October 6, 2013

Janet Mefferd "Why Speaking the Truth In Love is not Slandering Christ's Bride" (a response to Joe Carter of TGC)

Janet Mefferd has a great response to yet another nameless, broad brush, useless whine about slander by Joe Carter of the Gospel Coalition:

Why Speaking The Truth in Love Is Not ‘Slandering Christ’s Bride’

What’s more troubling, however, is how nonspecific Carter is in making his accusations. What’s the purpose of the article? Who, exactly, is out there “slandering Christ’s Bride” by saying that “no one” in the church is talking about a particular issue? “Slandering Christ’s Bride” is a very serious charge, one that shouldn’t be leveled carelessly. So if Carter believes that a Christian out there is actually slandering other Christians — that is, intentionally making damaging remarks against their character for the purpose of defaming them — doesn’t he have the biblical and journalistic responsibility to name names and cite issues?

But let’s take an example of an issue that a few Christians actually have claimed isn’t being discussed enough in the church today: the problem of rampant sexual abuse in evangelical churches. Who has made this claim, and what has he said?

I can think of one Christian who has made this claim: Boz Tchividjian. He is a Liberty University law professor and executive director of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (G.R.A.C.E.), and he has been a stalwart voice on the silence of evangelical pastors and leaders on the subject of sexual abuse in evangelicalism.
Sounds to me like Carter is the one slandering Christ's bride by criticizing... someone?  Who?  Who exactly does this article benefit?  His article (like so many other generalized whines about things that were said which he thinks ought not to be said) is written so pointlessly and ambiguously that ANYONE can use them to attack ANYONE that has said something they don't like.  Where's the courage in that?  That's how preachers like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen speak, along with every politician trying to gather as many votes as possible.

One has to wonder why these men are so keen on not believing victims of sex abuse and believing those who have worked extensively with them.

It astonishes me that in this case, you can't even get a popular pastor (including Boz's own brother) to say IF the charges against Mahaney are true THEN Mahaney is totally guilty as a pastor of enabling abuse in his congregations, and throwing his lambs to the wolves. I would even go for THAT! But all you can get is a defense of Mahaney while accusing the rest of us of not knowing whether the accusations are true or false (because apparently no one does except those who were in the courtrooms where the abusers under Mahaney's leadership were tried).