rahab was when she was cast. All I can say is... Oy vey.  My 13 year old could tell you who Rahab was.

I just pop quizzed him and his 14 year old friend as they sit here on the floor playing Uno.  I said "quick, who was Rahab in the Bible?"  My son said right away "She was a prostitute."  I said "what did she do?"  And he said "she hid the two spies when they came to check out Jericho."  And his friend said "she's also mentioned as being an ancestor of Christ."

Are you smarter than an 8th grader?

I have seen and heard of some really abysmal handlings of this subject by the History Channel and others in recent years.  I had hoped this would be better but I just read a couple critiques with quotes from the miniseries that has me a bit crestfallen.

Here are some critiques to keep in mind while you watch:

The Word Made . . . for Television?

The History Channel’s Bible Miniseries Mishandling of God’s Word

Mike Ratliff explains:
The scene that sealed this for me was in Peter’s boat after Jesus had him catch all those fish after he had fished all night and caught nothing. The stuff that went on in that scene is found nowhere in Scripture. Instead of Peter saying, “Depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man!” he asked Jesus what he is going to do if he follows him. Jesus replied, “Change the world!”

The idea that you could completely change the MESSAGE CONTENT and call that 'artistic license' is frankly, blasphemous.