July 4, 2013

What an abuse victim would say, if she found the strength (G.R.A.C.E.)

Dear Pastor: What she would say if she found the strength

It's too bad these Christian lawyers are doing the work of nearly every Christian broadcaster, almost all of the big name bloggers and talking heads and popular pastors in the nation.  Shameful.  Seriously shameful.

And the cycle of sin sickness in the church just continues, because rather than speak out, all these other talking heads (especially those who are members of the Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel or who are part of that circle of friends) would rather not risk their own reputation. Just keep walking along the road... I mean yeah, it's understandable that if you stop to help the beaten and bruised, you yourself might come under attack. No sense doing that!

And further, here are those who have so far voiced their support for at least one of the men who enabled the beating:

From The Gospel Coalition:
Justin Taylor
Don Carson
Kevin DeYoung

Together for the Gospel:
Al Mohler
Mark Dever
Ligon Duncan
(their statement was surreptitiously altered to correct an error, and then mysteriously removed when Mahaney withdrew from T4G 2014, supposedly voluntarily, to 'spare' his brethren 'unfair criticism.') I link you to Denny Burk's supportive reposting of it since it has been taken down.
Denny Burk
(Added to T4G's original statement by his own open and public request)