August 23, 2013

Brannon Howse turns rabid on Christine Pack (added more links and audio links 8-26-2013)

It's unreal how systematic this is, Brannon is alienating everyone who has any credibility by turning his pirate cannons... er... I mean his World View Weekend Warship on anyone who would dare disagree with him... but only if they're women.
There were actually compliments paid to Pinto, though there were some criticisms that there are pitfalls to an over-emphasis on certain conspiracy theories and symbols. I found it to be a healthy discussion that actually deserves a wider hearing and further conversation. How do we accurately represent real history in a way that does not lead to fear mongering and/or spin off into speculative theories? Is it possible that Christians can obsess to the point they are better versed in supposed global networks (Bildebergs, Rothchilds, Illuminati, etc.) than they are in Scripture?

It's a shame that Chris Pinto did not join in the discussion (he indicates now that he was aware of it going on) for I'm sure that Christine Pack would have welcomed his input. I would have liked to have seen such a dialog take place, particularly in regard to our Christian witness. That seemed to be of particular concern to both Pack and Montenegro.
As I have heard Pinto encourage that we should always place our trust in Christ and should not be fearful, I think he would have enhanced the discussion. Incidentally, the commenters were comprised of both men and women. Hardly the gaggle of gossipy tale-bearing women as Brannon has tried to frame it.

Brannon is not interested in honest discourse on his program, website, or FB page. He is interested in a fan club. If you merely question a particular statement or teaching of one from his inner circle, you are 'attacking a Christian brother' and must be vanquished, either by deletion/blocking or ridicule on-air or online. Yet I have heard him rail in the most incoherent manner toward others and he calls it, 'calling out false teachers'. That is why his first reaction to Christine's thread is that she is 'attacking his ministry'.
In contrast, we have the childish response of Brannon Howse, who resorted to name calling and ad hominem attacks. To claim that Christine is a bad wife, bad mother, and runs an ungodly household was quite beyond the pale and won him few points among his readers/listeners, both male and female. He impugned a homeschooling mom 'where she lived' and he did so viciously. But as Chris Pinto stated in his 8/19/13 podcast at NOTR, it is wrong to make accusations without proof. Does Brannon Howse have demonstrable evidence for his claims? Did he install a spy cam in the Pack family home? Did he hire a private investigator to follow the Pack children around? Are there photos that depict her kids running around with scissors, emaciated, shoeless, and playing in traffic? The person who could provide reliable testimony on such matters is Christine's own husband, who came to his wife's defense on Brannon's FB page. His comments which sought reconciliation with Howse were summarily deleted and blocked. At this point, Brannon has deleted so many comments (anyone who disagrees, even Scripture quotations) that his threads are now incomprehensible.
Read more at Tale Bearing "from house to Howse" - Observations of a 'Perfect Storm' of Accusation

It gets even weirder after that....

This is just pretty astonishing.  I have to say I seriously feel bad that this is happening to the Sola Sisters.  They certainly don't deserve anything like this.  Once again, a discernment guy seems to be literally suffering some kind of prolonged paranoid psychotic episode and ruthlessly going after any female blogger friend that questions him and in this case, literally silencing any voices of support (be they male or female).

As far as discernment goes with these guys, women need not apply.  They are fine with 'agreeing to disagree' as long as it is some other man that has a network they can exploit.  But let a woman, especially a kind, articulate, woman who is well grounded in Scripture like the Sola Sisters are, question anything, and all hell breaks loose.  Literally.  Men seem to just lose their minds when a woman has a better grasp of Scripture than they do.  I will never understand such things.  Are men THAT insecure?  If so, is that the woman's fault?

An Open Letter to Brannon Howse

Brannon Howse: Satan, Slander, and counting it all joy which Brannon refers to on the August 20th show here He is speaking at least part of the time in this article of Jackie Alnor in this article.  (More on that below including screen shots.)

What Susan Heck Actually Said (Compared To What Brannon Howse Says That She Said) [This one just had me howling with astonishment, Brannon lying through his teeth to try and make his case against Christine more solid.  And lest anyone think this is 'gossip' or talebearing, this is just screen shots of Brannon's own posts, transcriptions of his own shows, showing how he his blatantly misrepresenting things ostensibly to buttress his flimsy case against Sola Sisters.  I am seriously aghast. I knew Brannon was this way, and I am still shocked that in the age of Ergun Caner and the Internet, even someone as addled in his thinking as Brannon Howse can't learn how to lie more convincingly.]

