April 12, 2013

Well, this didn't take long. Rick Warren, And Beth Moore join forces to exploit Matthew Warren's death... And Mark Driscoll is not to be left out!

Let me repeat, I am truly horrified and grieved at the death of Rick Warren's son by his own hand.  People of sound theology have tragedies happen to them all the time.  That is not the point.

But we all knew it wouldn't take long before they would do exactly as we were supposedly supposed to do, being haters and all (addition Sept 3 2013 -> I was reminded of this today and I still cannot believe that Rick Warren did this, I truly could not believe what I was seeing - end addition):

Rick Warren Exploits Son’s Death to Attack Critics

I am truly horrified at both Beth Moore and Rick Warren.  May God help them to see their error, and I pray that Matthew's soul is resting in peace.

Mark Driscoll has also weighed in
Rick Warren, critics, and the hope of God’s Son

He admits most of the Christian posts were good, a few bad ones, and then goes on to talk about all the hate from the world. Well Doh! it's the WORLD Mark, remember that place, the WORLD? Don't you live in Seattle? HELLO!  The world hates Christians (or those they think are Christians), it doesn't matter if they're suffering.  They hate us every day.  What gets me is how much time Warren wastes trying to curry favor with them by compromising the message he claims he isn't compromising.... the one message by which some of them might be saved.  And yet, this is how they repay him.  It's a crying shame, I agree. And yet he continues to do it, while neglecting the one gospel that he is supposed to be preaching to them.

I mean, Sure, he's a nice guy.  No one ever said he wasn't.  But niceness doesn't mean much in the kingdom of God.  It doesn't equal 'sanctification.'  Nor does it mean the person's teaching is sound.  You of all people ought to know that.

I truly do grieve for them.  I am not attacking Rick Warren over his son.  His son's death doesn't erase Rick Warren's false teaching or automatically make him a candidate for canonization.  He is still the same.  So am I, so are all of us.  Evil doesn't take a break for you, or Rick Warren, or me.  Now if something bad happens to any of us bloggers, EVER, can we blame Mark Driscoll and Beth Moore for hating on us and making us miserable?

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