August 29, 2013

Chris Pinto Edits His Broadcast, Removes Comments About James White and Alan Kurschner

The original airing of Noise of Thunder seems to have been different than what is currently available.

It would seem, since this item also is uploaded to Worldview Weekend, that Brannon approved of hiding these comments.

Here is the current version of the show on Pinto's site: The Faith of Andrew Jackson

At about 19:39 into the podcast you'll hear this:

But then if you listen to the original as it was aired, this is what you hear at 19:39

So why delete this stuff?  Are Howse and Pinto that afraid of people finding Alan Kurschner's name?

Better is open rebuke than hidden love, guys.  If you're going to rebuke someone, stand by your comments and quit trying to weasel out of it.  When you act so hypocritical and then pontificate about how women should be submissive to such weasely erratic and cowardly leadership, exactly how credible do you think that is?  We are called to submit to our husbands, not you, and we are never called to remain silent in the face of evil.  And lying/obfuscation/deception is the very face of evil.

A Call for Chris Pinto to Publicly Repent and Apologize for His Slander, Talebearing and Gossip Regarding Alan Kurschner and Dr. James White