June 26, 2013

Good Reads on the Battle for Marriage. (Why Christians and Other Conservatives Should Not Go Libertarian/Laissez-Faire On This!)

Laissez Faire Marriage?
March 19th, 2013. Should we just get the state out of the marriage business altogether?

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No Matter What Courts May Say Marriage is a Blessing

Bible Thumpers Of The World Unite! (Laurence White, Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas)

Pro gay union libertarian John Nolte on gay marriage:
Gay Marriage Is the Media's Vehicle, Destination Is to Destroy the Church

How to Make the GOP Irrelevant in 300 Words (Steve Deace)

The Inviolable Laws of Nature and Nature’s God and Marriage (Dr Michael Milton)

Marriage and the Conscience of a Nation (Steve Deace)
"What's at stake in the marriage debate? Literally everything, including Heaven and Hell."

(added the following 6-30-2013)
This article also might be helpful


(I also appreciated her one objection to the otherwise great document by the SBC.  End added section)

So what if we turn it over to the states? The SCOTUS will just wrongly tell us we are being unconstitutional and overrule us. We saw what Mitt Romney did to Massachusetts. The MA courts said it should be up to the legislature, and at that point Romney rode in and by fiat demanded the state issue gay marriage licenses. It was Romney alone who did it there, blazing a trail to where angels fear to tread, Romney the anointed GOP candidate of 2012. Many of us saw through him and we were tarred and feathered for pointing out he was no conservative but was proudly more liberal than Teddy Kennedy. (He said so himself)

If we are afraid to define marriage as what marriage actually is at the federal level, the states will not do it either. They had that problem when the nation was being formed, and dealt with it already. So now we are basically regressing to our former errors.

So will reconsidering slavery be next on the agenda?