October 20, 2013

Still thinking Tullian is an antinomian? (same old tired whine)

(note 6-22-2015): I have since come to the conviction that even though I don't believe all the critiques of Tullian are fair, they do have some good points. Tullian's message has been going off the rails for a while and his associations and messages are getting more vague.  He seems to have gone from assuming the gospel to assuming the law.)

A couple people have posted some utterly bizarre alternate universe-like posts about Tullian Tchividjian not preaching enough law and being antinomian. 

And the first commenter wasn't satisfied to critique the content, but had to mock his choice of attire as well.  (I will grant that he doesn't dress up as much as I would prefer, but that is beside the point and only serves to make the commenter look petty and foolish, because he really can't make the substantive point he would like, credibly.)

Of course, the message he's critiquing is this one from Liberate 2013

He spends plenty of time talking about the law and before 15-16 minutes in he says this:
"I've seen a lot of lives RUINED by friends and parents and whatnot when people rush past God's first word (law) to get to God's final (second) word (gospel). Let me tell you something about the Christian faith. The Christian faith is not a one word faith it's a two word faith. It'sIt's not law OR gospel, it's law THEN gospel. That's what it is and it's when we rush past God's first word to get to God's second word and the Law has not yet had a chance to do it's wrecking work the gospel is not given a chance to do its restorative work. So I remind people of the father in Luke chapter 15. The father did not fall down and wrap his arms around the son when he was leaving but as he was coming home."
I think people who have a problem with Tullian Tchividjian and call him an antinomian must be listening in an alternate universe.  Or maybe they are just so out of touch with how their own sin nature taints every good thing they do that they don't even recognize when he is preaching the law (which is at least 50 percent of the time that he's speaking in a sermon, if not more.) They don't recognize it as law because they don't recognize their own guilt for all those 'respectable sins' that he is taking pains to explain.  He's not berating the people THEY see as sinners, but he's showing THEM their sin, which they can't see until the Lord opens their eyes to it.

Accordingly, they don't recognize when it's time to give someone the gospel because they don't recognize when the law has done its killing work.  They don't recognize real repentance, but may in some cases recognize a mechanical "hoop jumping" rote version of apology or repentance.  Tullian shows us the law's impossibility.  So they don't see it as a legitimate preaching of the law, because they're used to law light being what is considered legitimate.   (This is the only best construction I can put on why they are saying it.)

The one reason they don't recognize that, is because they themselves are still in full victory mode and the law is still serving as their stepladder to glory, not the rock which fell on them to crush them and make them desperately aware of their need for Jesus, every moment, every hour of every day...  that Savior who offers us forgiveness through his precious, innocent shed blood and freely dispensed grace won at the cross.

O let your soul now be filled with gladness,
Your heart redeemed, rejoice indeed!
O may the thought banish all your sadness,
That in His blood you have been freed,
That God's unfailing love is yours,
That you the only Son were given,
That by His death He has opened heaven,
That you are ransomed as you are.

If you seem empty of any feeling,
Rejoice, you are His ransomed bride!
If those you cherish seem not to love you,
And dark assails from every side;
Still yours the promise, come what may,
In loss and triumph, in laughter, crying;
In want and riches, in living dying,
That you are purchased as you are.

It is a good, every good transcending,
That Christ has died for you and me!
It is a gladness that has no ending
There in God's wondrous love to see!
Praise be to Him the spotless Lamb,
Who through the desert my soul is leading
To that fair city of joy exceeding,
For which He bought me as I am!

October 9, 2013

Boz Tchividjian on Janet Mefferd 10-7-2013 about Sexual Abuse in the Evangelical Church

Boz Tchividjian talks with Janet about sexual abuse in the evangelical church.

Fabulous interview.

Keswick Theology: The Exhaustion Of Trying To Yield More, Surrender More, And Let Go-Let God (Matt Richards)

NOTE 3-14-2016

I have since come to realize that there are definitely problems with soft antinomianism going on in the church today. I wrote the original post here while still not seeing that problem. There certainly is a problem with hammering the law too heavily as well. But that isn't what I'm seeing in my circles at the moment.

I have since come to see that Pr Richards' messages often also lean toward the soft antinomian side of things, sadly.