On This Week's Only Dividing Line

An Open Letter From Chris Pinto To Christine Pack on Her Public Attacks, Mischaracterizations, and Tale bearing About Him and His Ministry (that link seems to be down today 8-26-2013 so here is the cached version saved as a pdf and here is the google cache itself.)

(The comments there are pretty disturbingly 'yes men' flavored. I made a couple and saved screen shots, because I wouldn't be surprised if they disappear.)

Brannon linking to Phil Johnson's "First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Discernment Divas" and not getting the best feedback. (screen shot in case the comments get deleted.)

oh and look!

GONE!  Hmmm where have we seen that happen before... oh yes:

Where did Ingrid's articles go, Brannon? (UPDATED X3)

related audio (I am grabbing the files before they go into the subscription only section):
"Brannon interviews ladies Bible teacher Susan Heck. Topic: Susan shares her testimony of being a false convert and the daughter of a pastor and the wife of a pastor. Topic: The importance and vital role of being a mother. What does it mean when it says that women are saved in child bearing? Topic: The Biblical role of men and women. Topic: The sin of gossip and tale bearing as practiced by both men and women. Topic: Worldview Weekend, and Worldview Weekend Foundation to launch Women with the Master with Susan Heck in September. This weekly, one-hour radio program will be specifically for women. Brannon explains why these ministries are sponsoring this program?"

(apparently this one is directed at Pack to say that she should quit blogging and just take care of her kids, or that she's shirking her duties/stepping out of her God ordained role. It's always easy to play the sexism card when you get shown up by a woman, especially one that behaves as meekly and modestly and graciously as Christine.   8-26-2013 --> Brannon continues to deliberately misconstrue criticism he is getting about the Susan Heck interview, as if we are complaining about Susan, rather than how he is using her to browbeat a woman he doesn't agree with, and putting words in Susan's mouth to do it.)

This one is apparently not about Christine but about Jackie Alnor:

Jackie explains how Brannon twisted that into "he's endorsing Bill Schnoebelen." Comments from other people are whited out to protect their identities, especially since Brannon and Vic Eliason have been trying to come up with a Biblical justification for suing other Christians they don't like very much.  [added 830-2013 - I am trying to locate source material for this claim, but have heard from a few people now that they heard it also when it occurred, possibly sometime in the spring of 2013, which might coincide with Brannon's opening a lawsuit in February against one Jeremy Locke of Christian Media Limited Co, for breach of contract.  Yes, this source page says "not an official document," but if you go and plug in the information to the Shelby County TN Circuit court site under 'case search' on the left hand side, you'll find the case info on the official site.]

(added 10-2-2013 - Also, here is a notice in the local paper for the court proceedings. If you are a subscriber to the memphis online paper you can view the details
"Today's Show: CONFRONTING THE TALEBEARERS Chris discusses the Biblical view of gossip and talebearing, something clearly condemned by the Word of God. The Bible says, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, our neighbors and fellow believers are often found in the global online community, but the principles of right and wrong are still the same. There is no question that internet gossip has become increasingly popular, and from the secular world, it is expected that slanders and false accusations would abound. But has the practice crept into the Christian community? If so, how do Christians recognize the boundaries? What is the difference between true discernment and murmuring against others?"

(8-26-2013 This was truly an abysmal program.  I transcribed large portions of it and will post them later in a separate post)
Today's Show: UPROAR AT EPHESUS Chris discusses the events of Acts chapter 19 in light of the current uproar on the Internet concerning recent events. Could there be a parallel? The apostle Paul was preaching in ancient Ephesus and denouncing the false gods worshiped there. As a result, those who objected were stirred up to attack and denounce the followers of Christ who spoke against the idols. The scripture tells us that our real battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). Could these same powers be at work for the purpose of sowing discord and confusion?

(8-26-2013 This was also truly an abysmal program with many outright lies about Christine.  As with the above, I transcribed large portions of it and will post them later in a separate post)

Links about William Schnoebelen:
James White examines Schnoebelen's KJV Only arguments:

Jerald and Sandra Tanner's articles on Schnoebelen which James White mentions in the above link:

A man named David Blaine (not the magician) examines Schnoebelen

also mentioned as a source when examining Ed Decker here

So basically we have an Ergun Caner being used for source material here, just substitute Jihdai muslim with the Satanist, and Pinto and Brannon don't want to entertain any questions about the authenticity of the man's claims, just like those who stuck their heads in the sand about Caner because he was bringing in nickels and noses.