April 9, 2013

R C Sproul Jr bravely throws rocks at the mighty discernment bloggers

R C Sproul has tweeted his support for the whining Tim Challies, bravely joining Tim's call to shun the discernment lepers:


I just have to wonder where all these guys have weighed in on the real abuse going on in Christendom, such as the Sovereign Grace Ministries sex abuse coverups, James Macdonald's unethical behavior and Elephant Room shenanigans, Mark Driscoll's battering of the sheep, John Piper and Rick Warren's cavorting, etc.  Anyone? Anyone?  Bueller?



One has to wonder too what they think about discernment RADIO programs and podcasts, like oh, Wretched, Fighting for the Faith, even oh... I dunno... Renewing Your Mind...Issues, Etc.?

(yes I realize they probably disagree with me on a lot of things, but why do "our" guys have to make it SO EASY to make orthodox Christianity look ethically bankrupt?)