Original post follows:

Keswick Theology: The Exhaustion Of Trying To Yield More, Surrender More, And Let Go-Let God

A fabulous article by Pastor Matt Richard
Have you heard of the Keswick Movement? No? I bet you have. You can tell that Keswick theology has impacted you and others when you hear a Christian ‘testimony’ like this:
I was saved when I was nine years old, and I yielded to Christ when I was nineteen.
Did you catch it? I was ‘saved’ when I was nine (step 1). I ‘yielded’ to Christ when I was nineteen (step 2). Jesus saved them, but then they surrendered, emptied, let go and let God when they were nineteen. Do you hear the two-tiered progression? Typically these testimonies end with how the person is apparently living in a completely different Christian dimension; higher and more victorious than they were before. Yes, indeed they were ‘saved’ but they also ‘surrendered.’

Keswick theology is commonly known as higher life theology. Keswick theology tries to answer the problem of sin with what is frequently called the second blessing but steers away from the perfectionism of the American Holiness teachings often found among old Methodism
read more at Steadfast Lutherans or Pastor Matt Richards' blog

related: Keswick Theology (Issues, Etc.)

October 8, 2013

In Case Anyone thinks Philip Stephen Stallings "Mr Paradox" of NC is Actually in Seminary... (ADDED EVIDENCE PHOTOS 4-6 and 4-7-2014) (UPDATE new profile for Stallings)

Google, please let me know before you remove something so that I can fix it.  The original post was removed by google, with no explanation. Another lady had hers removed from wordpress and they at least told her it was because one of the images contained a phone number.  So I censored that image and am trying again.  Hopefully it will stay up.  One of these days I need to go through and put it in chronological order.  Keep in mind every time he has been exposed and/or found a new guy to try and worm in with for credibility's sake, he has claimed repentance.

NOTE:  Tim Brown and Joel McDurmon may be mentioned in this post as giving quarter and credibility to Stallings, but since then they have publicly stated Philip is unrepentant and removed their associations with him (or else Philip did preemptively as usual).

The original publication date 10-8-2013 3:34pm central time. I made quite a few revisions and updates so this may as well be considered a whole new post. I tried to keep the added material in brackets. I ALSO want to say that I and quite a few others are very grateful for the evidence that people have provided. These are some of the incidents that we know of.  As far as we know, he only goes after Christian women.  It would seem like if he is this bent on exercising his lust and getting away with it, he may as well go pay for it with someone who isn't going to object.  And no, I am not advocating that he do this, but trying to make a rhetorical point.

[4-6-2014  There are quite a few people warning about him on Facebook these days. And whether or not you think us all gossips, at least we know that now you KNOW the truth. Now when you do see and understand it for yourself, you can remember that we who are concerned loved you enough, even though we don't know who you are, to warn you. And we love Philip enough to call him to repent of his sin, so that he might be saved. Allowing him to continue the coverup is not love, toward him or his targets, no matter what you think it is.]

There is also another UPDATED post calling for his repentance at Design of Providence: A Warning and a Call for Repentance: Philip Stallings UPDATED as of May 28-2014]

(6-13-2014) Design Of Providence took his post down because Tim Brown (site admin from www.freedomoutpost.com) told him Stallings was off Facebook and is seeking help. However, that was before the third profile showed up. Here is a pdf copy of Design of Providence's post which is the second on the page.

Design Of Providence PDF copy

ALSO, he has a third new profile:

Stallings blocked me from that third profile preemptively before I even knew about it. Sounds repentant doesn't it?  I'm not sure if he has a fourth or fifth yet.

(end 6-13-2014 addition)

UPDATE May 21, 2014
Stallings has changed his profile after Francis Turretin issued a warning to all his Facebook friends and Stallings' Facebook friends. TurretinFan has removed the post since,  (or else Facebook removed it) after Stallings deactivated his account. I am not sure why. In any case, it was there.

Stallings' new profile is now here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000675274712 - note - when I clicked on the link with my phone it takes me to my own profile and I've had others say it takes them to theirs, too. But on my computer it works. I'm not sure why.

