October 8, 2013

Janet Mefferd "speaking the truth in love" response to the absurd Joe Carter part 2

Janet has had to respond again because of Joe's ridiculous twitter war with her:
Why speaking the truth in love isn’t ‘slandering Christ’s Bride’ (Part 2) 

And Peter Lumpkins has weighed in brilliantly (even though he is not a Calvinist... ;-)
Janet Mefferd on Joe Carter: Round 2--'Carter's message to Christians is SHUT UP'

Here's my message to Joe Carter:

I'm not even going to excerpt them, because I'm too busy right now. But they are definitely SPOT ON. Joe Carter is being absurd. Patently absurd. Figures of speech apparently go right over his head. Maybe he's got Aspergers or something. My in-laws remember when my husband was little, telling him to put the soda in the ice box. So he did. The ICE box. Yes, the soda exploded. Thankfully my husband has grown up and now understands how to use and interpret figures of speech in common language. Perhaps Joe never took English composition, or read a book.

I have to wonder what it's like for Carter's family and friends to try and communicate with him.  It must be exceedingly endearing to have to communicate in the extremely personal manner of Chilton manual all the time. Oy.