December 16, 2013

Why the White-Pinto Debate Matters (Fred Butler at Hip and Thigh)

Fred Butler weighs in with some great observations:
Why the White-Pinto Debate Matters
Now, in the preceding discussions leading up to the debate, those who defended Pinto’s Codex Sinaiticus conspiracy theory painted it as just a secondary issue among Christians. Sort of like amillennialist disagreeing with premillennialist as to how we are to interpret Revelation 20. In fact, in his opening statement, Pinto made the point to say the debate was an in-house disagreement between brothers in the Lord.

If we mean “secondary” in the sense that believing Pinto’s codex conspiracy is the same as teaching a false gospel, well of course I’d agree with him. But declaring the subject matter of this debate a “secondary” issue does not mean it is unimportant...
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