Here's a pdf copy as of right now. As you can see, Tim Brown, (site admin at www.freedomoutpost.com,) Stallings' staunch pro 2nd amendment defender, who my husband and I and a husband of one of Phillip's targets spent far too much time arguing with in gmail, is his only friend as of the creation of the pdf. He has since added a few others, and then hidden his friends list.)

main body of post:

...Or, "How Perverts and Sex Abusers Attempt to Gain Credibility and Rise to Positions of Power in the Visible Church." [Keep in mind many are more suave and less obvious than this guy.]

If you thought he was a seminary student as he claims, well...Nope. And still his twitter page claims so as of today. Well, MAYBE he just forgot to remove that... yeah, sure, THAT must be it.


As of his latest tweet March 26, and I just took this screenshot today April 6, 2014


(note: it took him I think 2.5 to three years to remove the claim of being a seminary student)

And I have no idea what he [might be] claiming about himself on Facebook anymore but he keeps making the rounds, adding Christians to his friend list, grooming Christian women and teen girls, saying suggestive things and trying to ask for inappropriate photos. Heaven forbid anyone ever let this guy be in contact with women or children in church, but since he was in a seminary, one has to wonder if that was exactly his aim. We have plenty of perverts in evangelicalism molesting their fellow church members, thank you very much.

(today 4-6-2014)

There are a whole lot of women now who can testify to his perverse angry behavior in private messages after being told no you won't carry on a cyber-sex relationship with him or even give him your cell number. It's a crying shame that no one seems to be able to reach this man's heart with truth, enough for him to repent. If your wife or daughter has him as a friend, please be extremely careful. Don't harass the man. Just protect your family from him.

[4-6-2014 at least two women I know of have this warning on their Facebook profiles:

As mentioned above in the graphic, he has a criminal rap sheet a mile long. This is public information, and he claimed to have repented in order to get into that seminary the first time, but he keeps trying to seduce women anyway.

I started to become suspicious of him just about 2.5 almost 3 years ago. As of Fall 2013 he is 34 years old. [was almost 35, turned 35 Dec 2013] But his rap sheet goes back to the year he turned 18. It includes assault, false imprisonment and credit card fraud/theft and drunk driving. Lovely.

The North American Reformed Seminary has added a disclaimer to its site because of him:
ATTENTION : Those interested in confirming the degrees of person claiming a TNARS degree or the status of someone claiming to be a student with TNARS should contact us at info@tnars.net

So if you are wondering about him, please do contact TNARS. They will tell you Philip was expelled for ethical violations. The ethical violations include things that are (cyber) sexual in nature, whether or not they will tell you the details; he was expelled after several of us brought specific evidence of his sexually, abusive, vulgar and predatory womanizing behavior to the attention of the seminary. One of us was told that was why, specifically, after being thanked by Larry for providing (without any request from Larry) more evidence to back up the claims of others who had already spoken up. I still don't know who those people were or what they said.

Stallings responded in great venom toward those of us who dared to speak up, even reportedly threatening one person over the phone. We spoke up not to make his life miserable but, on the contrary, that he might repent and also to protect others from his sin. We spoke out of concern for those who might end up under his authority in a church if we did not speak up.

This expulsion happened in Fall 2012 but I first became aware of the weirdness in January 2011. I didn't say anything to anyone until I started being asked whether I'd ever seen anything weird, suggestive, or seductive from him. I hadn't, myself, but I had seen a case, as I said, in January 2011. The girl was 17, he was 32, [4-6-2014 -- I also mistakenly told some folks that when he tried to seduce the 17 yr old he was 34, but he wasn't. He is 35 now. He was approximately 32 when he tried to seduce her in Oct-January 2011. He was born end of Dec 1978 according to his public offender information.]

She blocked him immediately before it proceeded into more blatant territory, while I just kept my mouth shut and ears open for another year and a half to see if the suspicions had been correct. And boy, were they! I did not even see the rap sheet myself until a year and a half after that first incident when a young man asked me if they'd seen any strange behavior from him. Shortly after that I either found the rap sheet or was linked to it by someone else.

So please be careful. I am saying nothing more in all of this than do not trust this man. He needs to be treated with great caution. This man should never be in a position of leadership or responsibility over, or have access to, girls or women. Especially not in a church.

