August 29, 2013

Berean Call responds re Willam Schnoebelen

Brannon invoked Dave Hunt's ministry in support of William Schnoebelen.  I had done a search for schnoebelen on their site the other day and gotten nothing.  So I sent them a note.

Unlike what Brannon seems to be saying, it sounds like they aren't too excited about him, I'm sure much to Brannon's dismay, since they link to the Jared and Sandra Tanner research (please click the images to make them larger):

 Had to break it into two screen shots because my screen is too small:

The Jared and Sandra Tanner articles from NOVEMBER 1987 and APRIL 1988

I guess Bill (B. S.) Schnoebelen must figure, like Ergun Caner, that embellishing the truth makes God look more powerful and therefore more people will be convinced.