June 30, 2013

Ergun Caner frivolously suing his detractor Jason Smathers for FOIA videos that expose him


Unreal... Jason Smathers is asking for financial help to pay for this frivolous lawsuit. (The money goes to the attorney not to Smathers, so please consider supporting him).  Caner is seriously demonic. I'm as convinced as I ever can be that he faked his conversion story too now. Shameful how many baptists are STILL bellying up to his bar and smacking down their support of him.

(added - 6-30-13 @ 730pm) for a partial list of some prominent evangelicals who have put forth their support for Caner look at Norm Geisler's article "In Support of Ergun Caner" - end added portion)

Peter Lumpkins is getting it right with the CJ Mahaney stuff, but unfortunately cannot see beyond his theological presuppositions to see the non-Calvinist liar right in front of him. He published a hit piece on Smathers because Smathers has a criminal record. (Apparently redemption only means something to Lumpkins if you LIE about your pre-conversion sins).

I have to wonder why in the world anyone would take Caner's case. It seems to be patently obvious it is unfounded and designed only for harassment purposes.

This is what happens when all these big names voice their support (or at least don't rebuke him) for a con artist or someone in error (like Mahaney, Caner, etc). They are emboldened. COME ON MEN WITH A PLATFORM, STOP HIDING! SAY SOMETHING PLEASE!

Be willing to suffer for the cause of truth... please. Stop walking by on the other side of the road, afraid to get your hands dirty.