March 6, 2013

UPDATE Google, Chrome, Firefox and censoring access to Stand Up for the Truth?

Stand up for the Truth's website seems to be back online and off the blacklist. (3-8-2013 10:25 am central time) Even with 'enable Phishing and Malware protection" enabled, Chrome doesn't give any warnings. Thank you google for fixing that. (end update)

Stand up for the Truth radio program has a website which I tried to visit this morning to read the story about Bill O'Reilly comparing Bible believing Christians to Jihadis.

This is what I got:

Safari search results:

After clicking on the google search result:

It doesn't allow you any way to ignore this frivolous warning.  You have to go into your preferences in FireFox and disable "block reported attack sites."  Then it allows it through.

However you could navigate directly to the site using the Safari browser and it was just fine.

Then I tried Chrome (which of course is google's browser), no joy there either:

And I tried Firefox:

As you can see Firefox is the only one that appears to allow you to ignore such ridiculous warnings. OOH WAIT no, they're obviously just kidding because when you click on the "ignore this warning" link this is what you get:

I contacted the owners and they verified they have been receiving a lot of these attacks of falsely being reported as abusive, despite having been verified by numerous third parties that their website contains no malware.  Google is apparently falling for the censorship of anti Christian bias.  If they aren't complicit in this then they need to be a little more proactive about these frivolous complaints by people with an agenda.  And these other browsers ought not to be so trusting of Google. Time to start using Bing or some other search engine.   It's still a sort of free internet after all. But the clock is certainly ticking.

I haven't gone on my PC to try IE yet... let's see what that does...
Nope, not a problem with Bing and IE.  Wow... what a day when I can say I'm happier with Microsoft than any of its competitors.

No warnings when I navigate to the page:

Kudos to Microsoft.  Shame on the others.

They told me
 "Please pray for us today, as we attempt to resolve our website issues. Google and now Facebook has flagged us as "abusive" site, even though we've run dozens of scans by third party security sites and have been pronounced "clean" and virus free."

Here are a couple more screen shots from  Note "unknown blacklisted by Google" whatever that means:

And when you click on Google diagnostics you get this:

Some of those entries seem to contradict each other.  I suppose there's a chance it's all an innocent mistake, but call me skeptical.