July 12, 2013

These Words Seemed to them an Idle Tale (Goaded By God)

Goaded By God has a very nice little balanced reminder of how difficult it is not to be believed or listened to, from Luke 24, the women bringing the news of what they found at the tomb on the morning of Jesus' Resurrection.

These Words Seemed to them an Idle Tale
...Among believers there are at least two ditches that we can fall into: Some believers will extend the admonition for women to be orderly in church, and ask their husbands questions at home, to all areas of life. By doing so, they silence half the Christian world, making them irrelevant and causing division. Why would I, a woman, stick around to be dismissed?

The second ditch women endure is to be disrespected by bawdy views and voices. With this view they think our mouths are shut because we have become objects. So we are also viewed in this ditch as being idle tale bearers, good only for the selfish purposes of another person.

Am I offended? Yes. Are these men and women forgiven in Christ Jesus? Yes. Do I wish they would see women differently? Yes. Will I forgive and repent over my being offended? With Jesus' help, yes.

Thankfully, Jesus sees women wholly...
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