December 21, 2012

When family turns against you (VCY America's shameful founder) (UPDATE #2)

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It's about time this all comes out.  God help this family and protect the Schlueters.  Those who have spent so much time tarring and feathering this poor woman for daring to mention there were problems before ought to be ashamed. (Brannon Howse, Phil Johnson etc.)

The original has been pulled from fear of reprisal, but I received permission to post a pdf of the original post.

Love Letters from my Daddy

(links to the images in the pdf seem to work for now)

Argoweaver's  site is an equal-opportunity hack-and-slash blog that says equally awful things about Vic;  why would Vic use such a source to intimidate and mock his own daughter?

What a totally irrational man.  He and Argoweaver belong in the same psych ward.