August 26, 2013

Not only Christine Pack, but Chris White

Brannon Howse Threatens To Sue Me Over Debunking Video

disclaimer: I do not know Chris White and since I'm amillenial, I probably disagree with him on eschatology too. However, this fight Brannon picked seems really extremely petty (speaking of "pettiness" which he claims motivated those who consider Chris Pinto a dubious source at best). He calls exposing a fraud Bill Schnoebelen secondary or a 'side' issue, but apparently the number of minutes Chris White ended up using in his video, all in accord with fair use, is of PRIMARY importance here. This kind of fraudulent claim is what people like Benny Hinn do to silence their critics.

I heard that Brannon had Vic Eliason on the other day talking about the Biblical justification for Christians suing each other over such things, and I'm trying to verify this.  From what I was told, Brannon and Vic Eliason are trying to make the case that if in their opinion the person isn't acting like a Christian, their profession should be disregarded and you can go ahead and sue them.  I will try and find the pertinent information but for now consider that tentative. -- addition 8-28-2013 I cannot locate this audio, I was told now that it was last spring possibly, and I have no access to the situation room nor am I going to give Brannon one red cent for access. If someone has this audio and can pass on this information to me that would be great. [added 830-2013 - I  have heard from a few people now that they heard this reasoning by Brannon and Vic also when it occurred, possibly sometime in the spring of 2013, which might coincide with Brannon's opening a lawsuit in February against one Jeremy Locke of Christian Media Limited Co, for Breach of Contract.

(addition 9-11-2013 - a friend took a look at the docket details on the court site.  It appears that the motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction was struck on the 6th of September and the next motion is the 13th.  It also appears that the total amount paid to Mr Jeremy Locke was $288. 50.  One would think attorney fees and court fees would be substantially more than that and so $288.50 would be hardly worth suing anyone over.)  [Yes, this source page says "not an official document," but if you go and plug in the information to the Shelby County TN Circuit court site  and click "display case information and activities" for case CT-000588-13, you'll find the case info on the official site.](end addition 9-11-2013)

(added 10-2-2013 - the $288.50 was probably the fee to open the case, sorry, my bad. Also, here is a notice in the local paper for the court proceedings. If you are a subscriber to the memphis online paper you can view the details

However, I do find an odd similarity between Brannon's behavior and this guy's behavior:
Ergun Caner has sued WitnessesUntoMe

(And yes I am aware that Brannon insists he didn't threaten Chris White, but then why did he say "so you must have a lot of money stashed away to to be able to avoid the legal challenge I guess uh"? To what legal challenge was he referring?)

Full text of emails between Brannon and Chris White so that you can see Brannon actually did make the threat, so he is lying again:

Brannon claiming that Chris was "blowing" and "arrogant" in the email exchange