March 18, 2013

Compilation of links - Good Bible Mini-series Critiques (UPDATED LINKS)

(I will keep adding links as I find them. I just added three Wretched  audio links from March 4, 5 and 18) and a link about a former Muslim who came to Christ because he saw the prophecies about Christ in the Old Testament.

In the Bible miniseries' portrayal of the sparing of Rahab in the conquest of Jericho, Scott Diekmann observes (emphasis added):"The closest we come to Jesus is the mysterious angel of the Lord, and Joshua shouting after the conquest “He truly is the Savior of the world.” Joshua says “God has kept His promise. If we obey the Lord, anything is possible.” Thus a familiar theme is restated, a quid quo pro relationship with a God where the magic word is obedience. "

This false teaching is epidemic in what is called the Christian church today.  It's not just in this one part of the Bible miniseries but it is littered throughout the series so far.  Paul had strong things to say, particularly in the book of Galatians, about those who would add one work of obedience to salvation.  So don't complain about us being too harsh.

Read more of Diekmann's article here

and....Here's a long list of good reviews:

The History Channel's "The Bible" television mini-series began Sunday, March 3, 2013, and will run for five 2-hour episodes. Are the episodes biblically accurate? What scenes are there in the television series that are not in the Bible?

Ep. 1: Beginnings

Ep. 2: Homeland

Ep. 3: Hope

Ep. 4: Mission

Ep. 5: Passion

THE BIBLE miniseries: my perspective, part 1 by Stephen J Drain

Steadfast Lutherans has some excellent critiques here (some of which I also posted in an earlier post):
The Bible – new TV series on History Channel. Waiting to see, but consider a warning…
by Pastor Joshua Scheer

The Bible – Night One review… by Pastor Joshua Scheer

Great Stuff found on the Web — A Thought on The Bible series -- Norm Fisher

Keep Watch For The Theological Underpinnings Of Word-Faith Tenets In The History Channel’s “The Bible” - Matt Richard

The History Channel’s The Bible Parts 5 & 6: The Absent God - pastor Daniel Hinton

The History Channel’s The Bible Episode “The Mission”

The 10 Plagues in THE BIBLE Mini-Series

A blog called Beginning and End critiques it here:

Something HUGE is missing from the Last Supper (this is jaw dropping!! it deserves its own post!)

Wretched segments of the day march 4

This is actually a clip of Art Azurdia played on March 5, showing how the Bible points to Christ - not about the miniseries, but this is a good reminder of why the overview that is missing from the miniseries is crucial:

This is a short version of what was played on the 18th, I hope they will put up the longer segment because it was EXCELLENT.

Wretched TV critique (short)
Wretched: The History Channel's "Bible": A review.

Erin Benziger critiques it here:
The Word made ... for Television?

And here
Roman Catholic Roma Downey, Producer of 'The Bible' Miniseries, Says Francis I Will Be a 'Pope of Hope'

and here:
The Bible: the Book, the Miniseries and the Sins of Sodom

T A McMahon and Dave Hunt on the Bible mini series
The Bible Mini-Series
(I have other issues with them but their review is worth considering)

Issues, Etc:
The Bible on Television and Film (Issues Etc) with Pastor Ted Giese
The History Channel’s “The Bible” – Open Lines (Issues Etc)

Mike Ratliff here
The History Channel's Bible Miniseries Mishandling of God's Word

Theological Errors of the History Channel's Miniseries "The Bible"
Theological Errors of the History Channel's Miniseries "The Bible" Part 2
How the miniseries The Bible botches the story of Samson
Rick Warren Lays Out The (False) Theology in the History Channel Miniseries, The Bible
The False "Jesus" of Part 3 of the History Channel Miniseries, "the bible"
Historical, Theological Errors & Blatant Omissions of "The Bible" Miniseries - Part 4

Joel Osteen a Consultant on Upcoming Bible Miniseries

Two Creation Ministries Endorse The Bible Miniseries

The Lost Will Want More of the "God" of the Bible Miniseries?
Also note the supporting links at the ends of their articles... lots of good info.

A GREAT ARTICLE by a former Muslim who came to Christ because he was shown how Christ was foretold in the Old Testament - which is why that missing piece from the miniseries is actually far more important than people realize
March 7, 2013
The 'Holly' Bible

By Hassan Nurullah

A Major reason for my becoming a Christian was that I was shown the Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ, beginning with the first telling of the gospel in Genesis 3:15: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
A review of I think Ep 1 (parts 1 and 2) long, but some good points raised.

Media reviews (which I also agree with except the Tunnicliffe blurb. Mostly these are about he production, pacing, writing/dialogue and acting, which are all very poor. But those are secondary concerns for me) (some duplicates of the previous one in that article)