July 9, 2013

A Brilliant And Refreshing Good Sermon By Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller (UPDATE)

In contrast to the atrocious sermons of Jim Standridge which I just posted about, here is a fabulous message by Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller at the Free Lutheran Youth Convention in Estes Park, CO just last night.

Wednesday: Pastor Bryan Wolfmuller

(I would embed it but there is no embed code enabled on it)

(added 7-9-2013) For those of you on dialup I grabbed you the audio of just the message:
Bryan Wolfmueller Audio 7-3-2013
(added 9-28-2013 Vimeo version is up http://vimeo.com/71828298)

He gets introduced by my friend David at about 28 minutes in. Pastor Bryan goes on to give us some wonderful law and gospel PLUS engaging delivery. What more could someone ask for? :-) It is well worth your time to listen to it and be refreshed by the living water poured out liberally here. THANK YOU to pastor Bryan! By the end I had tears in my eyes.

I hope they will get these all up on Vimeo soon, makes it easier to share. If so I will edit this and post that link. I think you have to sign up for a free livestream account to listen on livestream.