Not all claiming Christ actually belong to Christ. Philip Stephen Stallings clearly does not, but I pray some day he will be delivered from his sin.

[added 4-6-2014 -In response to so many skeptics, here are some samples of the things he has sent to women. I originally refrained from posting the full bare torso selfies pictures he sent (which included his face) and the picture of his hand holding his privates, which obviously also didn't include his face. He has claimed he's not the one in the pictures that don't include his face, but when you're sending suggestive and sexual images from your account while verbally sexually harassing someone, does it really matter any more?

note the genitalia picture here was censored by author of the blog "Design of Providence," who did see the original:

Keep in mind that not all women saved their evidence and it is hard to find those who are not afraid of speaking out. Anyone who has been abused understands what that is like. They're usually so freaked out they don't know what to do, and hit delete and block, and the evidence is usually lost unless they want to unblock him. This is someone who seeks influence in Christian groups, where unfortunately predators are all too easily trusted if they say most of the right words; if this was just some nobody who wasn't seeking influence in a Christian church, I wouldn't be posting this.

I removed images and names of irrelevant people that appear in the pictures and did include names of people who were willing to allow them to be shown.

Note: European date format here (date, month, year):

Please note on this one the URL for the search term. This feisty lady had immediately posted on her wall (and tagged him) something like "Phillip Stallings why did you send me an email telling me I had beautiful breasts??" after which he claimed his drunk friend did it and hastily apologized but didn't admit he did it. He still treated everyone who questioned him abusively and had the nerve to be indignant that no one believed him after such a ridiculous track record.

This woman asked me to remove her church name so they wouldn't get hassled. You may have to click the image to enlarge it enough to read.

[Added 4-7-2014 The following is not sexual in nature, but just an example of how he treated a young lady when she expressed reservations about giving him her cell #. Keep in mind, this girl had NO idea who she was dealing with, his criminal history, or of the things that he had done to other women online. Notice the badgering, expressing hate and sarcasm, then trying to flirt and cajole, trying to keep her off balance, with the goal of wearing her down. Basically, behind the lame attempts at flirting, he wants what he wants and your concerns be damned. You should trust him because he says so. (there are 14 screen shots, sorry but it is long. I will keep them small, you will have to click on each to see the enlarged size version):

Now if that kind of wooing is attractive for you, have at it, I guess. But this kind of mindgame, especially when it's right off the bat, betrays a very dangerous undertow. [end 4-7-2014 section.]

Remember, this isn't an example of the worst he has done. At least once he has sent clear images of erect male genitalia, being fondled by the person's hand, to a woman he was hassling. I also have a copy-and-paste convo that is very similar in style to this last one, sent to a pastor's wife who TOLD him in the convo that she was married with three kids. It did not stop him. He talks with her about giving back massages and whatnot, turning the conversation suggestive repeatedly. At one point she rebukes him for sending the bare chested photo and he tells her "Look. It was just my shirt off. Chill out." Ask yourself, husbands, what you would think of a man who sent bare chested selfies to your wife?

Unfortunately that one is only in a word doc form. People don't always think of the best way to save these things in their context or don't know how to take and save a screenshot (thank you MacOS for making it so easy). But what I've posted should be plenty of evidence for anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of what it means to walk worthy of the calling to which we have been called. I've also just been informed by one lady that he was badgering her for financial help - to buy a pizza for him online when she's thousands of miles away and at best just an online acquaintance. Looking forward to receiving those screenshots hopefully soon.  He also did the same to two other men, one of whom refused, and another who did end up buying it for him (so I was told).

It's just fine, if it's done in the name of Jesus I guess! Christians are so sadly gullible.

As of an hour or so ago, Philip had posts self righteously whining about 'gossip' on his Facebook wall.  Yeah. The card every hypocrite and false teacher plays so freely when people start to catch on.

People ought to wake up to the fact that MUCH of the NT is Paul rebuking and correcting people based on reports sent to him by others. Just sayin.' No. I am not condoning gossiping. I'm condoning telling the truth about sin that needs to be dealt with, which occurs (figuratively) "behind closed doors."

