March 4, 2013

Steadfast Lutherans has a SUPER Episode #1 Bible Miniseries review

Pastor Scheer had issued a caution before the Book of Abraham  er... Bible mini series aired:
The Bible – new TV series on History Channel.
Waiting to see, but consider a warning…
February 28th, 2013Post by Pastor Joshua Scheer

And now he has a most excellent review out for the first installment.

Read it here:
The Bible – Night One review…
March 4th, 2013Post by Pastor Joshua Scheer

One of the opening descriptions of this series really captures the problem of the series – it is centered on man. The opening said these things about the Bible: it “helps define who we are, the choices we make, how we live, how we love, how we struggle and overcome.” In other words, the Bible is not about Jesus (Gospel), it is about us and how we are to be (LAW). That is a very dangerous and erring view of the purpose of Sacred Scripture.
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