September 3, 2013

"Men And Women Are Not Equal" - Matt Walsh

Men And Women Are Not Equal
A few days ago I wrote a blog entry — a “letter to my son” — where I encouraged men to respect women and pursue healthy, monogamous relationships. Apparently, that’s what passes for “controversial” and “divisive” nowadays. The post took off like wildfire, garnering over two million views in just a few days and, while most people reacted positively to the piece, I was still inundated with volumes of incredibly vicious hate mail. I can’t wait to see how these people respond next week when I really push the envelop and write a post denouncing arson and puppy abuse.

You know me and my controversial opinions.
Read more at Matt Walsh's blog.

Ingrid Schlueter turned me on to this post this morning -- and I have to admit it was fabulous.