So yes, I am exasperated and angry because of the sin he repeatedly commits against Christian women, and the women and men who keep blindly and emotionally defending him. If you have a problem with me showing a little bit of anger over such sick and twisted sin, you will have a lot of trouble over much of the Bible. But, I hope you have a lot more anger over the sin he is committing against your Christian sisters in secret. Those Christian sisters are part of the body of Christ, those sisters you are supposed to be caring for in Christian love.

The sad irony is, every time he claims he's being slandered, he is tacitly ADMITTING (at least to himself) that the actual deeds that are being attributed to him are very wrong, and more, he fears they may not be paid for and covered by the blood of Christ. If he believed these sins were paid for, he would have no trouble admitting to them, because Christ's perfect love casts out fear. He would admit to them and actually repent of them instead of pretending to repent, while just moving his sin to a different, still-naïve target. So, he knows full well he is sinning. He just keeps lying about it, attacking those who call him to repentance just like Ergun Caner (but with a different set of pet sins) -- multiplying the sin of bearing false witness on top of the sins of lust, anger, adultery, abuse...refusing to get help, refusing to believe there's a problem, despite the ever-widening ocean of evidence.

The evidence is plain to see for anyone who will open their eyes and quit walking by on the other side of the road lest they be stained with any hint of "gossip."

If he really has faith that his sins are covered in Christ, he won't have to hide them from everyone else, and he will confess them and get the help he needs instead of fleeing and hiding from elders who tried to bring biblical discipline. I pray some day he will.

Sadly, too many deceived people keep enabling abusers for fear of being labeled a "gossip" in the way that they have freely and ignorantly labeled everyone else. You cannot know if it's "just gossip" if you do not look into the facts. You cannot just go by your gut feeling and emotion about a person because he/she showed you his good side. He/she is not perfect, neither are you and your intuition about him, and neither is the accuser.

"And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed. But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God." John 3:19-21

Truth has nothing to fear from honest inquiry. Lovers of truth will seek the truth and not close their eyes to it.

If your friend's daughter claimed to have been sexually harassed, would you immediately tell her she's gossiping because you like the guy she claims did it? Even if she's mistaken...how would you know unless you listened and examined the evidence? If several more girls came up with the same kind of story about a man, would you be so quick to label them all gossips? (Sadly I'm afraid many would. How many stories do we see of 'family friends' who the parents trusted, who was abusing their children when they were not around? The very suggestion of gossip is apparently more dangerous to the body of Christ than sexual sin and abuse! We hear sermons about gossip all the time, but never about secret abuse or how to deal with it! Young people need to know about this subject far more than they need to be threatened about the dangers of gossip!)

There is a verse somewhere about choking on gnats and swallowing camels. Make at least a small effort to be sure it doesn't apply to you.

God, please save this man's soul and open the blind eyes that keep covering for him.]

UPDATE May 21, 2014 Stallings has changed his profile after Francis Turretin issued a warning to all his Facebook friends and Stallings' Facebook friends.

Stallings' new profile is now here:

Here's a pdf copy as of right now. As you can see, Tim Brown, his staunch pro 2nd amendment defender, who my husband and I and a husband of one of Phillip's targets spent far too much time arguing with in gmail, is his only friend as of the creation of the pdf.)

UPDATE added 8-11-2014 Latest incident mid June of this year, has him trying to flirt with a young lady, who (I think possibly already knew about his reputation) rebuffed him repeatedly. After going around and around in circles with her he finally let loose with a couple final insults (profanity ahead, sorry):

Previous warning from Joel McDurmon:

new info as of May 7, 2015 and a warning from Joel McDurmon:

Janet Mefferd "speaking the truth in love" response to the absurd Joe Carter part 2

Janet has had to respond again because of Joe's ridiculous twitter war with her:
Why speaking the truth in love isn’t ‘slandering Christ’s Bride’ (Part 2) 

And Peter Lumpkins has weighed in brilliantly (even though he is not a Calvinist... ;-)
Janet Mefferd on Joe Carter: Round 2--'Carter's message to Christians is SHUT UP'

Here's my message to Joe Carter:

I'm not even going to excerpt them, because I'm too busy right now. But they are definitely SPOT ON. Joe Carter is being absurd. Patently absurd. Figures of speech apparently go right over his head. Maybe he's got Aspergers or something. My in-laws remember when my husband was little, telling him to put the soda in the ice box. So he did. The ICE box. Yes, the soda exploded. Thankfully my husband has grown up and now understands how to use and interpret figures of speech in common language. Perhaps Joe never took English composition, or read a book.

