October 2, 2013

James Macdonald playing Spin Doctor

Harvest Bible Church is at it again, taking cues from Benny Hinn and Ergun Caner
I received an e-mail from Paul Dohse this morning alerting me to an ongoing situation he has been dealing with regarding a specific YouTube video he posted, the same video in which I posted the transcript on my blog post here.

Harvest Bible Chapel has filed a complaint against PPT with YouTube claiming copyright infringement. The complaint concerns the infamous, and haughty video by James MacDonald and four of his elders.

The video was originally posted at the Harvest Bible Chapel website.  It is important to note that HBC is currently on a scrubbing mission which we call “damage control,” in spiritual abuse vocabulary.  This is a common control tactic we see by spiritual abusers. It is to be expected, sadly.

Boy all these guys play from the same playbook don't they? It used to be that only TBN and company could be counted on to bully and threaten other believers who disagree with them. Now it's "mainstream conservative evangelicals" like James Macdonald, Ergun caner, Brannon Howse, and who knows how many others who have muttered "legal action" or filed frivolous harassing complaints just to shut down dissent.

Unity! Unity!" is the hue and cry when valid Biblical criticisms are aimed at them. But we all know what they mean:

NOTE: Someone (not me) uploaded the original video which they are trying to hide to archive.org http://archive.org/details/JamesMacDonaldHarvastBibleChapel