August 8, 2013

Warren and Mohler: BFF?

Here we go again:

I seem to remember there are some guidelines about protecting reputation for pastors that circulate around, about not being seen alone with women and not embracing women because a single photograph can start all kinds of rumors. So how about hugging and posing like best buds with popular heretics and wolves in sheep's clothing? I guess that's OK.

I guess Al must have apologized for his remarks about megachurches. (note, in that article it also mentioned that Al criticized Andy Stanley.  So, sometime soon I figure we'll see Andy and Al in a pose like that.

Don't any of these guys ever learn?  We're sick of their good old boys' network.  It's so transparent how they use each other. When they do a little token criticism of someone, when they do it rightly and a little wolf aroma or wolf fur is exposed, those guys who have been criticized always increase the efforts to stroke the ego of the one criticizing, so that they will feel friendly toward the wolf and help them to cover up the wolf fur with fleece again.  It's all for show.  Mohler criticizes megachurches weakly, Warren demands an apology, they get together and show us they've reconciled.  What a cheap shallow counterfeit of real Biblical reconciliation.

Remember this?
Michael Horton and Rick Warren: BFF?
(disclaimer: I do still like and listen to White Horse Inn. He hasn't often done this sort of silly stuff and his message, as far as I can tell, is still solid.)

“Let us flee, for the enemy of the truth is inside!!”