July 4, 2013

Jim Standridge Dumbs Down God's Law And Claims He Receives Prophetic Words Of Knowledge

Ok this one has gone viral, so I better comment on it.  I heard that Todd Friel of Wretched kind of handled this with kid gloves.  No surprise there, Todd's always been a little timid and scared to criticize other Christians who like to whip people with the law, thereby corrupting the gospel of Christ.  He tries to justify it by saying we don't turn the guns on people in the camp.  Well, this guy is doing just that but it's ok.

Todd (in Hour 2 of July 1's Wretched) said he wasn't going to say what he would tell the guy because he would to tell him privately.  Ha ha very cute.  So why aren't you going to all the critics of this man privately what we should be doing?

Public false teaching deserves public rebuke, Todd, and you know it.  This man is hardened in his position and getting worse.  If you doubt it, please continue reading.

(addendum - added a few minutes after original post - Todd claims in the audio July 1 Hour 2 that he's had the video for a couple weeks and hasn't said anything because the guy's a Christian.   What about teachers being held to a higher standard?  A couple weeks is plenty of time for him to do research on WHO he's discerning.  - end addendum)

In addition, it has come to light that this man was receiving something like supernatural 'words of knowledge' about these people while he was preaching.   Kind of like Mark Driscoll, and no one complained about Phil Johnson openly criticizing Phil.  More about that further down.  But here is the video in question in case you haven't seen it.  Keep in mind this is only 5 minutes of the hour long sermon.  But the rest of the sermon was equally bad, and he berates people throughout.

A lot of you may be surprised, but (and I am speaking of the ENTIRE sermon, not just this clip) this pastor is a false teacher and deserves all the criticism we can muster.  In this whole sermon he is actually making obedience/conformity to the law of God, and godilness TOO EASY.   Yes, that's right.  This pastor yells and screeches at people and gives them "LAW LIGHT" and "CONFORMITY TO THE PASTOR'S WISHES" as a substitute for God's law, which is impossible to fulfill.

He has made it into something we can fulfill and achieve just by getting off our butts and trying harder. He points to examples of himself as an obedient Christian, and this "Joe" guy whose wife sitting next to him apparently doesn't appreciate him enough, who humbly lives in a trailer, thirsts for God and drives a junky car as proudly as if it is a big luxury diesel 4x4 pickup. If that boy in the pew with the skateboard would just stay awake, he'd be godlier. If that college gal would just come to church every Sunday in spite of her exhaustion from studying for college, God would be more pleased with her.

Really, this pastor is denigrating God's law. It is FAR more difficult (i.e. IMPOSSIBLE) for us to please God by obedience to the law. He has given us a dumbed down version of the law and then cheated us by giving us not gospel as the solution, but "do more try harder, be like me. Then God will be pleased with you and so will I." In dumbing down the law, he has also diminished the awesome mercy displayed in Christ's work on our behalf. That is, if he ever got around to talking about that in this sermon.

In corrupting the message of the church in this way, you do two things. You create pharisees in those people who are unaware of their complete destitution before God, and you create hopelessness, oppression, and despair in those who ARE aware of their desperateness before God. Neither is the work of a pastor, but it is the work of Satan, the accuser of the brethren.

One has to wonder what kind of a brain fart he had going on here? :-(

Well, the pastor goes on to explain in this article:
Skiatook Pastor Responds To Rant That Went Viral
Standridge said Underwood had missed several weeks of church and then showed up that Sunday with his fiancée.

“The Lord had showed me that (Underwood’s fiancée) was really getting in a bad thing with him. In that service when I started preaching, God charged me to go after those things,” Standridge said.

“And I did. I went to him and I told him. I rebuked him and told him what I thought of him. I’m trying to save him. That was love. That was tough love.

“Every service is not offensive. That was a one-time thing.

“I was on a mission of cleaning the house. I’m a purifier. That’s my job.”

Underwood told The Bigheart Times the situation was unexpected.

“I had no idea what he was talking about. I was pretty shocked when it happened. Obviously he was uptight about something else.

“I felt pretty out of place after that and I just wanted to leave, but out of respect for my family I sat there.

“I’ve never done anything bad to the church. All these people who have seen this video. What are they thinking of me? It’s humiliating.”

Standridge said he called Underwood a few days after the incident and left a message, saying his comments were the anointing of the Lord.

Underwood said he didn’t want to talk to his former pastor. “How can it be the anointing if it isn’t true?”
I do admit that his other sermons are tamer, and do mention the cross of Christ more clearly.  Although in June 26th sermon he did not hesitate to toot his own horn and tell us about how he got interviewed by channel 2:

June 26th Midweek sermon

He's taking a softer approach here as he does in several of the other sermons I watched.  As I said he mentions and explains the importance of the cross of Christ more.  However he still leaves us with the impression that real sin is stuff like homosexuality and perversion, not necessarily the self righteous moralism that he exudes out of every pore.

But this is ironic, at 32:30 in the June 26th sermon:
"Channel 2 came and interviewed me before the service can we come interview you?" "sure, I'm flattered why'd you pick me, are you trying to 'get me'?" "oh no," "sure, come on in"  "Did you know today that the Supreme Court passed gay marriage, did you have a bad day over that?" "I haven't had a bad day over anything! The only way you can have a bad day is let whatever's trying to kill you, to take it in you. I haven't had a bad day."
Yeah, except that one day that that video guy was trying to set up his little kingdom...and when God gave you words of knowledge about the sins in people's lives that happened to have no correlation to reality.

I do find it odd that he's rapidly blinking all the time when he speaks, rapid nervous blinking like someone who is trying to foist a lie off on the people to whom he is speaking.  Maybe he's just uncomfortable or nervous.  And then in the June 26 midweek sermon he goes on to tell us how he reassured channel 2 that "gays are welcome here, liars and fornicators, but no one's welcome if you just want to cause trouble."

So,  does he really think they will be welcome if he's going to call them out for one little trespass like maybe not properly appreciating one's spouse in the home or missing church? Or struggling with lust?  How about imagined sins that pop into his head while he's preaching? Does he call out people struggling with sexual addiction and name their sin before everyone?

Good grief. He just said the news people told him "this church has one of the greatest preachers in america" rather smugly... and everyone clapped.  These people deserve what they get.  It's amazing to me how people volunteer for such oppression and thereby create the false teachers and sheep beaters that Jesus and Paul and the other apostles continually warn us about.

"...from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them." Acts 20:30