I have to wonder what it's like for Carter's family and friends to try and communicate with him.  It must be exceedingly endearing to have to communicate in the extremely personal manner of Chilton manual all the time. Oy.

October 6, 2013

Janet Mefferd "Why Speaking the Truth In Love is not Slandering Christ's Bride" (a response to Joe Carter of TGC)

Janet Mefferd has a great response to yet another nameless, broad brush, useless whine about slander by Joe Carter of the Gospel Coalition:

Why Speaking The Truth in Love Is Not ‘Slandering Christ’s Bride’

What’s more troubling, however, is how nonspecific Carter is in making his accusations. What’s the purpose of the article? Who, exactly, is out there “slandering Christ’s Bride” by saying that “no one” in the church is talking about a particular issue? “Slandering Christ’s Bride” is a very serious charge, one that shouldn’t be leveled carelessly. So if Carter believes that a Christian out there is actually slandering other Christians — that is, intentionally making damaging remarks against their character for the purpose of defaming them — doesn’t he have the biblical and journalistic responsibility to name names and cite issues?

But let’s take an example of an issue that a few Christians actually have claimed isn’t being discussed enough in the church today: the problem of rampant sexual abuse in evangelical churches. Who has made this claim, and what has he said?

I can think of one Christian who has made this claim: Boz Tchividjian. He is a Liberty University law professor and executive director of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (G.R.A.C.E.), and he has been a stalwart voice on the silence of evangelical pastors and leaders on the subject of sexual abuse in evangelicalism.
Sounds to me like Carter is the one slandering Christ's bride by criticizing... someone?  Who?  Who exactly does this article benefit?  His article (like so many other generalized whines about things that were said which he thinks ought not to be said) is written so pointlessly and ambiguously that ANYONE can use them to attack ANYONE that has said something they don't like.  Where's the courage in that?  That's how preachers like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen speak, along with every politician trying to gather as many votes as possible.

One has to wonder why these men are so keen on not believing victims of sex abuse and believing those who have worked extensively with them.

It astonishes me that in this case, you can't even get a popular pastor (including Boz's own brother) to say IF the charges against Mahaney are true THEN Mahaney is totally guilty as a pastor of enabling abuse in his congregations, and throwing his lambs to the wolves. I would even go for THAT! But all you can get is a defense of Mahaney while accusing the rest of us of not knowing whether the accusations are true or false (because apparently no one does except those who were in the courtrooms where the abusers under Mahaney's leadership were tried).

October 2, 2013

James Macdonald playing Spin Doctor

Harvest Bible Church is at it again, taking cues from Benny Hinn and Ergun Caner
I received an e-mail from Paul Dohse this morning alerting me to an ongoing situation he has been dealing with regarding a specific YouTube video he posted, the same video in which I posted the transcript on my blog post here.

Harvest Bible Chapel has filed a complaint against PPT with YouTube claiming copyright infringement. The complaint concerns the infamous, and haughty video by James MacDonald and four of his elders.

The video was originally posted at the Harvest Bible Chapel website.  It is important to note that HBC is currently on a scrubbing mission which we call “damage control,” in spiritual abuse vocabulary.  This is a common control tactic we see by spiritual abusers. It is to be expected, sadly.

Boy all these guys play from the same playbook don't they? It used to be that only TBN and company could be counted on to bully and threaten other believers who disagree with them. Now it's "mainstream conservative evangelicals" like James Macdonald, Ergun caner, Brannon Howse, and who knows how many others who have muttered "legal action" or filed frivolous harassing complaints just to shut down dissent.

Unity! Unity!" is the hue and cry when valid Biblical criticisms are aimed at them. But we all know what they mean:

NOTE: Someone (not me) uploaded the original video which they are trying to hide to archive.org http://archive.org/details/JamesMacDonaldHarvastBibleChapel